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Kokinis No Longer Employed by Cleveland   George Kokinis, the hand-picked GM of first-year coach Eric Mangini who was rarely seen or heard in...

Troy Smith Beats Out Flacco and Smith


In a moment of levity, quarterbacks Joe Flacco, Troy Smith and John Beck took turns dunking footballs over the crossbar of the field goal posts behind one end zone. Flacco and Beck put down one-handed jams, but Smith was the clear winner after completing what appeared to be a 360-degree dunk.

Harbaugh Coaching


The first part of the video shows some clips of Harbaugh during some practices. It's great stuff, but my favorite is when he tells somebody "You see the 20-yard line down there? It's got the '2' and the 'O.'" And what was that part about only having to say Hauschka and he falls apart? Was that directed at Gano? The second part of the video has some team analysis. Brian Billick, as usual, is very fair with his assessment of the team. When asked if we can improve in 2009, he says that would entail going to the Super Bowl. Unlike a lot of pundits (see below), he says that you know we'll be playing good D for a number of reasons, and actually mentions Landry's return. It's refreshing to hear that kind of talk from a national media figure. And then there's Marshall Faulk. The first words out of his mouth seem to be agreement with Billick, but he goes on spew all the usual idiotic crap. According to Faulk, Rex Ryan is the reason for Ray Lewis's success. How can you argue with that? Watch Billick's face while Marshall is talking; he looks like he wants to jump over the table and slap him while he's talking.

Marshall Practices Before Suspension


I seriously hope this cuts down on the amount of Marshall-to-Ravens chatter we're having. There's a right way to go about getting what you want, and this most definitely isn't it. I know he's acting out because he's unhappy, but who's to say he wouldn't pull that same shit here if we didn't give him the contract he wanted? This is most definitely not the type of player we need right now, even with our deficiencies at receiver.

Bad News for KJ Gerard


Gerard has no chance of making the team now, right Bruce?

Ravens on Sports Illustrated


Ross Tucker has a piece on the first day of Ravens training camp. He covers Flacco's leadership progression, teammates' praise of Ngata, and a bit about center Matt Birk. This is currently the "front page" story on's football page, which is fairly unusual for a Ravens piece. Check it out before it's supplanted by King's MMQB.

Is Big Ben a Rapist?


Big Ben has allegedly raped a casino worker. Check out the link for details.

Matt Birk fills in for Peter King to write MMQB


Matt Birk writes this week's MMQB for Sports Illustrated, touching on retired players, Brett Favre, OTA's, and more. He's either well-spoken or has a great editor.

Le'Ron McClain


It's a fantasy football post, but it has a quote from Cam Cameron I haven't seen mentioned here yet. "You know, I’ve read that everybody thinks we’ve moved him back to fullback and I’m not sure where that came from," Cameron said. "He’s a running back. That’s the way I view him. To me, Lorenzo Neal is a fullback, and a great one. Le’Ron, to me, and I felt like this when I saw him in college, is a potential running back. He’s also a guy that can play fullback, play tailback, and actually we’re going to use him a little bit at tight end this year." This is just a reassurance that we'll be seeing a familiar running scheme, regardless of what we've heard about McClain moving to Full Back. I'm also wondering if his statement about having McClain play a little tight end is telling of Cameron's opinion of the health and depth of our tight ends.


Bouman Cut,0,2380243.story?track=rss "A few days before the start of their first minicamp, the Ravens shuffled their quarterback group,...


Koch to remain a Raven Please tell me I'm not the only one totally stoked about this signing.  Koch was a monster for us all year, and...


Ravens and Birk agree to 3-year deal,0,3868955.story Turns out my paranoia about the Minnesota native using us to get more money from the Vikings was misplaced.  Good going,...


An Apropos Ending

What an amazing game! It showcased all of our strong points. McClain and our extra large formation running through a lesser team's front seven like it was wet toilet paper. McGahee breaking off...


McGahee Running His Mouth

My apologies if this has been discussed to death in Baltimore.  We don't get anything but Redskins and Cowboys news in Richmond. Anyways, in an interview with Sporting News Radio earlier this...


New Defensive Coordinator?

With Week 18 feeling so far away, my mind started wandering towards next year.  A lot of journalists feel that Rex Ryan is one of the top potential head coaching hires in the league at the moment...

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