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Just A Little Something To Consider

Keep Smiling Chiefs Fans...this can't last forever.

OH YEAH! The Koolaid man strikes!!!

Pay attention if you want to see the future.

My New Least Favorite Coach In The Entire NFL

"I guess 21 wasn't large enough at half, so we thought we've give them another seven, you know, just to make it interesting." ---Chuck Pagano

Aiken is Beyond Words At The Moment

This is worse than any blowout loss of the Haley era. It's almost worse than the Romeo mess. Disappointment? Dejection? They don't even begin to explain...


Cassel, Bowe and Breaston Broke The Indianapolis Curse In 2011

If the Chiefs want to win this playoff game, the blueprint has already been drawn. via via via These guys broke the curse for the...

Supreme Irony

For all the Haley Haters: Since the Phish and the Ravens lost today, a KC win puts Todd Haley and the Pittsburg Steelers in the Playoffs. What you think Chiefs fans? Just how good are those Chiefs??? Lol.

Aiken's Attic

What's next?

How about it players? Are you willing to waste another shot?

The 55% solution is still alive

In last weeks game versus the Redskins, the Chiefs DST scored 20 of the 45 points scored in the game. That's 44%. The Redskins were irrelevant to begin with. When the worm turns again (like it did versus Denver and SD), the outcome won't be as palatable. Enjoy it while you can.

Last weeks stats and Aiken's very own wisdom.

Time To Fish Or Cut Bait

So, what's a good enough outcome for YOU Chiefs Fan?

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

I borrowed that one from Arsenio. Don't read this if you like your Chief's Rose Colored Glasses.

Chiefs = Rodney Dangerfield

Well, at least somebody who writes national media finally figured this out...on second thought maybe not. He's says he doesn't know why.

One Reporter's Opinion

Alex Smith, QB, Chiefs -- Now look. Smith hasn't had to do much. The Chiefs are also, at 6-0, undefeated. So it's nitpicking here. But he's been a bigger game manager than he was with the 49ers in 2011. But he's completing just 56.5 percent of his passes and averaging just 6.16 yards per attempt. It's especially concerning since Smith is throwing 36 times a game. You don't give up two second-round picks so a guy can do that at such an inefficient rate.

CBS sports.

Matt Cassel's 248-yard, two-touchdown, zero interception, 123.4-QB rating in Sunday's win over the Steelers.

As the Pioneer Press suggested, Cassel introduced himself as the poised, confident, playmaking quarterback the Vikings desperately need, and the high praise and knowing expressions teammates offered spoke volumes about who should start Minnesota's next game, Oct. 13 against the Carolina Panthers.

Matt Cassel, a.k.a. "The Phoenix" will rise from the ashes

Watch tomorrow...if you dare.


"It's like the Chiefs are going to Hyvee, they've got sacks all over the place!".

Aiken's Attic

Finally A Coach Who Wins?

Did ya all realize that Andy Reid is the first coach to win his first game with the Chiefs since...wait for it...FRANK GANZ in 1987!!! That was one hell of a drought.

Aiken's Attic

Maybe The Curse Left Indy With Peyton?

What's really odd is that of those three loses, the Chiefs are the only team that he doesn't have multiple 400 yd games against. His losses occured vs the Texans and the Chargers. Two teams that he had previously beaten on 400 yd outings making him 1-1 vs. those teams. The Chiefs are the only team that Mr. Football has thrown for 400 or more yards against and never beaten, and it occured on Halloween, 2004. The 472 yards that he threw for that day is also his single game best. Are you kidding me? Mr. Football throws for the most yards in his entire career against my Chiefs and loses?

Pioli Needs To Take The Blame

Here's Adam Teicher on Pioli's latest attempt to explain his time in KC. Adam gets no argument from me.

Dwayne Bowe


DBowe only needs two of these to surpass Henry Marshall with the second most catches in Chiefs history (416). Tony G, of course, is number one at 916. Good Luck Dwayne. Kick some Jaggy ass.

Insprirational message for the Chiefs

Listen up and take heed. This crap can't go on for ever.

Obsession: It's Not Just Some Perfume By Calvin Klein

Ok, ok. I've seen some activity on the blog this morning so I thought I'd post something for you chew on...

Rothelisberger and Haley getting along fine

For anyone who might want to see a Todd Haley update.

Is it [gulp] serious?

Maybe it's just me, but doesn't putting a back with a known fumbling problems in the kick returner position seem counter intuitive?

... Meanwhile, fellow rookie Knile Davis, a notorious fumbler in college at Arkansas, hasn’t lost one at training camp. Instead, he’s been impressive when the Chiefs have handed him the ball. Davis’ problems have come when the ball is in the air. He’s dropped numerous passes, at times relinquishing big gains in the process. He will have trouble getting a lot of playing time if that continues, given how HC Andy Reid likes his quarterback to throw to the running back. ... Worth noting: The Chiefs think a big and fast player such as Davis could make a great kickoff returner, and he may get one or more chances against New Orleans. But he dropped many chances in practice, so he appears to be a long way from winning the job. "His big thing is focus,’’ special teams coordinator Dave Toub said. "He’s never really done it in college. We’re trying to utilize his talents as big guy that can run fast. We’re really thinking we can develop him as a kick returner.’’

MOAR Training Camp Video

Who says Hemmingway can't catch??

For Those Who Would Actually Like To SEE Training Camp But Can't...

Great footage of last TC practice from you tube. Pay attention to the accuracy drill for the QBs at about 16:00. See which one actually sinks a putt. ENJOY!

Finally--all wrapped up in one little bundle

The Chiefs brought in a new coach, a new QB, and the number one overall pick in the draft. And while these all seem like huge additions, two of the three people they brought in to rescue the franchise are rejects from somewhere else. Andy Reid was run out of Philadelphia because he couldn’t get the Eagles over the hump and he seemed to lack focus in the waning weeks. And Alex Smith got benched in favor of a guy who showed himself in just two starts prior to Smith returning from injury.
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