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Miami Heat Roster Breakdown

Ask and ye shall receive. Rashard Lewis is a camper. He will stand in the corner and patrol the three point line for most of the game; he'll contribute little to the offensive flow but when he...


Unquantifiable Discrepancies; Rick Spielman Edition

I'd first like to say that before around 2009 (coincidentally around the same time I started reading the DN), I had no idea who Rick Spielman was. I kind of knew that we had a wierd front office...


Scouting And Insight On Newly Signed CB, Greg Reid

Hey Rams fans, while scanning the internet I saw that Greg Reid had signed with the Rams and decided to come shed some light about his career, his potential, his off the field problems, and his...


A Viking Fan's Perspective on Toby Gerhart

Sigh... Allow me to pull this dagger out of my side real fast, as I attempt to congradulate you through the rain. WHY IS IT ONLY RAINING ON MY FACE. Let me make this quite plain; Adrian...


How to Make Johnny Manziel an Elite QB in Minnesota

We'll start by examining his traits, good and bad. GOOD:Manziel is great passer in or out of the pocket, with pretty good footwork and pressure recognition while inside it. Has the arm strength to...

Adrian Peterson Answers Questions From Reddit Fans


vamsi93 : Had the Vikings not drafted you in 2007, which team would you have preferred to go to? "the_adrian_peterson : texans!"

I'm sure you guys aren't too mad though. Foster's a beast in his own right. : ) From

Buffalo - Where FSU's Special Teamer's Go


With the cutting of Rian Lindell, Dustin Hopkins will be the new kicker in Buffalo, joining punter Shawn Powell and long snapper Garrison Sanborn; all three former Seminoles.


Grade Ponder's Preseason Week 2 Performance

Well, that was kind of a shitfest by our first team offense.. Though not all was bad. During Ponder's short stint, I was taking notes and this is what I saw: Disclaimer: These plays are probably...


Justified: Percy Harvin Edition

In the 2009 NFL draft we drafted William Percival Harvin with our first round pick, and with that pick, gave him a chance even though he had a bit of a history with the law and supposed...


Vikings Are Suddenly Less Cool

I woke up this fine Tuesday morning looking forward to the sunny Florida day, left over potato soup (delicious, potato soup) and some good reads from the Daily Norseman. All was going well until I...


Premature Infatuation

REWIND THE CLOCK SIX OR SO MONTHS: I am sick and tired of this coaching staff. The amount of close games we've lost this year is ridiculous, and it really shows lack of proper execution and...


An Absolutely Ridiculous Stadium Idea That You Will Love

While researching the many different types of stadiums that have been built over the past 20 years, I came across a lot of very interesting concepts that were structurally beautiful and...

"I was just being a college student," he said. "I'm pretty sure there were more guys than me that...

"I was just being a college student," he said. "I'm pretty sure there were more guys than me that smoked. I just got caught." Jason Lieser of the The Palm Beach Post Catching Up With Janoris Jenkins God I hope we don't draft this guy

Video: Tom Pelissero Talks Vikings Depth Chart

Some answers on Vikings depth chart at NFL meetings (via 1500ESPNTwinCities) Here's a link for you mobile users who can't see the video on the screen. This is a fantastic job by Pelissero, as...


Off Topic/ "Delocated" Edition

For the past couple of weeks or so, I haven't been all that active around these parts. Partly because of my new job, partly because of my favorite uncle status among my countless neices and...

Who's The Viking's Worst Corner? Well, let's go down the list of the worst corners of the 2011-12...


