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London girl. Cyclocross and novice road racer. Singer. Flute player. Pelota writer. Good at the Stern Librarian Glare. Loves Basques.

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  • Cycling Intxausti, Boonen, Moser, Txurruka, Anton, Izagirre x2, Stybar, Viviani, Kittel
  • Soccer Athletic Bilbao
  • Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund
  • EPL Couldn't care
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Albertina rides the London Nocturne

On Saturday night I raced in front of thousands of people, and it was awesome. For those not in the know, the IG London Nocturne is a massive deal in the UK cycling calendar. It’s an evening of...


The Netherlands. Not flat.

If I’d been granted a pound for each time someone had said to me last week ‘oh, but at least Holland’s flat’ I would currently be a very rich young woman. I may even be in a position to purchase an...

IAM kit. Massive yawn.


Guess the colours....could it be blue, black and white?!

Albertina's Christmas Gift: Euskaltel sing! Sort of...


About 47.30 minutes into this quite awful Christmas programme on ETB you will see possibly the most awkward boy band of all time, consisting of Igor Anton (take your hands out of your pockets boy!), Jon Izagirre, Mikel Nieve and Mikel Landa. Listen and cringe. Enjoy!


Albertina on the scene at the Track World Cup

This past weekend, the residents of Edredon Towers (otherwise known as Albertina and EdredonBrowny) left the confines of North London and decamped en masse to the frozen and terribly dreich north....


Albertina gets muddy

I thought I'd post a few piccies from the cross race I did on Saturday. It was along the edge of Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire which made it really rather scenic, not that I had time to absorb...

An open letter from seven Basque pros on the direction of Euskaltel Euskadi


I'm not the only one who's a little concerned. Here is what Markel Irizar, Beñat Intxausti, David López, Jonathan Castroviejo, Haimar Zubeldia, Iker Camaño and Koldo Fernández de Larrea wrote to the world via Biciciclismo today.


Victor Cabedo killed in crash

I have no words. I'm just in shock http://www.biciciclismo.com/cas/site/noticias-ficha.asp?id=55698

Euskaltel get rid of Amets Txurruka. Yes, really.


When I saw this this morning I almost fell off my office chair in shock and indignation. Euskaltel are not renewing the contract of Amets Txurruka (or Ivan Velasco) for 2013, citing lack of WT points. This is barmy. Ruben and Alan Perez, Minguez, Cazaux, Azanza and Oroz are staying and guess what? They don't have any points either. Txurruka is an emblem of the fighting spirit of Euskaltel and has done more for the team than most of them, arguably all of them. He's a fighter, a grafter and a useful helper for the team's stars. This makes no sense to me. I'm upset and pretty angry. Go to Caja Rural, Amets, attack the hell out of your racing and show them what they've lost. Bah.


Tour of Britain, Live! Second Thread

Pop in to chat about the final three stages of this year's Tour of Britain, which ends on Sunday in Guildford. In terms of coverage, those in GB can watch live on ITV4 (though you may want to...


Spanish Worlds Team

Spain have just announced their team for the Worlds. Alberto ContadorAlejandro ValverdePablo LastrasJonathan CastroviejoJoaquim RodriguezDani MorenoOscar FreireJuan Antonio FlechaSamuel Sanchez w...


Albertina on the scene at the Tour of Britain. Warning: there will be many Euskies.

A couple of weeks ago I went all the way to the Basque Country to watch cyclists. This weekend the cyclists came to me! Or almost. I had to go to Ipswich, which is about 1.5 hours away. And it has...


Albertina's Vuelta: Bidding Farewell in Logroño

Stage Five of the Vuelta may seem like aeons ago given all the water which has flown under the bridge since, but I invite you to revisit it through the lens of my camera (well, iphone). This was...

This is my new cross bike. I want to show it off. Isn't it beautiful? I'm a bit excited. Waaaay too...


This is my new cross bike. I want to show it off. Isn't it beautiful? I'm a bit excited. Waaaay too good for me so it's an incentive to ride quickly..I need to at least make a stab at doing it justice! Also, it needs a name.


Albertina's Vuelta: Kaixo Barakaldo!

After having hiked up Arrate the day before, the stage start in Barakaldo was something of a luxury. Barakaldo is a suburb of Bilbao and is conveniently situated on the city’s superb metro, just...


Albertina's Vuelta: Up Arrate, the Orange Mountain

Straight from the start of stage 2, Urlaub and I departed the steamy heat of Pamplona and headed to Bilbao in a hurry to watch the pelota at Bizkaia. When we arrived we found the city in party...


Albertina's Vuelta: Stage 2 Start, Pamplona

Me again! Would you like to see more pictures of cyclists in the blazing Navarrese sun? You left Urlaub and me deep in the celebrations around the Movistar bus after their TTT win. The next morning...


Albertina's Vuelta: Pamplona TTT

Did it escape your notice that I was absent from the live threads this past week? I hope it did. I like to be missed. I’m sure you had all sorts of questions about the Basque Country and gnashed...


The future shape of Euskaltel: Basque Pro Cycling Team announced

Euskaltel Euskadi held a press conference this morning in which they revealed the future of the team. More news may come out as I’m not even sure they’ve finished the thing yet, but Biciciclismo...

Luis Leon Sanchez renews with Rabobank for another two years


Wondered if he might go back to Spain, but clearly not!

Euskaltel to continue, just as before!


Albertina will be hosting a party tonight. You are all invited. Txakoli and pintxos will abound. RSVP.


Ion Izagirre: Ormaiztegi's Rock Star

The vast majority of tifosi fell into two distinct camps as Ion Izagirre Insausti romped to a solo win into Falzes on Stage 16 of the 2012 Giro d’Italia. All over the internet and probably all over...


Albertina and her Pink Boots meet Zdenek Stybar!

It isn't often that Zdenek Stybar is in London (not since he was 11, he said). You would not expect me to miss this auspicious event, would you? Well I didn't. Styby was in town partly to take a...

Intxausti wins Asturias!


Someone had to highlight this. Big surprise that it turns out to be me, Not an FSA VDS race sadly but still, AUPA TXIKI!!!


Give a Euro Campaign to help save the Basque races: please help!!!

The groundswell of support in the Basque Country and around the world in an effort to save the Tour of the Basque Country and San Sebastian Classic from the scrapheap has resulted in an initiative...

Thomas Dekker is the new face (or body?) of Cavello underwear. Hello majope! Via The Inner Ring on...


Thomas Dekker is the new face (or body?) of Cavello underwear. Hello majope! Via The Inner Ring on Twitter.


What Albertina's IPhone saw at the Cyclocross Worlds

This weekend, I went to Koksijde. They had a big bike race. There were lots of people, lots of alcoholic beverages, and not enough portaloos. I cheered my heart out along with tgsgirl (who didn't...

I am ready for Koksijde. How can Zdenek Stybar possibly fail with support like this?


I am ready for Koksijde. How can Zdenek Stybar possibly fail with support like this?


Chasing Lars van der Haar: a Preview of the U23 Cyclocross Worlds

When? 3pm (CET), Saturday 28th January As I sat down to write this piece, I realised I had no idea what ‘beloften’, the word the Dutch speakers of this world use to denote the U23s, actually...

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