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For Those Who Would Actually Like To SEE Training Camp But Can't...


Great footage of last TC practice from you tube. Pay attention to the accuracy drill for the QBs at about 16:00. See which one actually sinks a putt. ENJOY!

Finally--all wrapped up in one little bundle


The Chiefs brought in a new coach, a new QB, and the number one overall pick in the draft. And while these all seem like huge additions, two of the three people they brought in to rescue the franchise are rejects from somewhere else. Andy Reid was run out of Philadelphia because he couldn’t get the Eagles over the hump and he seemed to lack focus in the waning weeks. And Alex Smith got benched in favor of a guy who showed himself in just two starts prior to Smith returning from injury.

Branden Albert Deal not looking so hot


The Chiefs have exchanged proposals with Branden Albert, but have not gotten close to a deal and time is obviously starting to run out. In all, if more than two players got extended it would be stunning, and the reality is there may not be any.

Jason LaCanfora

Is Alex Smith nothing more than Andy Reid's latest 'obsession'?


Reid has shown obsessive-compulsive behavior before concerning QBs. I read this and began to wonder if this time, Reid is just trying to balance the scales. Could he see Alex as the anti-Vick? The one that could pull Reid's career (that was spinning out of control) out of the trash heap? Chiefs fans might not like the question, but it is legit.

Can Andy Reid Put Flounderville In The Rearview Mirror???


It's a tall order for Reid's Chiefs. Can they do it? The Bengals found a way.

The Anatomy Of A Breakthrough


Bewsaf would be proud. Aiken takes the 'floundering team' postulate and gives an update. See what you think.

The Doreido's Gambit


Put all your money on players with injury history...

More Andy Reid Game Plan-Hi, Lo, Jack and Game


Here's a more in-depth look at Reid's Hi/Lo concepts. Notice the references to the earlier post about personel sets. You will see Reid doing these things with the Chiefs. I am wondering if Bowe will be the T.O. replacement or Avery.

Andy Reid's Game Plan


You wanna breakdown of Andy Reid's game plan? Here's a good one. This guy seems pretty spot on. Most important thing to remember? West Coast Offense looks to put the ball between the numbers and hash marks, with multiple reads in that space. It's easier to see for the QB.

Be careful what you wish for...

4 did this guy know???

So Andy Reid is a QB guru?


I think he's got about one more chance.

What a rant.


Interesting comparison to the Bears.

Does any of this sound like what you see DoReidos doing?


Ideally, you also have a quick wide receiver who can beat double c0verage even out of the jam, a smart running back with soft hands and solid route-running abilities, and an intelligent, fast-acting quarterback who can read a defense and consistently hit the open man. A huge bonus to the lethality of the system is a wildcard player who can line-up effectively at TE, WR, or RB. And on top of all that you need a coach willing to make the leap to put all this into action on the field. A wildcard player like maybe...DMC?

Happy Memorial Day APers!!


If you remember what Kansas City Municipal Stadium looked like, or just ever wondered, here it is in MNF opener from 1971. This'll bring it all back for you oldsters like me. Howard, Dandy and the first appearance of Frank Gifford round out the trip down memory lane.

I love me some Tamba, but...


He ain't DT. Happy Memorial Day DT! We miss you bro.

So...we finally find out why Alex Smith lost his job...


Too bad that those Alex Smith fans just can't see the truth...

Reason to Rejoice


Maybe Alex Smith is...better?

Kelce's concerns are similar to mine when I wrote this.


Reid was a larger than life figure, in many ways, with the Eagles. He'd had near total control of the team for over a decade and held every franchise coaching record so it's understandable that some players would be intimidated. He's also a very dry & conservative type guy overall. He came from under the wing of Mike Holmgren with the Packers... Hardly the most flashy organization.


I Have To Give Alex Smith Credit For One Thing

via I don't know if there is a more controversial QB in the league right now than Alex Smith. By saying controversial, all I'm getting at is that Alex is one of those...


Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal

via I have been very lucky and blessed in my life to have been exposed to some wonderful people. Many of them are now considered extended family and often times lessons learned...


So just who will be our third string QB?

I'm sitting here thinking about the QB situation. Obviously, Reid and Dorsey are all in when it comes to Smith. IF that comes back to haunt us (and given Smith's injury record it seems like it...


Will Andy Reid Shock the World?

via I know. It's Eric Fisher, right? Sure it is. It's been said over and over and over. We are trading Branden Albert and picking up a new tackle to take his place. ...

Andy Reid, Alex Smith, the WCO and how to make 14 bucks the hard way.


We are so caught up in the draft, I thought it might be time to look forward a little...

Looks like the choice of OT depends on Albert


LaCanfora speaks on the Chiefs first pick.

Herm Edwards is...just watch


Listen to the doubts about the Chiefs in this vid.

Chiefs 'fascinated' with Geno Smith


Haha. Nice try Dorsey/Reid. You think anybody is buying this??? Hoooobooooy. I think there is actually a chance that the Chiefs still take Geno...or do I?

The Achilles Heel


Let's see what Aiken has up his sleeve this time...

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