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Katusha: Holczer out, Ekimov in


It's borne out of tensions between Holczer and Joaquim Rodriguez, evidently. I certainly like the "Holczer out" part. We'll see about Ekimov.

First list of teams seeking ProTeam and Professional Contintental licenses for 2013


All 18 current ProTeams either have a license for 2013 or are applying for a renewal. The only team attempting to move up from ProConti is Argos-Shimano. Lotto-Belisol was missing a few documents this time around, so they're not on the list, but the same was true of Garmin at this time a year ago. The list also shows some sponsorship changes: Lampre-ISD becomes Lampre-Merida, FDJ is again just FDJ (no BigMat), Accent Jobs' cosponsor is now something called Wanty, Colnago is no longer a title sponsor of the CSF team, and Farnese Vini-Neri is now Vini Fantini.

Andy Schleck back in action at the Frank Vandenbroucke Memorial


I didn't realize it had been four months since he's raced. That's quite a long time.

Kentucky volleyball dominantly defeats Tennessee


It wasn't pretty. Well....the competition wasn't :p I did appreciate the rules making it crystal clear that it's okay to link to one's own blog here, because that's exactly what I have done. I've been on blogs where they don't allow that. In a so-so SEC, Kentucky volleyball could have a successful year. They've already beaten Tennessee, and Texas A&M, so if they can at least be competitive against Florida, without suffering anymore setbacks (the LSU match was...not so good), the NCAA selection committee will have to look long and hard at them. The SEC got three bids last year (with Kentucky among them), so they could very easily again this year.

Any interest in coverage of volleyball?


This is my humble volleyblog. A couple of months ago, I had the mind of join SBN's volleyball blog and start posting to it -- imagine my shock when I noticed there wasn't one! So I read the FAQ which suggested putting in "a month or two" on a free service like Wordpress, which is exactly what I have done (it's about a month and a half now). I've sent an email somewhere to someone asking about this, but it's been a couple of weeks now with no reply (granted, you guys have obviously been busy). Even if the answer is "not now," that'd be fine. I'll keep plugging away in the hopes of joining eventually. I just want to get some more eyes on it, and maybe, just maybe, an answer about joining the network. No matter what, I'm gonna keep writing :)

North Carolina volleyball earns four-set win over Clemson


If they can take care of business against Georgia Tech on Sunday, they've got a shot to end up in the national rankings (they're already getting votes, and some teams ahead of them are losing). Disclosure: This is my blog, and yeah, I'm trying to get hits for it (end goal of ending up on SBN, actually). If that's not cool, I'll take this down (or maybe a site admin will).

Texas volleyball solidly defeats Baylor


Disclosure: This is my blog, and yes, I'm trying to get some hits for it (the end goal is to join SBN, actally). If you don't approve of people doing this, I will gladly take this post down. But Texas is one of the premier volleyball programs in the nation (which is why I joined this site), and I figure you guys could use a little volleyball content.

A little shameless self-promotion


I ran this by Chris, and he said it was all right. I'm starting a blog about volleyball, a sport you all know I love so dearly, with the hopes of eventually getting it to this network. There is currently no coverage of volleyball on SB Nation, so I'm trying to step in and fill that gap :] It's definitely "humble beginnings" at this stage, but I'd love to hear some ideas for the site. Hope you like it!

Hamilton to be stripped of gold medal


Sure seems like it was "justice delayed," but maybe not "justice denied."


Olympics Day 4 Live!

Hope you don't mind if I start the party! Here are a few of the day's events: Men's Basketball: China vs. Russia, France vs. Argentina, USA vs. Tunisia Equestrian: Eventing Team Jumping Final,...


The scarlet letter D and those that bear it

This may or may not make the slightest bit of sense.

Barry Bonds the cyclist


Thoughts on his gear? This is like worlds colliding for me, my two favorite sports :S


Tour de France report cards for all 22 teams

This went pretty well last time, when I wrote one about the Giro, so let's dive in once again.


Would it be good for the sport?

Heading into the stage 19 time trial, most of the time gaps look like they'll hold steady. Most notably, the top of the race, where reside the unquestionably two strongest riders, looks to be set...


How do you think Contador will do in the Vuelta?

Semi-heated discussion about this the other day. It got me to wondering what exactly everyone thinks about this. There are many factors that could influence this, some of them more nefarious than...

Cancellara sets Tour de France record


He has the most career yellow jerseys of anyone who has never won the Tour overall. Not a bad record to have, frankly. And he's not terribly far from the top-ten all time in yellow jerseys - today was his 27th and two riders tied for 10th have 34.


Tour de France confidence picks

Since it went so well last time :p I will take the 21 stages and four jersey awards at the Tour de France and make 5 picks for each one, to reflect varying confidences. My 5 point pick is my...

The next time you want to tell someone to HTFU


Tell them about Bart De Clercq finishing the Tour de Suisse with a partially collapsed lung. Yow! He's gonna be fine, but he'll be off the bike for close to a month.


Grand Tour podiums and their time trial performances

All right, fair warning, this is gonna be a little free-form, and I'm not positive it's gonna end up making sense. But let's try it out. I started to write a comment in the Andy Schleck thread...


Giro d'Italia report cards for all 22 teams

Because why not. Giro comedown week ends for me with a rundown of each team's performance, based on (what I feel to be) a logical assessment of their pre-Giro goals.


Do you have rooting interests at the team-level?

In American sports, one often cheers for "the name on the front of the jersey" (the team) as much as if not more than "the name on the back of the jersey" (the individual). I'm quite sure everyone...


Why haven't there been single-day races that resemble particularly difficult Grand Tour stages?

After one of the stages of this year's Giro (or, probably, more than one), a certain member of the community expressed her distaste with the racing, feeling it didn't measure up to the single-day...

Levi will start the Tour of California


but he will not ride for the classification.


Cycling movies

I don't know if I've ever let this on to anyone here, but my vocation is screenwriting. All right, it's not a paying job (not yet anyway), but it's something I plan to pursue with every fiber of my...


Giro d'Italia confidence picks - a prediction game!

Don't worry Phil H. (if you're around), this does not in any way step on your toes. Chris already covered a little of what I'd mean to write here, but there's plenty more for me to say. This is...

GreenEDGE has the best title sponsor ever


The team will now be known as Orica-GreenEDGE. Orica is an Australian-headquartered multinational company that provides chemicals and explosives for the mining industry. Beats vanity projects and bike suppliers, doesn't it?

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