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I am a college sophomore who will either be studying economics or business. I am a huge baseball fan and an avid fan of sabermetrics. I am also a contributor to Beyond the Boxscore and Twinkie Town

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User Blog

20-80 Scale, Saber Style


Scouts have their own 20-80 scale, but now we can use one for looking at statistics.

A PitchF/X Look at Jarrod Parker


Jarrod Parker pitched his first full season in the majors in 2012, let's take a look at his PitchF/X data.

Sabersphere 2/15: Kyle Lohse, Retrosheet


Today's Sabersphere edition takes a look at how to add Retrosheet files to your computer, All Stars not being All-Stars, and much more.

A King's Ransom for King Felix


The Mariners locked up Felix Hernandez for seven years. How will this impact other potential free agent pitchers?

Sabersphere 2/7: Felix Hernandez, Knuckleballers


Today's Sabersphere looks at Felix Hernandez' King's ransom, a potentially dominant knuckleballer, and the days when the Red Sox pitchers didn't hit last.

Swinging at First Pitch Strikes and Game Theory


How can we use game theory to analyze 0-0 counts?

What can F-Strike really tell us?


First pitch strike% has been an interest of mine for awhile. Can it possibly tell us more about a pitcher, besides the fact that the are good at throwing first pitch strikes?

Sabersphere 1/28: Pitching prospects, ZiPS


The best sabermetric links from around the internet all in one place at Beyond the Box Score.

The Last Premiere Free Agents


Michael Bourn and Kyle Lohse are still looking for a home. Where do they end up in the end?

Sabersphere 1/24: Projection systems, Felix, pFIP


In today's edition of sabersphere we take a look at a projection system beating an analyst, just how much could King Felix get, and pFIP when it comes to minor leaguers.

What were the Diamondbacks thinking?


The Diamondbacks had a weakness at shortstop, but it appears that they made many other unnecessary moves.

A Beyond the Box Score Success Story


How one former Beyond the Box Score writer became a front office employee.

Pitchers at the plate: Does practice help?


How much does batting practice help pitchers?

Hall of Fame Voting: One and Done


These players fell off the ballot after their first year. Who surprised you the most?

Curt Schilling is the Forgotten Man


Curt Schilling was seemingly forgotten when it came to Hall of Fame voting. When will he get elected?

The Voting Process Needs to Change


After electing nobody to the Hall of Fame in 2013 the voting process must change.

A Cheaper Josh Hamilton?


Did the Texas Rangers sign a cheaper version of Josh Hamilton?

The Nationals Choose LaRoche


With the signing of Adam LaRoche, it appears that Michael Morse will be on the move.

Sabersphere 1/8: Lance Berkman, HOF Voting


The best sabermetric articles around the internet all in once place.

Are power pitchers getting squeezed?


Do pitchers that throw slower get more called strikes?

Should PED users be in the Hall?


This year's Hall of Fame ballot includes many suspected PED users. Should they be allowed entrance into Cooperstown?

Looking at offensive volatility and win expectancy


What can offensive volatility and win expectancy tell us about a team by the end of the season?

Sabersphere 1/4: Volatility, D-Backs Outfield


Top sabermetric links all at Beyond the Box Score.

On the way to Cooperstown


Who increased their Hall of Fame chances in 2012?

Pitcher versus Pitcher Strikeouts


How much credit should pitchers get for striking out National League pitchers?

When should Myers get the call?


Should the Royals wait until the summer before the call up Wil Myers?

Should Miami listen to offers for Stanton?


After making a huge blockbuster trade, should Miami look into another one?

Is lineup protection a myth?


Has a solution for lineup protection been discovered?

What Affects Pitch Framing?


Have we found a new way to look at it?

Walk and Strikeout Factors


Just how much do stadiums effect strikeouts and walks?

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