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Why the Sox really should trade Lester?


1. Jon Lester, Red Sox Jon Lester has just as polished a resume as David Price except with two World Series rings added to the mix. Like the other players on this list, Lester has been a lifer with his first team, coming up with the Red Sox in 2006 and never looking back. He is 109-63 with a 3.66 ERA in his career. So why have the Red Sox not given Lester a long-term deal in the final year of his contract? Since the Carl Crawford-Adrian Gonzalez debacle, the Red Sox have shied away from big deals that usually come back to haunt teams. Lester is likely looking for Tanaka (if not Kershaw) money in 2015 and beyond, but the Red Sox probably won’t give him that. What would they get by trading Lester as a rental to a contending team in 2014? They would likely get a nice prospect or two. Better yet, the goodbye needn’t be forever. After the Red Sox finish their not-so-promising 2014 season, the two parties coud get together and make a deal for the future. The price would be just a few months of separation, but the return would be considerable for the Red Sox as an organization.

Joel Hanrahan?? NO!


Seriously... we lost $7.4MM (and Mark Melancon) and got jack shit to show for it. Let's not add to that damage by bringing Hanrahan back for another go around. He had alarms before we traded for him, and I don't think they'll have been fixed with the elbow surgery.

Sox best rotation in baseball? With no mention of John Lackey?


So, I was curious about an article considering what team has the best rotation heading into the 2014 season, and was happy to see the Boston Red Sox in the discussion... however, it was more interesting to see who the author left out of the conversation entirely. The section on Boston: "Boston Red Sox Without a true ace, the Red Sox are incredibly deep, with as many as 13 rotation arms who could see time with the big league club this year. Boston had the 3rd best rotation WAR (15.9) in baseball last year, and returns the same front six that led them to a World Series crown. Jon Lester is the de facto ace, and he enjoyed a solid rebound season last year, with a 4.3 WAR and 3.59 FIP in 213.1 innings. Clay Buchholz was stellar in an abbreviated 16-start campaign, going 12-1 with a 1.74 ERA (234 ERA+) and 4.3 WAR. Jake Peavy was his usual reliable self after coming over in a mid-season deal with the White Sox, and the fifth spot duo of Felix Doubront and Ryan Dempster combined to post a 4.3 WAR in just over 330 innings last year. On the farm, Allen Webster, Brandon Workman, Rubby De La Rosa, and knuckleballer Steven Wright all reached the majors last season, and each has the potential to be at least a number 4 starter at the big league level. Meanwhile, highly-touted prospects such as Henry Owens, Anthony Ranaudo, and Matt Barnes have all reached Double-A and should be expected to contribute in some capacity this year."


OTM Fantasy Football... now open!

Thanks for the reminder... life has been a little crazy over here... but hopefully, all of that will settle down soon. In the meantime, I have opened up our Yahoo! Fantasy Football league, and...


Aloha's Fantasy Baseball: Initial "Sell High" list

Okay, okay... I thought I could post this as a comment in the fantasy thread, but apparently I wrote too much. Who me?? So, posting a Fanpost as a gag... I promise I won't keep this up all season -...


Mirabelli League: Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball

Okay, so I think all the "official" OTM leagues have filled up (the Yahoo! Official "Official" league, as well as the ESPN OTMs, OTM Dynasty and OTM Sabermetrics), so it's time to see if anyone...


OTM Fantasy Thread 7: This Thread... Now Closed

So, with the old fantasy baseball thread pushing 800 comments, and my level of boredom reaching new heights to the point where I've traded away Albert Pujols for draft picks. Let's see if we can...


Old and Outdated Fantasy Thread - Go to the New and Improved Version!

So, with the old fantasy baseball thread pushing 800 comments, Rick has asked for a new one and I'm happy to set it up. League Drafts Dates/Times OTM 1-3, Saturday March 30th 8:00pm Eastern O...


OTM Dynasty League

Okay, so I think I've said I am willing to set this up and serve as commissioner. Need to appoint a co-commissioner in OTM3 to take over that league for 2014 (not that I was the most active...


OTM Fantasy Football League: with Keepers?

Hey folks... we've got it all set up, and we're full up with 14 teams. Draft order is set, and I'm updating the Yahoo! draft order now. The League is: Lloyd Christmas - Heisenberg Bob Zupcic -...

Nationals needed a Catcher too???


Okay... why didn't we trade them Salty and Punto and call it a day?

Why I hated the Bailey Trade


Nothing like having statistical data to back up the idea that spending resources on the closer position is a total waste.


OTM vs. PSA Fantasy Update 2

Well, seemed like we should do an update before the first week of OTM vs. PSA match ups go final... so here we go (my apologies for not knowing how to do all the fancy formatting - I had the...


