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I'm currently a new Tennessee Titan. Still a Bruin By heart and still got to finish up. Many goals and ambitions but let it be upon God's will!

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The Offseason


Hey everyone, I know I have not been on in forever! I hope everyone is well and been enjoying the football off season a.k.a basketball (college hoops, the NBA, Tiger woods, etc....). I have been...

The First Quarter of a Promising Season


Dear MCMers and Titan Nation, This has been an overdue blog. People been asking me to make one and I am sorry for not putting some up more regularly. Been really busy these few weeks trying to...

Training Camp: Football Back


Dear MCMers and Titan Nation, Sorry for such a long delay in my blog. I have been wanting to update everyone, just been busy with football due to the lockout. Well we have finished three preseason...

Q&A with Me


Sorry for the long delay. been busy with a few things, but i am ready to finally answer these questions from you the fans! Lets begin Fan: What ya think about Kenny Britt? Me: I am not too sure...

Alterraun Verner - Football Clinic


Friend of the site Alterraun Verner is putting on a football clinic for kids in California. Click through the jump for all of the details.     The 1st Annual Alterraun Verner   Of the Tennessee...

Locked Out


Dear MCMers and Titan Nation,   I am sorry I have not been keeping everyone up to speed with my life. I have been concentrating on school, so I hope you forgive me. I would like to talk about some...


I was wondering if I can find the person who put those interceptions of mine on YouTube

I am trying to get them copied so I can make a highlight film.

Week-17 Reflection


Alterraun Verner reflects on the Titans season.

The Past Month - Adversity


Sorry for the long wait, I am going to try something different for this blog. Will try to illustrate the past couple weeks in a poem setting.   These past few weeks have been a struggle to deal...

Week 11 - Thanksgiving


You won't believe what i made for thanksgiving!

Week 10 - Stumbling blocks


Dear MCM/Titans fans, Two straight losses is never a good thing for any team. I would have never envisioned losing two straight at any point in this year. A very disappointing loss, which we...

Week 8/Bye Week: Life's Blessings


Titans CB Alterraun Verner's thoughts

Week 7 - The Comeback


Dear MCM/Titan fans,   Apologize for being a day late in writing my blog. I finally got my bedroom furniture and was up all night yesterday putting it together so I can say my place is finally...

Week 6 - Monday Night "Primetime" Football


Alterraun Verner's thoughts on the Titans win on Monday Night Football.

Week 5 - Full Team Effort


A great win commenced in Dallas, Texas this week. I was so thrilled to beat this team for multiple reasons. So I will unveil some of those reasons. First, I grew up a Jerry Rice fan so they played...

Week 4 - The Start


Dear MCM/Titans fans, What a heartbreaking and painful loss we just suffered. I thought we had the game in our grasp and just misfortune struck us and it wasn’t meant to be. We have accepted...

Week 3 - The "Response"


Dear MCM/Titans fans, It has been an interesting week to say the least. I would like to give my condolences to Kenny McKinley’s family. That is a tragedy to lose a life at such a young age. It...

Week 2 - Steelers


Dear MCM fans, This weekend was a very tough weekend for the Titans Nation. We lost to a very good team that we still had the capabilities of beating. We basically beat ourselves starting from the...

NFL Kickoff Weekend!


Tennessee Titans CB Alterraun Verner shares his thoughts on his first NFL game.

The Beginning


Hello MCM and Titan fans,  Sorry for my long hiatus, I have been very busy with the team and getting ready for these past games.  So camp has been finished for a while and I am excited to...

Thoughts from Tennessee Titan Alterraun Verner - Week 3- Preseason Game #2


Tennessee Titans cornerback Alterraun Verner shares his thoughts of his first NFL start.

Thoughts From Tennessee Titan Alterraun Verner -Week 2 - NFL Debut


Alterraun Verner shares his thoughts of his first preseason NFL game.

Tennessee Titans Training Camp Thoughts From Alterraun Verner -Week 1


Tennessee Titans cornerback Alterraun Verner shares his experiences through Titans Training Camp.

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