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I'm drinking and reviewing past drafts. Please, join me. Part 1.

I had the inspiration to do this this morning, but I had work to do and apparently 'the man' frowns at getting shitfaced at work while writing a draft review. Luckily, it's now 7:58 MST as I write...

Why I'm pro player now and now always will be.


You see the thing is about players, is that they are relatible to you or me. We never get an article about some owner (I know they're under lock and key right not, but something tells me that if Ted Leonsis wanted to, he could get something out there like this, but lets face it, the owners have no stories like this. Also, because Marvin Miller passed away. I got to read this (ok, auto link isn't working for me but: Let me quote what I think is the most important: For every question, there was an emphatic answer. For every proposition there was suspicion. For every search for middle ground, there was a powerful push back. But, through it all, I don’t think he raised his voice once. Through it all, I don’t believe he ever said one word that hinted at arrogance or dismissiveness. He was just explaining things, patiently, with some humor, without doubt. Steve Fehr, who has worked with his brother Don as special counsel for the MLBPA and now with the NHL, watched Marvin Miller talk with players many times, and that ability to simply talk with people was what struck him, too. "He was just so eloquent," Fehr says. "He could always calmly articulate the situation, whatever it was, and he could talk on the player’s level." When I told Miller that people seemed against the MLBPA, he shrugged -- same as it ever was. "People don’t know the issues," he said. "They don’t understand. Even President Bush doesn’t understand. He said he would be ‘outraged’ if there was a strike. Ask the President if he’s in favor of a tax that would discourage companies from paying higher salaries. Ask him that. He’s as ignorant as the rest of them." "You mean the luxury tax." "Luxury tax. That’s a very clever name. Luxury tax. It sounds harmless. Of course, that doesn’t describe what it is. It is a penalty, and a large one, which is designed to prevent clubs from hiring people and prevent them from paying people what they should get on the opening market." Well, some people would say that the game needs a luxury tax or a soft salary cap to help competitive balance. "For them to say this is about competitive balance is a lie. And I can prove it to you. They say some teams can’t afford to pay the good players, right? That’s the essence of the competitive balance argument. ... Well, if they cared about competitive balance, they would demand that revenue sharing money go to payroll, right? They would put something in place that ensures everybody that owners will spend that shared money on players. ... The owners share revenue now and almost none of that money goes to payroll. Their whole argument is a lie." Some players -- current and former -- seem to feel like the union has already won so many battles, it should be willing to meet the owners more in the middle. "I remember when we were trying to do away with the reserve clause. I marveled at the fact that something like that could be in players’ contracts. ... But even more, I marveled at the fact that, when I brought it up to the players, they gave me a response which, in effect, said baseball couldn’t survive without it. They had been brainwashed to believe the reserve clause was good for baseball." Yes, maybe, but what about fans? They cannot even relate to the money these players make. How can you expect them to relate to the players’ plight? "I don’t expect that. Fans never have related. Here’s what I would say to that. Fans don’t seem to understand that the largest pocketbook issue that faces them is the tax money being used for essentially free stadiums for wealthy owners. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars in cities where schools are crumbling and highways and bridges need repair. "Players make what they deserve to make on the open market. That’s all. And let me say this again: Fans have their rights. But they should have nothing to say on what a player earns. I liken it to an automobile company. Somebody might buy six or seven Chevrolets in his life. Automobile companies ought to listen to the things he has to say about how a car looks, how it runs, how it stands up. All important things. But I don’t think a car buyer has any right to have any input whatsoever on the wages and benefits of automobile employees." At this point, he dismissed the gloom and doom of some owners -- "I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that this or that is the end of baseball," he said -- and he expressed some disdain for people who decided that the players and owners were equally culpable in their fight. I imagine that he would express that same disdain for people who look at the current hockey fiasco and blame the owners and players both. "Yes, I hear people say, ‘A plague on both your houses.’ You know what that is? That’s lazy thinking. It’s intellectual dishonesty. That’s people saying, ‘I don’t care about the issues. I don’t care who’s right. It could be that what the owners are offering is terrible, it may be outrageous, but take it anyway because I don’t want a stoppage.’ How awful is that?’" I would have loved to have done all the quotie quotes we would have done under the old site, but it won't let me. So from here look back at that. How unnecessary are the 'owners' in this, and well, any other sport. For the most part, most of them don't pay for where they play. Or if they do it's very subsidized like the avalanche. I guess it's just another way of seeing things.


How we can protest this stupid lockout and punish both the owners and players, and it's something realistic.

If there is one thing that was ever more apparent to me today it's that between the players and owners, we the fans are one thing to them. A number. A dollar amount, nothing more. All this...

