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My name ees Your Excellence Alisher Usmanov and I am world's smartest and best looking man. My likes include: metal, Arsenal, iron, metal, steel, free markets, precious metal, Arsenal, natural gas and iron. I don't like men named Stan. I rule with fist made of iron and take no for answer never. I am blessed with looks zhat are great and intelligent and make women zee very most excited. Nice to meet you.

Also, I call zee dib on zhat new diamond planet.

A Fan Of...

  • Soccer Arsenal FC
  • NASCAR Metals
  • Cycling Iron
  • FIFA Natural Gas
  • General My Newly Claimed Diamond Planet
User Blog

Hello Please Listen And Do Zee Read Thing

It ees with pleasure zhat ees great zhat I write to all of you from beautiful Sochi, home of Cold Olympic Time Events. I get letter from Vladimir Putin to visit great Sochi mountain place before...


Hello Somebody Listened!

Hello my name ees Your Excellence Alisher Usmanov Zee Fantastic for zee new human people who do zee visit here and don't know of Zee Short Fuse Overlord. And when you make introduction to me in...


Hello Please Do Zee Listen Eet's Me Please Read

Everybody please do zee listen! Today ees very important day on calendar number thing for zee citizen of States United. Today ees National Doughnut Day and eet make me happier than hamster seeing...


Hello Please Do Zee Listen!

Hello all zee people zhat ees of most sex and beautiful! I came back to Earth the day that ees yesterday after spending time at condo on my diamond planet. You may have done zee watching on TV of...


Hello Please Do Zee Listen

I just got back from watching beautiful play movie at zee Bolshoi Theater when I do realize I am zee most disappoint with my club Arsenal. Why must we draw and not spend money? I won't stand in...


Great Ruler of Arsenal to zee Stoke fans:

Stoke fan make zee noise that go boo at Ramsey and Wenger and you make crazy comment like Arsene touch little kids like Penn State coach. That ees zee biggest nonsense! I hear news from my sexy...

If anyone know where Vladimir Titov ees, please let him know I call and he do not do zee answer!


VHAT. ZEE. HELL! My khuy stand in air permanent with grin on face for long time. I will stay seated at desk for hours now. I change plan. New plan ees to send he and space monkey armed to zee teeth with C4 and fishing net to blow up like bad Chinese firework and collect remain to bring back to Zee Fantastic! Then sell pieces to buy more players like Messi, Ronaldo, Goetz, Hazard, Ganso, Tevez and Neymar! Maybe buy back Cesc! Hehe! I am the most excite right now! Already claim jewel planet as mine!


How I can fix Great Arsenal

My name is Alisher Zee Fantastic. Some may know me as great iron business ruler, and some may know me as great natural gas business ruler. I like all zee tiles, but what really strokes my chin...

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