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For those of you who would like to read a positive spin on Matt Cassel


I wrote this a couple years ago, and it still stands. Matt went through a couple of terrible years in KC, but it was by no means all his fault. The entire team contributed to our demise as well as the HC and a crappy GM. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.

Free Agency is the landscape of the truly damned


Man, this chick really nails this. Great article!!

You Just Gotta LOVE That Andy Reid!!


Andy Reid has made his choice. Will he succeed?

Climbing Out Of The Abyss


On the eve of free agency, I thought it worth a look back from whence we come. Would that Reid/Dorsey have the answer. Sad songs should no longer win the day...

So it looks like Steve Breaston has knee problems??


Is this true or just a smoke screen? Why would this affect his playing last season unless it was serious? If it is serious, why would the docs clear him to play? This still doesn't make a lot of sense.

Look out! Things are looking up!


Check out Aiken's recent post about fireworks. Things are brewing in KC.

JoPo's take on the Alex Smith trade and KC QB history.


If ya like Joe Posnanski talking about the's something you might enjoy.

I tried to tell you that Carson Palmer would be available.


Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network feels like there’s a good chance Carson Palmer will decline a pay cut and force the Raiders to release him. He would then be able to go to a team of his choice. A more likely scenario in my mind is that Palmer sees the writing on the wall, would decline to take a pay cut, and join a mostly dormant free-agent market as the biggest name on it. The Raiders could move on with Pryor and likely a quarterback in the draft. With some talent issues up front, a mobile quarterback might be better than the statuesque Palmer. Plus, Palmer already showed he doesn’t care about money as much as others when he was willing to forfeit significant salary instead of signing with the Cincinnati Bengals a few years ago. Don’t be shocked — if the Raiders part ways with him — to see Palmer land in a place where he can compete against a young up-and-comer. One team that comes to mind that would be a good fit for Palmer, is the Cardinals. Bruce Arians would be a big help to him.

There's your sign


The news was expected because the Panthers needed to create cap room and Gamble’s release cleared $7.9 million. Carolina saved another $2.5 million earlier this week when jettisoning defensive tackle Ron Edwards.


The Wet Blanket Chronicles Of Aiken_Drum The Unbeliever--Green Shoots

via Look out boys and girls, the Unbeliever has reason to waver. That's right, Aiken_Drum has discovered the presence of green shoots in the dirt at Arrowhead. I know...

Ha, ha, ha. Look and see what the public at large thinks about the value for the Alex Smith trade


Go to the NFL home page and down a bit on the left hand side is a poll that asks, who got the better end of the 49ers deal, the 49ers or the Chiefs? Right now, the poll is in favor of the 49ers, 58%-42%. Wake up all you mind numbed robots, it's gonna be a long year in KC---again.

Andy Reid's first round draft picks for the Eagles


1999 2 Donovan McNabb QB Syracuse 2000 6 Corey Simon DT Florida State 2001 25 Freddie Mitchell WR UCLA 2002 26 Lito Sheppard CB Florida 2003 15 Jerome McDougle DE Miami [p] 2004 16 Shawn Andrews T Arkansas [q] 2005 31 Mike Patterson DT Southern California 2006 14 Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State 2007 No pick [r] 2008 No pick [s] 2009 19 Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri [t] 2010 13 Brandon Graham DE Michigan [u] 2011 21 Danny Watkins OG Baylor [u] 2012 12 Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State p The 2003 first-round choice (15th pick overall) was obtained from San Diego in exchange for Eagles' 2003 first-round pick (30th pick overall), and 2003 second-round pick (62nd pick overall). That second-round pick was acquired from Green Bay for CB Al Harris and a fourth-round pick in 2003.[4] q The 2004 first-round draft choice (16th pick overall) was obtained from San Francisco for Eagles' 2004 first-round pick (28th pick overall) and the 2004 second-round pick (58th pick overall).[4] r Eagles traded their 2007 first-round pick (26th overall, used to select Anthony Spencer) to Dallas for the Cowboys' first second-round selection (36th overall, acquired from Cleveland in a trade, used to select Kevin Kolb), their third-round selection (87th overall, used to select Stewart Bradley), and their fifth-round selection (159th overall, used to select C.J. Gaddis).[10] s Eagles traded their 2008 first-round selection (19th overall) to Carolina for Carolina's 2008 second- and fourth-round selections (43rd and 109th), and Carolina's 2009 first-round pick.[11] t Eagles traded their 2009 first-round selection (21st overall) and sixth-round selection to Cleveland for Cleveland's 2009 first-round selection (19th overall), used to select Jeremy Maclin. [12] u Eagles traded their 2010 first-round selection (24th overall) and two third-round selections (70th and 87th overall) to Denver for Denver's 2010 first-round selection (13th overall), used to select Brandon Graham. You think Reid is done? I'll bet not.

Where were You????


Fucking legendary man, Cassel takes it in for the TD.

