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Dakota Wizards Hold Dance Team Tryouts, Local News Gets Awkward Video as Proof


I love local news stories. The Dakota Wizards held tryouts for their dance team and the local news showed up to get some clips of girls in skin-tight outfits awkwardly learning dance steps. I hope you enjoy the video as a welcome break from the depressing world of NBA team waivers.

Client Keith Brumbaugh to sign with the Denver Nuggets.

Client Keith Brumbaugh to sign with the Denver Nuggets. According to Keith Kreiter of Edge Sports' Twitter, Keith Brumbaugh will be signing with the Nuggets for.....the next year? Or just for training camp? Or as an non-guaranteed contract? No idea, but I hope it's the first option, because Keith is very talented and deserving.

Who's Next? A Look at Undrafted Rookies (Part 1)


Who's Next? A Look at Undrafted Rookies. Maybe the D-league can land a couple of these gems?

Welcome a New D-League Mascot: CRUSHER


Welcome a New D-League Mascot: CRUSHER, an epic look-a-like contest ensues

Houston Rockets Fire D-League Head Coach Clay Moser


Last night, The Monitor broke the news that Clay Moser has been informed by the Houston Rockets that they have decided not to retain him as the Rio Grande Valley Vipers head coach.  Not exactly...

Interview with NBA Agent Bill Neff: The Economic Downturn, Affiliations, and the Direction of the D-League (PART 2)


An Interview with Agent Bill Neff: The Economic Downturn, Affiliations, and the Direction of the D-League PT2

Interview with NBA Agent Bill Neff: The Economic Downturn, Affiliations, and the Direction of the D-League (PART 1)


The Economic Downturn, Affiliations, and the Direction of the D-League: An Interview with Agent Bill Neff Pt. 1

Chucky Brown Hired as D-Fenders Coach


For some reason this slipped by us when it happened, but Chucky Brown has been hired as the Head Coach of the Los Angeles D-Fenders. Chucky is a good choice, as he has prior head coaching experience in the WBA and some experience as an assistant last year with the D-Fenders.

Straight Repping: D-League PR Hilarity


Straight Repping: D-League PR Hilarity, Maine Red Claws bring you one heck of a catch -AD

Lance Allred to Naples?


Continuing the rash of former D-League successes heading overseas, Lance Allred has signed with an Italian club for next season. This begs the question, will his publisher release "Longshot" in Italian paperback?

Dave Leitao in as Head Coach of RGV Vipers?


We'd heard rumblings that former UVA head coach Dave Leitao was interviewing for the RGV job, and Yahoo sports just confirmed it. Leitao coached the UVA Men's team for four years before resigning at the end of this past season. The Vipers job is one of the more interesting available, as they are now the direct affiliate of the Houston Rockets. More on this later.

Somewhere Rick Kamla is shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


Sun Yue got cut by the Lakers. The world's greatest Chinese 6'9", left-handed, point guard is apparently a free agent. NBA beware....this guy is a killer. And he's 6'9"! He...shhees....He's just needess to play American Basketball.

The New Bakersfield Jam! Now With More Elitism?


The New Bakersfield Jam! Now With More Elitism? A new D-League business model, now with more rich people.

Xavier Henry, High School Star, to the D-League? Somebody Shut That Vaccaro Guy Up, and Other Thoughts.


Xavier Henry and Lance Stephenson to the D-League? It's not crazy, just think outside the box. And try to ignore Dick Vitale.

Austin Ainge (Officially) Hired as Head Coach of the Maine Red Claws


Austin Ainge to Coach the Maine Red Claws! Look out women of Maine, there's heart-throb comin atcha!

Allen Iverson to the D-League? Hello Pipe Dreams.


This article is apparently extolling the virtues of Allen Iverson playing in the D-League. Do I think this will ever happen, especially with a player like Iverson? No. Would it be awesome? Sort of. It'd be a great ratings boost for the league, but Iverson's got no developing left to do, and he would be taking some unknown SEC player's roster spot.

The Maine Red Claws are Holding Mascot Tryouts


So it's finally happened! The Maine Red Claws are gearing up for the D-league season and first item on the list: Hire a Mascot. I cannot wait to see some guy dressed as a giant lobster claw trying to dunk off a trampoline. If Bakersfield hasn't hired Swish back, I strongly suggest they take a look at his impressive resume.

D-League Update: Maine Red Claws Closing in on Head Coach


Austin Ainge, son of NBA great Danny Ainge, is mentioned as one of three possible candidates for the Red Claws, the other two going unnamed. My only question: Is he actually qualified to be a head coach? Or are local ties and nepotism outweighing experience and a winning resume? But maybe I'm being too harsh and cynical.

2009 Summer League Roster Breakdown - Cleveland Cavaliers


FINALLY!!! Good god, I wasn't sure Cleveland even remembered there was a Summer League. But here is the almighty Shamsports with a killer breakdown. Just to qoute, "Danny Green: I like to think of Danny Green as being a bit like a crap Shane Battier." Yes, yes, and yes.

Bulls Summer League Roster Breakdown


From SBN's RidiculousUpside.com, enjoy.

2009 Summer League Roster Breakdown - Chicago Bulls


Wish you could trade Taj Gibson for DeJuan Blair...or Ben Gordon? Time for the Bulls SL Roster breakdown!

The Dakota Wiz Narrow Coaching Search to Five


Take a deep breath, we will return to Summer League coverage ASAP. But this is pretty big news for the D-League considering three of the finalists are well known D-League guys. Namely Deane Martin, Casey Owens, and Kevin Rice. The other two, Rory White and Bob Thornton, we know less about, but they have solid NBA experience. Best of luck to all the candidates, as we know all are good guys and excellent coaches.

2009 Houston Rockets Summer League Roster Breakdown


Yao's foot got you down? Never fear, the Rockets Summer League roster is here.

2009 Minnesota Timberwolves Summer League Roster Breakdown


Forget Rubio for a minute, T-Wolves Summer League Roster is here!! Yaaahhhh!

American Kids Failing Basketball 101


This is an Interesting take on the AAU circuit, and while not exactly about the DLeague, it does tie in with some discussions we've had about player development. Wouldn't one cohesive system, with mandatory time spent in a minor league, developmental system benefit young players more than shady backdoor basketball?

You Know Who Loves The Springfield Armor? Ron Chimelis, That's Who


The Springfield Armor are the newest D-League franchise. Is the Armor name the new hotness, or just another foul up?


Henderson to Play on the Timberwolves Summer League Team

                                                                                 The Charlotte Bobcats are not fielding a Summer League team this year, so rookie shooting guard Gerald Henderson...

NBA Draft 2009 Aftermath: Now Who Ends Up In The D-League?


Looking at which recently drafted NBA rookies will end up in the D-League in the 2009-2010 season. Will your rookies be on the list?

SBNation NBA Mock Draft, Pick #28: Minnesota Timberwolves


Well, we couldn't get a pick from CanisHoopus... so we made one up.. -- Scott With the 28th pick in the 2009 SBN Mock Draft, The Minnesota Timberwolves select.... (Drum Roll Please) JONAS JEREBKO....

Thank God It's NBA Draft Thursday!


  For the last month or more, we, the NBA and NCAA fan base, have been inundated with NBA draft prospectuses.  Experts and wanna-bes have been waving their magic wands and scanning their crystal...

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