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I am a college sophomore who will either be studying economics or business. I am a huge baseball fan and an avid fan of sabermetrics. I am also a contributor to Beyond the Boxscore and Twinkie Town

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User Blog

The Knuckleball Isn't Intimidated By the Indoors


While many people believe knuckleballs tend to "fluttle", one study has found that isn't quite the case.

Are the Red Sox spending their money correctly?


After trading over $100M in contracts, the Red Sox are back to signing free agents in hopes of competing in 2013. Are they doing the right thing?

The Wonders of the Knuckleball


The knuckleball is a fascinating pitch, and sometimes one just has to sit back and look at it in GIF form, so that they can truly appreciate it.

Cubs land Edwin Jackson


Theo and co. just don't stop. After spending money on three pitchers, they picked up Edwin Jackson.

On switch-hitter success


We all know right handed batters have the advantage when it comes to batting, but just how big is it?

FIP Sucks for Knuckleballers


RA9-Wins is much better than fWAR when looking at knuckleballers

On hitter volatility


Who are the most consistent players in baseball? Let's look at their VOL scores!

BtB Podcast #30


Alex Kienholz and Adam Darowski discuss the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Stats.

Can Philip Humber Produce in 2013?


2011 was Humber's best year, but in 2012 he fell off significantly. What adjustments does he need to make in order to succeed in 2013?

Chicago Cubs rotation: Has Epstein done it again?


Epstein has a knack for signing good talent at low price tags. This off-season, has he done it again with two pitchers?

Should we be concerned about Jered Weaver?


Jered Weaver saw his velocity drop by almost 2 mph in 2011, is there further cause for concern in 2013?

Where did Wade Miley come from?


How did Miley go from fringe prospect to a potential rookie of the year in 2012?

Can the Twins turn around their starting pitching?


The Twins had the worst rotation in all of baseball in 2012. Can they turn it around without spending a ton?

Justin Upton trade? D'backs, y'all lost your minds


After a season hampered with a thumb injury, Justin Upton is on the trade block (again). Are the D'backs crazy?

Joe Blanton or Joe Saunders, who do you take?


Middle of the rotation and back of the rotation pitchers are important in baseball, and Joe Blanton and Joe Saunders are vying for spots. Who do you take?

OT: How was your voting experience today?


Share your voting stories without sharing your politics! Can we do that?

Anibal Sanchez, best value of the off-season?


Anibal Sanchez has been flying under the radar, but since 2010 he's actually been quite good. Based on past performances could be this off-season's best value pick up?

Is Dan Haren still an ace?


Dan Haren is on the trading block, and is likely to be dealt. After a down year can he be expected to bounce back in 2013?

Jake Peavy's new deal: Good, if healthy


After two solid seasons in a row, Jake Peavy was awarded with a new 2 year-$29 million dollar deal. In order to live up to it he must stay healthy.

Francisco Liriano: Worth the Risk?


Francisco Liriano debuted in 2006 and was dubbed "The Franchise". Unfortunately a date with Tommy John surgery derailed his career. Should someone sign him for 2013?

The Rise and Fall of Barry Zito


Barry Zito went from one of the best starting pitchers in baseball, all the way to one of the worst. Now he's starting Game 1 of the World Series. How on earth did that happen?

Relief to rotation: does velocity come back?


After relief pitchers move to the rotation they tend to take a slight hit in their fastball velocity. After two years are they able to regain it?

Is Roy Halladay starting to decline?


Roy Halladay has been one of the best pitchers of our generation, year after year finishing at or near the top of every measure we consider valuable. But In 2012 he was not himself ... is it...

OT: What's your favorite piece of memorabilia?


Being sports fans we all have a special piece of sports memorabilia, or an entire collection. Share yours!

Can Ricky Romero be fixed?


2012 was a year to forget for Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero. Is it possible for him to fix his mistakes, or could he be destined for the bullpen?

Transitioning from the bullpen to rotation


Not everyone is cut out to be a starting pitcher in the big leagues. Many starting pitchers end up as relievers, whether due to an injury or overall ability. Some are able to make the transition,...

OT: What other sports teams do you follow?


If you read Beyond the Box Score, you're likely a huge baseball fan. What other sports do you follow? Is it the football team from the college that you attended? Or maybe a favorite soccer team?

The evolution of Yu Darvish


Yu Darvish has recovered from a so-so start to the season to become an ace by then end of 2012. What changed to make Darvish so much tougher to hit?

Is Craig Kimbrel's K% that big of a deal?


Craig Kimbrel's strikeout rate has been extraordinary this year, but how does his season compare to others when compared to the league?

OT: What's your OCD?


Everyone has that one thing that bugs them, or that they just have to do. I call them little "quirks."

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