Andy Reid going his own way in terms of choosing Alex Smith should be no surprise.


PM: Do you pay attention to the media now? Reid: What Derek [Boyko, the Eagles’ PR chief] gives me, I get. The rest of it I don’t read. I don’t listen to AM radio. I try to stay away from all that stuff. I think from a management standpoint, you want your own decisions to come into effect. And you don’t want anything messing with it. I don’t care how strong you are—if you start reading all that stuff, it’s gonna sway you one way or another. And then that’s not really the pure you. PM: How about your relationships with team leaders? Are there specific guys you turn to? Reid: In football, it seems the head coach and the quarterback are the ones who are really stuck out there to the public. And so you look to bring in a guy who can handle that. Like Charlie says, I think all our players look in my direction when there’s gotta be a hard hammer to come down. At the same time, that peer pressure those guys can put on, that definitely doesn’t hurt. So Michael [Vick]—it starts with the quarterback. The same way when Donovan was here. It started with him.

Finally a quote by somebody who is actually thinking things through.


Feb 24, 2013 3:17 PM I’m an Eagles fan and I know Andy Reid very well. I think he really wants Nick Foles as his QB and Reid and the Chiefs are sending out a smoke screen in their interest in Joeckel, who happens to be number one on the Eagles list. So to insure the Eagles get him I really see a trade involving Foles and the Chiefs for a mid pick and flip flopping their number 1′s. Eagles would then draft Joeckel with the top pick and the Chiefs would still probably get their man with the 4th pick. Who I personally think will be Geno Smith. Now that significantly upgrades KC’s major weakness which is QB. Then I would re sign Albert

I found this on PFT. It was a comment on a thread talking about the Chiefs interest in Alex Smith. This guy may prove to be wrong, but for all you conspiracy pirates out there, at least it makes sense.

Remaking the Chiefs--Temerity or Tenacity?


I found a cool video about Andy Reid that made me begin to compare the Chiefs under Reid to those with Scott Pioli in the house. Take a look--if you dare.

Could Chilly Still Be Coming To KC??


Apparently Adam Teicher thinks it's still a possibility.


Hey Chiefs Fans! What About Carson Palmer???

via Has Aiken gone over the hill? What is he talking about now? Well, I just read something interesting. It doesn't sound like it's a very sure thing as yet, but at...

Dwayne Bowe Has Earned More Respect


Dwayne Bowe is a legit number one Receiver in this league. Letting him get away would be a crime, not to mention the message it would send to the players in the NFL.

Matt Cassel man not be going anywhere...


Ok, so now the coaching staff is beginning to flesh out. Reid is creating quite a staff from the good 'ol boys network. A couple days back, he even said that our QB might already be 'here'. Oh, it's going to be an interesting off season and first year under Andy Reid.


The Wet Blanket Chronicles Of Aiken_Drum The Unbeliever...Retrospective

via My name is Aiken Drum, and I am a Chiefaholic. I came here four years ago with the highest level of hope and excitement about the direction of this franchise that I have...

Be careful what you wish for


For all of you who wanted Marty back. If Reid signs, we might just be getting his reincarnation.


The Wet Blanket Chronicles Of Aiken_Drum The Unbeliever...Could We Be Witnessing The Biggest Mistake In Chiefs History?

via Ah, yes. December, the month of irrelevancy for Chiefs fans. It's a good thing that this time of year is monopolized by family and friends because Chiefs fans would...

LaCanfora weighs in on Chiefs GM move


As for those more well-known entities, several league sources expect Bill Polian to be a lead candidate in Kansas City if a regime change is made there, with he and his son Chris, the former Colts GM, able to run the franchise in a very hands-on manner, which is in line with how owner Clark Hunt traditionally delegates responsibility.


Music To Remember The Times...

via Hey there Haley haters! Just thought you all might enjoy a little music to while away the time before kickoff. If Haley pulls out all the stops tonight, it's kinda...

You want to know why I thought we were headed for this disaster?


Read this blog entry from Dawgsbynature's Chris Pokorny. This is from after Romeo's final season in Cleveland. After reading this, you simply cannot say that we have not been witness to history repeating itself in KC. Even to the extent that Porkorny (our equivalent of the Thormans, Matt Conner and our contributors) still thinks that their are players who are capable of being the 'heart' of the team in the future. Absolutely dismal outlook for the future.

Scott Pioli was 'excited'. Listen to this pile of BS. It's time to remove Pioli's contribution to...


Scott Pioli was 'excited'. Listen to this pile of BS. It's time to remove Pioli's contribution to the Chiefs gene pool.


Incompetence Of The Lambs

via Come right in officer, I have his card here somewhere... Ever seen Silence of the Lambs? If so, you will remember that the guy pictured above was a pathological serial...

Don't know if this tweet has made the rounds here or not.


This guy says Pioli gone before seasons end.

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