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21 years old (as of May 24).
Draftee of the Singapore Armed Forces

Have trouble watching games live due to time zone differences and my work commitments as a soldier. I intend to make a pilgrimage to Pittsburgh & Chicago after I serve my term in the army (2 years) and graduate from college (4 years).

Lifelong Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Bulls & Manchester United fan.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Seen a few games but never seriously followed the Penguins until just after Mario's 2001 comeback. I remember where I was when it was announced that the Penguins had won the entry draft lottery in 2005 and I watch Game 7 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals against Detroit whenever I am depressed.

Chicago Bulls
Started watching just before Jordan's second comeback. Pippen's still my favorite former Bulls player today. I have fond memories of Rodzilla & the flu game. Like most other Bulls fans now, I'm getting increasingly jaded by our management but still hopefully optimistic for our future with Derrick Rose & Joakim Noah. I'll keep the Hinrich Hope alive!

Manchester United
I've stopped watching soccer seriously for a while after the 2002 World Cup. The first year I watched this team, we lost the premiership to Arsenal. The year later, I was sitting in the living room 2 days after my 10th birthday with some old classmates watching Sheringham and old supersub, Solskjear, spark one of the greatest comebacks in soccer history, winning the magnificent treble. Since then, it's been awhile since I kept up with team news and it was a rude shock when I found out recently that not only has Keano retired, he's even been transferred. The friends that I watched the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final with I have lost contact with but my 3 favorite players, Giggs, Scholes & Gary Neville, are still there.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Soccer Man Utd
User Blog

A Call to Action: Lockout 2012

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke Enough has been said about the lockout by people smarter than I. There is precisely one reason...


So Proud

When Marc-Andre Fleury was struggling all through October, some started to write off this team. When Sidney Crosby stayed down after that hit by Hedman on January 5, the bandwagon got noticeably...

An addition to my Fleury v Tigers piece. The result of Ray Shero's latest phone call.


An addition to my Fleury v Tigers piece. The result of Ray Shero's latest phone call.

In celebration of Marc-Andre Fleury's shutout. Because he can stop ANYTHING.


In celebration of Marc-Andre Fleury's shutout. Because he can stop ANYTHING.

This came from a conversation with Frank during the New Jersey Devils GDT. Everything does seem...


This came from a conversation with Frank during the New Jersey Devils GDT. Everything does seem more entertaining with circus music in the background.


The Bandwagoning Bastard’s Guide to the 2010/11 Pittsburgh Penguins

Welcome to Pensburgh. Where the language is clean & the thoughts are anything but. It’s that time of the year again. Where a tiring 6 month campaign essentially becomes pointless so we can decide...

Coaches Throw High School Game


Not Pens related but I thought it might be something to talk about. Kinda remembered this conversation myself that year before the Bulls drafted Derrick Rose, on whether tanking the season for more lottery balls. Automatically assumed that NJD would start tanking...

Sterling Sent Back to WBS


Fare thee well, Ticket! He did good work for us. He will be missed. UPDATE: Smart money's on Letestu coming back into the line-up, assuming anyone's coming off the list at all & not be a precautionary scratch. I'm gonna play the odds & say that Sid's coming back anyway.

Winter Classic: Penguins recall thriller in Buffalo [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]


Fun little article about Max & Flower visiting Heinz Field. Why am I not surprised that Flower would toss snowballs at a mascot?

Alighieri on PensUniverse


First saw this just after I came back from my first "absence" this season. Decided not to put it up because I didn't feel up to pandering. But since it came up in the Capitals GDT, here you go. How I Became A Pens fan...

Sid on The Price is Right


Oh yeah. Ovechkin's in it too... Whatever...

Caps trade for Hannan


Caps trade C Tomas Fleischmann to the Avs for D Scort Hannan They get a defensive defenseman. Oooooooo.... I'm so scared... Michalek's better anyhow.


