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Hopeless Minnesota sports fan... and Twitter addict (twitter@al_damlo).

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MLB Pitchers - World Rankings - April 2012

Starting Pitcher's World Rankings The first edition of the 2012 Starting Pitcher's World Rankings is ready to be released as April rolls to an end. As documented early this spring, the ...


Starting Pitching World Rankings - Short Version

An Ace. One of the terms in baseball that has any number of definitions. Depending on who you talk to an Ace could be a team's best pitcher, or it could be one of the...


It's Not a Prediction If it's Going to Happen

For those who are too afraid to watch the Twins this year, now you don't have to. Last year's Minnesota Twins team played its worst baseball in over a decade to the dismay of everyone who a piece...


Bill Smith Out

I guess you complain enough and things get done.  Terry Ryan has been reinstated as Twins GM and Billy has been let go.   Let's look back at these stellar moves and argue over what the worst one...


When Being Right Doesn't Feel Right

You Are Sorry You Were Right? It is a tough spot to be in.  You are right about something that you were the overwhelming minority opinion on.  You got ripped up and down and now... what do you...


Liriano is too #56

After my list of 55 pitchers that I would rather have start game 1 of the 2011 ALDS than Francisco Liriano came out, I have been asked to further back my claims.  I started the list expecting to...


Trade Liriano, It isn't just crazy talk - (Follow Up)

In today's Star Tribune, Joe Christensen touches on an interesting topic.  The market value of Francisco Liriano versus the value the Twins put on him.  Liriano and his handlers have started the...


Remaining Free Agents

How bored are we at this point in the off-season?  Everyone here is clamoring for something real to talk about.  Not only is it -15 outside but if feels the same in my little baseball heart.  I...


The Curious Case of Adrian Beltre

Is a Free Agent Ever a Bargain?   When was the last time that a solid player signed a contract where the perception was the signing team received a great deal?  I am not talking about a 1-year B...


The Flawless Execution of the Perfect Plan

Where is the Depth? The Twins are not showing all of their cards.  That is the only explanation.  Going into the 2011 season with the current bullpen is risky.  I have contended in the past that...


Pretend For a Moment...

Ch-ch-ch-changes The American League has undergone some major changes over the last couple of weeks.  From Dunn going to the White Sox, Victor going to the Tigers & Adrian Gonzalez and Crawford to...


One Thing I know - There's Always the Unknown.

Predicting a Star One of the toughest things to do in sports is accurately predict a star.  In baseball this process comes to a head during contract negotiations with players still under team...

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