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Why can't Hayward split a double team?

This is less an article and more a desire to get feedback on an observation from fans far wiser than me. I've been noticing more and more recently that Gordon has a really difficult time when a...


Bismack Biyom-NO

My friend and I disagree on who we'd take if somehow both Bismack and Fredette were available at #12. I sent the following biased and one sided string of "highlight hyperbole"  as part of my...

For Dwill4Life


For Dwill4Life

Here is my profile pic in obama colors. Here in Jazz colors.

Irving and Barnes to the Jazz!!


Irving and Barnes to the Jazz!!


Video Highlights of Jazz Scrimmage

Summary of Notable Plays: 1:21 – Nasty Millsap dunk over Miles (Miles on floor.) 1:30 – Jefferson burns Fess 1 on 1 in the post. 1:38 – Deron freezes Earl Watson and lays it home. 1:40 – Full...


You Owe Gordon Hayward An Apology

Introduction Look at that face. Would you just take two seconds and LOOK AT THAT FACE! Would you ever do anything to offend that boy? Sadly, chances are you already have. And if marriage has...


2 More Reasons To LOVE Al Jefferson

  INTRODUCTION "D Williams is Batman…He's the captain..[a]nd I'm Robin. So I'm willing to do whatever…I'm going to adjust to him. Whatever he needs me to do is going to be done. Because the first...


A Response to "Myth Busting the NBA: Is Deron Williams really a better shooter than Chris Paul? "

Introduction Before reading this, please read Amar's article here. First, let me be clear, Amar's article is EXCELLENT. I really think he's captured the heart of this question and explored it...

As summer winds down, LeBron and Durant worlds apart


A great read contrasting LeBron's war path of self-aggrandizement and Durant's quiet-unassuming and yet earnest approach to the game he loves. Admittedly, I was an easy audience for this article. I was impressed with Durant this summer when he announced his contract extension with a simple tweet ( Then as he represented the US in the worlds I approached near fanboy status. Couple this with the fact I've been nauseated by the LeBron Machine for years, and you've got a friendly reader. Now I'm sure Durant's virtues and LeBron's vices aren't as concentrated as this author would have us believe. But I do hope all professional athletes learn from this NBA off season. Juxtaposing Durant's approach and Lebron's yields a lot of insights.


Things Carlos Boozer Will Be Taking With Him...

First, let me say that I think Boozer walking will prove to be a great thing for the Jazz in coming years. But, as I've spent my fair share of time pointing out what I perceive to be his...

Gordon Hayward Raps!


G-Time drops the third verse like he was the Enola Gay! Sick! Somebody get a copy of this before his agent scrubs it from the internet! All you KOC doubters post your apologies in the comments section below!


Game 5 Highlight Requests

I don't have the means to do this, but there are two highlights that I didn't see in the game summaries last night. I would love to be able to see them again. 1. Deron is dribbling across the court...

Deron's flingin shurikens at the record book


Thanks Nuggs, couldn't have done it without ya.


Jazzmen photoshop fun. (updated)

Here is my take on some of our gamethread player nicknames and sayings. Of course, use these how ever like, no credit necessary. If there are any other players you'd like me to tackle let me know....

Jonny Flynn says Deron Williams is hardest to guard in league


"But who’s the player that I think is the toughest just guarding? I’d have to say Deron Williams. Six-three, strong, can shoot the ball really well, great handle. He’s the toughest, he’s hard to guard. Deron Williams, played against him three times already – he’s really tough."

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