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A new golden age of Alabama football?

"I get a little perturbed with these guys who like flag football." --- Lee Roy Jordan


OC Candidates

Well, I don't think any of us have been too thrilled with the mention of Brian Schottenhiemer as the next Bama OC. I'm not saying he would be a bad hire, but I would prefer someone else. There...

Steele out at Clemson

Well, it's fairly obvious that Steele was not the primary reason for Alabama's defensive success while he was here...not that too many people thought it was anyway.

Alabama rated as 26th most popular sports team in the world

I don't know how they arrived at these rankings, but it's very interesting nonetheless.

It's Opening Day for SEC Basketball!

Tennessee has already knocked off Florida. Other games going on right now and I know Bama plays UGA later tonight.


Is it a good idea for UAB to separate themselves from Alabama?

I caught something interesting on the news this morning. John Rogers was on Fox 6 talking about a series of bills he's going to introduce in the next Legislative session in order to separate UAB...


Richt the Rule Breaker?

Some of y'all have probably heard by now that Mark Richt was cited as having made secondary NCAA violations. His great crime was that he took money out of his own pocket and gave it to people on...

An Englishman Abandons Soccer for Football

Interesting stuff. I love the last paragraph. Soccer is called the beautiful game. But football is chess, played with real pieces that try to knock each other's brains out. It doesn't get any more beautiful than that.

Bowling for Chumps?

I don't remember if I saw this anywhere else on RBR so I thought I'd post it. There's some very interesting stuff in here and it pretty much hammers all of the bowl committees. I have to wonder if they are exaggerating some of the facts though.

Even if we don't make the BCS Championship game, we'll always have Auburn...


Even if we don't make the BCS Championship game, we'll always have Auburn...


Kirby Smart to Texas A&M?

We've been hearing about Smart to Ole Miss for a few days and I have no inside sources or anything, but I doubt Smart is interested in that job. He can bide his time and get a great job. Jumping...

Saban talks about Smart getting a head coaching job

I had never seen where Saban had said that Smart was ready to be a HC before, but apparently he believes it. If you look further down you also see that Marty Lyons is going to present the Heisman this year. That would be great if he is the one to hand it to Richardson.

24 Hour Marathon of College Basketball on ESPN today

For all you college basketball fans out there, today is the annual 24 hour marathon on ESPN. I had forgotten about it and I don't know when it started, but at least I am comforted to know there should be something interesting being played on TV tonight. That and I'm usually up fairly late so there's live games on in the middle of the night for extra coolness. I still hate ESPN, but at least they know how to entertain their audience with games.


What might a "floating" schedule look like with 5 protected rivalries?

[Ed: Bumped from FanPosts] I'm not trying to steal Eggplant Wizard's thunder, but mdak06 gave me an idea for what I'm calling the "floating schedule." I'm not sure if that is an accurate or...


If West Virginia comes to the SEC...

Well this may be a little premature, but if WVU is indeed headed to the SEC then I think it would be hilarious if the announcement was made prior to the LSU game at midfield when the captains meet...


The Archduke has been shot and all Hell is about to break loose.

Yeah, that's right.  I just compared this whole realignment situation to WWI.  If there are any history buffs out there you can see all the amazing parallels between this mess and The Great...

Because there just has not been enought talk of expansion....

I think WVU would be a good addition.... I want to say first that I’m not agreeing with or disagreeing with anyone or any idea here. I’m just going to post my thoughts on the general subject….. I’m not real sure why people are so concerned with academic reputation when it comes to what conference you’re in. After all, the only reason these conferences exist in the first place is for athletic purposes. There are such things as "academic conferences" such as in the case of the AAU so I don’t know why people wouldn’t be happy with those types of distinctions. I have absolutely no idea what quality of school WVU is. You always hear talk of reputation and that’s mostly coming from the elitist snobs from the Big 10 and Pac 12, but it doesn’t seem there really exists a good way to give an accurate qualitative ranking to schools. So I’m not sure any of these reputations are valid whether they be good or bad. I keep hearing things that make me think WVU isn’t so great and other things that make me think they must be pretty good. A friend of mine made a comment the other day when we were discussing this and I think it’s probably valid, "that large state schools regardless of what state they are in are probably pretty good schools." A big state school seems to be the focus of the resources and the brightest minds the state has to offer. Unless someone is one of these elitists that thinks people from Alabama or West Virginia or wherever are just dumber than everyone else and so their state schools must also be inferior then it stands to reason that a person can receive a good education at big state schools. So anyway, I would like to have WVU in the SEC. I think they bring some good things to the table. West Virginia may not be a large state, but neither is Arkansas or Nebraska or several other states. West Virginia is like some of these small states in that they bring a dedicated population within that state. So maybe you get 1 million fans watching from the state of West Virginia and that might seem small compared to a larger state, but a lot of those larger states aren’t watching college football. Missouri, for example, might not get 1 million viewers for a game despite the state’s larger size. Missouri fans aren’t that passionate. They don’t care as much as people from states where there are no major sports teams. I think I should be realistic though in that the people making these decisions are not Athletic Directors or even TV executives, but university presidents. And university presidents tend to be pencil necks. They worry about academic reputation and a whole host of other things that don’t really matter when it comes to what conference you are in. I know from first hand experience working at a university that administrative officials tend not to be down to earth people. They make careers out of maintaining or creating "reputations." If you want proof of that then just look at the NCAA handbook or in general how the NCAA operates. University presidents and other academic officials are the ones who make those rules, the ones who hold leadership positions within that organization, and the ones who run every aspect of that group. They don’t know the meaning of the word "practical" and they don’t care what you or I think unless we happen to be writing a big check….. If the SEC presidents are as worried about adding to the academic standing of the conference as I think and as some outlets have stated then they will probably not add WVU. I love college sports, but I don’t usually love the people calling the shots.

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