Who's The Viking's Worst Corner? Well, let's go down the list of the worst corners of the 2011-12 NFL season and find out. Shouldn't have to look to far down... Rank Name Team QB Rating Against 1 Quentin Jammer SD 129.9 2 Captain Munnerlyn CAR 126.9 3 E.J. Biggers TB 119.2 4 Cedric Griffin MIN 114.1 5 Justin King SL 113.1 6 Kareem Jackson HST 110.9 7 Aqib Talib TB 109.8 8 Devin McCourty NE 106.2 9 Drayton Florence BUF 103.3 10 Aaron Ross NYG 102.8

Pro Football Focus

Part II : Projecting Christian Ponder's 2012 Campaign


This was too fantastic not to share. This article takes 20 second year QB's since 1998 (who met certain criteria), calculates the percent of change between the first year and second year stats, then projects them on Ponders 2011 stats. Hope you enjoy

Christian Ponder's Rookie Year


Over at the DN. Look at some of his stats compared to the greatest. "If you buy the premise of this projection, and you compare that projection to other rookies this year that started and played all 16 games, he stacks up pretty well. Cam Newton had a record breaking year for a rookie QB, so it’s hard to compare Ponder to Newton, but when you compare Ponder’s projection to a couple other great QBs during their first full seasons as a starter, his stats look pretty comparable again. His stats are pretty similar to Andy Dalton, who most would agree had a great year as a rookie, making it to the playoffs. In fact, Ponder's average stat line in the previous paragraph from his adjusted season total also looks respectable."


Drafting First Rounders, And Christian Ponder

I decided to write this for the people who think we should trade Christian Ponder for another first rounder so we can get Robert Griffin III and a stud LT. This sounds absolutely fantastic in...


For Those... Unsure Minds Among Us

via The Vikings got thrashed today by the Saints, 42-20. And while I expected a mild to bad loss and a lot of things to bitch about (like kicking a 51 yard field goal when...

Minneapolis Downtown Council Unveils 15-year Plan


The Vikings' new stadium would be located on the western edge of downtown, near the Twins' Target Field. The plan's 10 initiatives include: 1. Double the downtown residential population to 70,000. 2. Transform Nicollet Mall into a "must see" regional and even national destination. 3. Build Gateway Park, a "central park" that would create a "grand connection" between downtown and the Mississippi River. 4. Create a consistently compelling downtown experience of arts and entertainment. 5. Establish a downtown sports district that includes a new Vikings stadium and a renovated Target Center. 6. Lead the nation in entertainment options. 7. Create and sustain a green infrastructure. 8. Forge connections to the University of Minnesota, including a residential district on the Metrodome site. 9. End street homelessness. 10. Launch a festival of ideas, apparently a festival concept that's been used successful in other cities.

This was posted over at the DN. Thought it would give you Bronco fans would have a good laugh.


This was posted over at the DN. Thought it would give you Bronco fans would have a good laugh.

"I don't like going to Detroit," Jared Allen told "I'll be honest. It's gloomy, it...


"I don't like going to Detroit," Jared Allen told "I'll be honest. It's gloomy, it sucks. Everything is brown, and then there is snow on the ground. There's like brownstones everywhere, and I'm like, 'Awesome.' I don't know, I couldn't do it. If I had to live in Detroit, I think I'd just drown myself in the river that was across the way."

From Yahoo Sports

What Would You Good Fans Prefer?

By now, you shoud know the different stadium proposals floating around. And if you don't, feel free to read this story real quick and come back with more insight. From the comment selection of that...

Bowl Game Rankings, By Spencer Hall


"25. Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State vs. Notre Dame. The two offenses stand at a revolving door. "After you," says the FSU offense, leaning forward and catching its head in the door. "Here, let me help you," the Notre Dame offense says, freeing FSU's head but getting its tie caught in a subway grate. "No sir, permit me to assist you," the FSU offense says as it walks into the street and it hit by a truck. "Egads," says the Notre Dame offense as its suspenders droop and catch the top of an onrushing express train below. Both teams specialize in the latest in offensive implosion techonology, so you'll want to watch. For science's sake, you know." Spencer hall is the head of EDSBS. I don't necessarily agree with all of his rankings, but the sheer hilarity of everything he writes makes it worth the read.


Florida State @ Florida Bets

Will you post this on your front page if we win? Nice legs. What time do they open? by Nole Resurrected on Nov 22, 2011 10:02 AM PST reply actions 1...


I've Changed My Mind Indefinitely

In case you live under a rock, have no TV, were busy with more important things (yeah right), or a combination of these, the Vikings lost to the Denver Broncos today. Not only did we lose, but we...

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