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The Broncos, a 4-3 and a 3-4 defense?

John Elway and Director of Player Personal Matt Russell recently conducted an hour-long fan forum where they directly answered questions from season ticket holder in a phone conference as well as...

Caldwell on Manning


You know this is like the 3rd or 4th straight fanshot I've posted which is an article by porkchop. It's like he's become a competent blogger and sports writer, weird. Caldwell spilling the beans on Manning and how Manning has taken control of the offense and that Decker has taken control of the receivers. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Former players speak out against Gregg Williams


An awesome article from ESPN's Elizabeth Merril about how former players feel about the NO bounty scandal. Even Floyd Little chimes in with his thoughts and about how teams use to put bounties on him yet players rarely actually went after him despite having a bounty on his head.


Broncos on the clock at

The Broncos are currently on the clock at (and Sayre get's to pick). Currently on the board is both Stills and Brockers as well as Zach Brown, Mohammed Sanu, Lamar Miller, and...


Thoughts and Mocks Pt. 1: Offense

Back in September I wrote my first and only fan post on the 2012 draft and I recently got the desire to go back and read through it. It was weird reading about the draft back when the Broncos were...

Rumors of McFadden being traded? A Bronco perhaps?


According to reports, the Raiders are trying hard to acquire draft picks and might be open to trading McFadden for a 1st. The Broncos have needs at RB and this could be an option. Obviously there are cons to this (RunDMC's health, Broncos do have more pressing needs, etc.) but when healthy McFadden is an absolute stud. Thoughts anyone?

Former players vote Tebow as player who could play in any era


Tebow getting some respect from formers players including the Franchise himself Floyd Little. "He might not be the greatest quarterback, but he could play at any position you want him to play at. He’s a guy I’d like to play with if I was still playing. He’s a winner, he’s mobile, strong, and gets the job done regardless, whether he’s blocking, throwing, running or just fooling you. He finds a way to win and people need to recognize that. A "W" is a "W" and it doesn’t matter how you get it, if you win ugly it’s still a "W." Mechanics don’t play the game, people do." says Floyd. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Kirkpatrick charged with possession of drugs


The possession charge is minor (less than 20g's) but I think anybody willing to use drugs when their ridiculously high paying job with a well documented and publicized mandatory drug testing policy is beyond stupid. Yes I know he's not in the NFL yet but the combine is next month and they run drugs tests as well. Still this could cause him to become available at the 25th spot depending on how his interviews go. Thoughts?

Tebow knocks out Franklin's contact


Von just started his charity to raise money for glasses for kids but I think he should give the first pair of glasses/contacts to Franklin. Damn this kid packs a punch.


Is Tim Tebow A Catalyst?

I promised myself I would never write an entire article based solely around Tim Tebow. I've always tried my best to stay neutral with him. Be a fan but a critic as well. However I was reading...

Von Miller on being fined


Another good ESPN article, this time by Mr. Williamson. You gotta love Von Miller. Already showing more maturity than Suh who still is insisting he's not a dirty player.

Tebow on himself and Elway


Yes this is an ESPN article but it isn't written by their "experts". Just pointing out a bunch of facts and quotes from Tebow, Elway,. and other members of the Broncos. An interesting read for sure.

Jay Cutler possibly out for entire season


Looks like the Broncos are gonna have to wait another 3 years to see him face to face again.


The Future is Now!

I'm going to come right out and say this, I did not hate every move McD made, GASP!  In fact I'm sure 90% of you just went "McD, McHoodie, McDumbass, McWhatever, is a terrible person who did...


Is It Still Too Early To Talk Draft: Pt. 2 Defense

  Welcome back to part 2 of this 2 part post I decided to make. In case you missed it, (warning: blatant self promotion) part 1 can be found here which deals with the offense. As you probably...


Is It Still Too Early To Talk Draft: Pt. 1 Offense

I'm writing this for two reasons: 1) I am sick of all the QB talk right now (and this post will probably be buried in a day or 2 by all the QB posts), 2) I've got two hours to kill and no homework...

Dawkins restructured contract?


According to this Dawkins contract had been restructured Friday night but it doesn't give any details about the new terms of it. Does anyone know anything?

Dawkins organize's first "official" team workouts


According to this, Dawkins organized a workout with any players who were available with conditioning trainers. This was not mandatory seeing as most players are on vacation still. Notables who did show up were Walton, Mays, Ayers, Orton, Vickerson, and Beadles. Tebow was not there but that might be because Tebow is still in Gainesville for his Golf tourney. It should also be noted that a DP commenter said that Orton has been working out all offseason with teammates including starting center Walton. I don't know how accurate that is though since it was just a comment.

Rift Form's Within the NFLPA


It's hard to tell if this is a sign that some of the players are unhappy with Smith and the NFLPA or if they are just trying to get more involved. If it's because they are unhappy with Smith we might see a resolution to this thing sooner than later.


A Look to the Past for Some Answers

 Anyone who's read anything I've said about the current QB situation knows I hate the fact that we're even looking at a QB. However, I was recently hit with an epiphany about this whole epidemic....


Let's Play a Game

Let's play a game. This is a game for all you fantasy football guys and stats lovers. I'm going to name 11 current and former college QB's and then give you their stats in a random order. The...


NFL's suggested rule changes

Originally I was going to make this a shot but a couple of these rules changes are absolute horse crap that I want to voice my opinion on them. Their are a bunch of pretty major rule changes being...

EFX not at Peterson's pro day


Elway, Fox, and Xanders where not in attendance for Patrick Peterson's pro day. It should be noted that EFX did attend Miller's, Dareus and Fairley's pro day. I don't know how much can be taken from this since McD drafted Tebow last year but didn't attend his pro day workout. Still it's interesting to note and could be a sign that we'll be going front seven with the top pick in the draft this year.


What will happen next happen

I'm just trying to get something straight here. So now that the NFLPA has decertified and the league has locked the players out, the players will sue the league and take them to court.


What will we do with our 3rd?

  I'm not gonna lie, I'm more excited about what we're gonna do with our 3rd round pick then I am our two 2nds. Most the players I see constantly mocked to the Broncos in the 2nd just don't excite...


My views on the Current Denver Broncos

I wrote this up a while ago but never got around to publishing it. Alot has happened since I started it but this offseason has basically gone with accordance to my predictions in terms of...


A look beyond the 2011 draft

One key to successful drafting is having a solid plan for the future and that's not including the immediate future. It's best to go into draft with some sort of plan and idea of what your going to...

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