Un-Official All Star Ballot Thread

I figured I'd like a central thread to breach the entire All-Star ballot when it opens Monday. The complete list is up on


Alighieri Had Way Too Much Free Time

I had way too much free time while I was away so I actually took liberties with another song & changed some lyrics around to fit our goaltending "controversy". Thank goodness MAF had that great...

Jonathan Quick's Retro Goalie Equipment


This isn't Penguins related but I thought it might be interesting for us to look at. The goalie in me finds this crazy amounts of cool.


Twas The Night Before The Opener

Frank did insist... Thanks guys, I didn't realize that an impromptu appropriation of a children's classic could be so well received... & yes, Pensfan8725. It's exactly like Christmas morning! Woot! ...

Penguins Announce 2010/11 Captains


Brooks Orpik & Jordan Staal were just named the new alternates captains for the season. They will serve behind incumbents Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin. Can't think of a more deserving guy than Free Candy for this nod & it's about time for Staalsy to step up. Season's starting!

Credit for this find goes entirely to Katielynn906 & her trusty twitter account. It's the CBC...


Credit for this find goes entirely to Katielynn906 & her trusty twitter account. It's the CBC tribute video to the playoffs the year we won the Cup. I thought it might be a great way to get psyched for tomorrow's game. Kudos, hat tips, edible arrangements, puppies, unicorns & cotton candy to Katie for this video.

First Cut Made: Dustin Jeffrey


I think we all saw this coming & I expect to see more cuts on the way. Why not just skip ahead to Tangradi, Despres & Letestu? Those are the ones we're curious about anyhow!

Inside Look At The New Locker Room


A great feature on the new locker room in the Consol Energy Center. Gets me all fired up for the preseason. Love that they still keep the traditions of the franchise in high regard. The mural above the lockers are a nice touch. I also like how they like to play a little bit of musical chairs when it came to the seat plans. It's adorable.


Fallout of the Kovy Arbitration Around The League

I touched on this slightly in the original Arbitration fanshot I put up yesterday... Apparently the league is now looking into the Pronger, Savard & Luongo contracts. There's an in-depth article on...

Arbitrator Rules With NHL in Kovalchuk Case


So the contract's been overturned & Kovy's back on the market again... Hold on to your sombreros, mi Amigos... Here we go again...

Why The NHL Has No Case


Article on Blueshirt Banter. Interesting read & another reason why I think this entire Kovalchuk contract might get away with nothing more than just a slap to the wrist.

*UPDATED* x2 NHL Analysis @Pens Universe


I'm surprised no one's put this up yet. I find it a nice primer for the new season. Will update this fanshot when they release the other divisions. This starts with the Northwest Division. UPDATE: Central Division today. UPDATE: Pacific Division today.


Defensive Pairings

In case you haven't noticed, OH MY WORD OUR DEFENSE IS GOING TO END LIVES NEXT YEAR. If you were Dan Bylsma, how would you structure the defensive pairings next year?

Penguins sign LW Brett Sterling


Looks like another two-way contract. Maybe he'll crack the rotation. Now he name is Sterling with an E, not an I.

Penguins sign C Ryan Craig


GMRS's really kicking it... #insherowetrust

Why Cap-Killing Contracts Are More Common Than You Think


Got this really good write-up from Derek Zona over at From The Rink. I've always agreed with Ray Shero's no long term contracts for role players rule. Make it so that we never get to regret handing bad contracts to good character guys like SCUDs who we all love to bits but cannot realistically expect them to live out... Something to consider when negotiating with Matt Cooke...


Trades Discussion

I've been looking at the Free Agent listings and other than Ray Whitney & Maxim Afinigenov on the wing and Zbynek Michalek & Dan Hamhuis for the D, I'm not very excited about the FA market. I...


Pensburgh Pick 'Em Challenge - Updated Standings

Hey guys, Sorry for the delay in posting the standings. Status quo was that I would tally everything and send it to FrankD so he could cut out picture and post it up. Apparently, I was assuming...

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