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Beer and Self-Loathing: Hot Stove Huddle Review


Panelist Bryan Horowitz offers this amusing review of Wednesday night's festivities.

Adam Bostick: Proof that Dayton Moore is Better Than Minaya


I wrote this about Adam Bostick in September on Blue & Not sure how well his stuff will translate in the Majors, but he's probably better than whatever bum LOOGY the Mets decide to give millions to. Good pick up for the Royals.


Amazin' Avenue Hot Stove Huddle

Wednesday December 16th, 2009 | at River | West 43rd St. & 10th Ave. - New York, NY | 7pm-10pm Everyone come out of your mothers' basements and meet up with your Amazin' Avenue brethren. I'm...

Asked by The Post late in the year how he felt about the catchers' defense and handling of the...


Asked by The Post late in the year how he felt about the catchers' defense and handling of the pitchers, [Dan] Warthen pursed his lips and said: "Next question."

Bart Hubbuch of the NY Post This is why you were supposed to fire everyone after a disastrous season. All the survivors are going into job protection mode.

Jerry Manuel is just doing things


Bobby Parnell is headed back to the bullpen for the remainder of the season. If the goal is to finish 75-87, then Jerry's got the right idea. Otherwise, the Mets have just shut the door on the last player development-esque exercise of the 2009 season.

More Like Sh*tty Field


Unfortunately I wasn't creative enough to come up with that moniker, but someone who the Post talked to was.

What is THE central focus of


What is THE central focus of

Thole, Evans and Kunz to get September Call-Ups


Courtesy of Adam Rubin. Another day; another failure on behalf of the Mets. Kunz is the worst pitcher on the Buffalo staff this season.

Livan on a jet plane / don't know when he'll be back again


Livan on a jet plane / don't know when he'll be back again

Mike Silva Reaches a New Low


This blog item is fine until the very last paragraph where he leverages Scott Schoeneweis' year of personal turmoil to defend himself from attacks on his blog. Reprehensible.

Omar Takes a Trip to Buffalo


Ridiculous paraphrase per Mike Harrington: "Nick Evans and Eddie Kunz are the likeliest September callups but that non 40-man roster players (think Jesus Feliciano and Adam Bostick) could be called if the big club does not get back in the race and there's playing time available." Elmer Dessens allowed a homer as I created this Fanshot. Playing time is scarce.

Omar Minaya: MissMaster


Omar Minaya: MissMaster




Tony Bernazard challenges the B-Mets to a fight


"Bernazard particularly went after middle infield prospect Jose Coronado, using a slang term associated with a woman's anatomy, a source indicated. The confrontation happened about 10 days before the All-Star break, according to insiders." LOL. I personally would've confronted DJ Wabick.

Sullivan called up; Nieve DL'd


Everything wrong with the Mets encapsulated in one transaction.

First annual event coming this July/August*. *Hopefully


First annual event coming this July/August*. *Hopefully

A report filed to the entire front office of a National League team by a scout assigned to the...


A report filed to the entire front office of a National League team by a scout assigned to the Mets, and obtained by the Daily News, offered this scathing rebuke: "I understand that NY teams play under different rules and FA signings are the M.O., but without the influx of talent from the amateur draft, international scouting and shrewd trades it is difficult to have balance and cohesiveness. More importantly, the vulnerability to injuries is exacerbated by their impotent system. If you evaluate the Minaya regime, it is difficult to identify a plan or philosophy beyond acquiring high priced FA talent."

Adam Rubin's story in the NY Daily News

Jerry Manuel to Informally Forfeit Game


He plans to rest both Sheffield and Wright vs. Gallardo tomorrow afternoon as per his WFAN interview.

If you think the Mets medical staff is bad...


Here's the magnificent Rany Jazayerli on long-time Royals trainer Nick Swartz. "I don’t know about you, but to me, the handling of Coco Crisp’s shoulder injury is by itself a fireable offense. Crisp was playing – terribly, mind you – with a bum shoulder FOR FIVE WEEKS, and even after his shoulder pain became severe enough that he could no longer play, the Royals kept shuffling him in and out of the lineup for three weeks, putting him back out there as soon as the pain became tolerable again."

Braves acquire Nate McLouth


Awesome for our hitters; bad for our pitchers.

Omar Minaya's team building exercise.


Omar Minaya's team building exercise.


How the other half lives

With all the (rightful) bellyachin' about the Mets roster situation lately, I thought it'd be a good time to point out what an efficiently run organization has available when injuries strike. Rays...

BtB: Who made their 1st round picks count?


I found this somewhat intriguing, though the methodology is a bit unclear.

...let me share my senses with you...

...let me share my senses with you...

Burgos to the Mets?

According to Mr. Ken Rosenthal, the Mets want Burgos in exchange for a pitching prospect.  I have no idea which prospect the Mets plan on sending the Royals way.  I highly doubt Omar would be...

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