Bobby V and the overuse of the Sacrifice Bunt

Okay, so... we'll start up here, and warn everyone that I have a tendency to ramble on endlessly, and this is going to be a long piece of analysis, and I have a bias at the front end, as I hate the...

Beckett could miss first two starts?


Now, I know... Valentine says he's fine, and will start our second game against the Tigers, as well as the home opener... and McClure and Valentine say he did a great job with his 100 pitch bullpen yesterday... Yet, this injury seems to only have leaked because Aceves, answering a question about how he was told he was going to the bullpen... said he might start those two games if Beckett's thumb injury prevents it. Seriously... Bailey (I saw the play at first base, and wasn't happy to see the risk taken in a spring game) and now Beckett... already getting bitten by the injury bug in 2012?


Mirabelli League: One Spot Left

Okay, I swore I had emails from a few volunteers willing to jump in here, but TheLoneDavid is interested in joining the Mirabelli League (just to confuse everyone - this is the Yahoo! League from...


Game -14: Boston Red Sox vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Okay, MLB.TV has live video of this game (or is it some sort of replay that has me totally confused)? I don't see a game thread, so I figured I'd start one.


OTM 3: Draft Order Posted (ESPN Keeper)

Okay, folks... those of you that played in Mirabelli League may remember how we weren't seen as an "official" OTM league, due partially for the weird scoring set up we used and because your...

Henry wins another Championship


Surprised I'm the first to post this, but for anyone that doubts Henry's commitment to building winners in each of his franchise ownerships, Liverpool ended a six year drought (six years is considered a drought??) with their League Cup win over the weekend. So... now that he's won over there, perhaps we can focus on winning another one right here in Boston??


OTM Fantasy League #3??

Okay, folks... with OTM1 filling up quickly, and Rick looking to me (with others interested) to fill the final spot in OTM2, I thought I'd look around to see if anyone else was late to the party,...


Mirabelli League

Okay, folks... I'm just getting back from vacation, so while I sent the invitations out before I left and we've got 5 players registered already, I haven't done a lot of follow up yet.

Oswalt signing in Saint Louis, pending physical?


So, let's see... this sounds like they think it's pending the physical with the Cardinals, and notes that he's had back problems the last "several years..." (really? I thought it was just last year, when he made 23 starts instead of 30+). Further down, it says the Sox will reignite discussions with Kenny Williams for Floyd, and that the Sox haven't offered a package that meets his demands so far. That doesn't make me warm and fuzzy, as I think Kenny expects us to offer the moon, since we're in need... Finally, there's a note that we're talking to Boras about Jackson, but that we "had not made an offer." Glad to hear Bobby V doesn't have another starter at the top of his list, because it is still at the top of mine. Sounds like Oswalt will be in Saint Louis soon enough.

Youk healthy, dropped weight and ready for the season.


ESPN piece, with commentary from Youk on the "witch hunt" in Boston (I agree), but mostly I like the attidue, his anticipation of working with Bobby V, and the idea that he's lost weight and is in great shape for the season. Another Top 5 MVP performance by Youk, with Ells/Pedey/Gonzo/Big Papi could make for a dominating offense this season. Of course, I do have to say... BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH OMFG SIGN STARTERS!!!!!!


Mirabelli League

Okay, I might have been the worst fantasy commissioner of the OTM leagues last year, as I didn't post weekly updates on the league's performance and never even did a recap. My team finished...

Cubs add two Sox scouts to staff?


Okay, so today comes the news that the Cubs have hired two scouts from the Red Sox organization. Wasn't yesterday's news (or earlier this week) the idea that the Cubs had agreed not to hire Red Sox staffers for the next three years? So what... was this deal already in the works and exempt? Nevermind the lack of compensation at this point, are we going to continue to see Sox personnel hired over to the Cubs?


All Star Ballot - Write In Campaign: Jed Lowrie

So, this morning I wandered over to the Red Sox MLB website, and saw the premature posting of the All Star Ballot and our Red Sox players on it. While my first shudder may have been seeing our...


OTM Fantasy League #3: AKA The Mirabelli League

Draft starts in about 5 minutes, so figured I'd open the draft thread... Draft Order is posted.   Oh good... 75 words are necessary. For those of you that haven't been a part of the creation of...

Yankees Sign Kevin Millwood?


According to Yahoo! Sports this morning, a minor league deal that becomes $1.5 million if he makes the team, and a lot more in incentives if he pitches well for them this year.


Can we PLEASE get a new fan poll?

I know I've joked about it in a thread or two in recent weeks, but I am really getting tired of the poll on the OTM home page: "Will the Red Sox make the playoffs?" along with the overwhelming...


OTM Fantasy Baseball League #3

Okay, everyone... my apologies for those of you that don't want one more Fantasy Baseball Fanpost in OTM. I'm a little new around here, so haven't figured out how to send a note directly to some...

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