Is anyone going to the Toledo Walleye's tonight? I want one of these


I'm boycotting all NHL gear, but this captain america jersey is something I really want.


Dear NHL, it's not you it's me. I don't know that this is working out.

Gary, Don: Good luck with your fight, hope it doesn't end up being a pyrrhic victory for whoever ends up winning. But since you two have been fighting with each other and completely ignoring me,...

Av's Lockout refunds


I haven't gotten the email yet but there is no way I'm letting them hold onto my $$ for 5%. If enough people ask for refunds that puts some pressure on the owners to get shit done.

Hockey and golf shots


So, random question for the day. I'm an oddity, a right handed shot who is right handed, I think it was because I played golf before I ever picked up a hockey stick. I was curious if other people that did it the opposite way play golf left handed since it's more like your slapshot?

NHL 13


I got my copy of NHL13 last night and played it, here are my thoughts: 1. the new skating is just awesome, you can sacrifice speed for agility or the other way around. Very realistic. 2. you have the ability to use 'classic' controls, ie 94' or what they call classic, I had rented 12 last year and gave up on it because of all the buttons you had to press (yes I'm old damn it, I had 94' on my Sega, so get off my lawn) made the game much easier, but I wonder if that won't come back to bite me in the ass when I play someone who has mastered all the new controls. 3. The Brampton Battalion might be the worst team ever, no one, besides me and the goalie is over a 55 rating. Thanks Matt Duchene, dick. 4. I'm on a PS3, my user name is seano77 (Ray Bourque reference) and if I can get enough people maybe we can start a league.


Avs Signings, who will be the first to go?

Who of the Avalanche's new signings will be the first to depart the Avalanche? The suspense is killing me.....

If the Avs miss Semin, then plan B should be....


Of course I meant that headline literally and not fig Either Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan, so who should they get? The answer is obviously the younger Ryan right? Nope, First, BR is signed for this season and the next and then the following two (3 years total). Do you really want to break the bank on a trade, since you may only get those three years out of him? Also there is this he's kind of a baby do you want a guy that runs to the press when things don't go his way? I think Nash, even though he's owed more money is the better option of the two. First he's the Captain of his team, and he actually tried to keep his trade demand behind the scenes but Howson is so inept that it came out (you opinion of that saga may be different and I can see both sides). Also Nash is signed until the end of the '18 season (Mayan calendar not withstanding). So right now you're thinking, "Isn't Rick Nash all old and broken down Sean?" First off, How the hell did you find out my real name? Also, did you know that Rick Nash is only a month older than Zach Parise and is 3 months younger than Alex Semin? That makes him only 3 years older than Bobby Ryan. Definitely a difference, but is it a deciding difference? I lean towards no. Then there is the matter of what you would have to give up to get him. If Howson's irrational demand would be Landeskog and he doesn't back off of it then the trade is a no go. If he needs a roster player (or two) and a bunch of prospects then the avs have a great store of player to go with. Now on to the 'HF Boards' part of the post. They will need a forward to replace his spot, Either McGinn or Downie could be used. Defense? I'm not sure the avs have any spare defensemen do you? O'Bryne ideally but Wilson if that's not enough (you hate to pull a SJ and trade someone you just signed to a multi year contract a la Setoguchi--it's a big time dick move). Then you get to the prospects, the blue jackets did trade for Bobrovsky but are lacking in goalie prospects--Pickard, see you later (or their choice if it gets Nash here). Then the other prospects, the Jackets are like one deep at center in their entire organization, so Hishon if they want him (I could see why they wouldn't) and/or Sgarbossa. One of Barrie or Elliott would be a definate. Send them a 1st and have them send a 2nd back our way too. I think that would be a competitive bid. Would the avs do it? It's probably adding 5 million to the expected salary this season. Would BJ fans go for it? More importantly Would Howson do it?

Top 30 Free Agents


Now I know some of you are of the delusion that the Avs will be looking at the guys in the top 5 of this list. I would suggest that you aim a little lower (and spend less Eno$ Buck$). Carle would be the one guy I could see the avs spend money on because he's local (DU) product and they could market him (If they finally get a marketing department). Hudler and Moen would be interesting. I think the we've figured out the avs philosophy: gritty hard working guys that maybe haven't been given a chance to shine on their current team.

Hejduk resigns


Yes, I did that on purpose, he should have resigned, but he re-signed, 2 mill is ok, but if he's got nothing in the tank it doesn't matter how cheap he is since he'll start out in the top 6.


Holy Shit is Bertuzzi Fucked!

from: He's their legal expert: Look at this...

A Promoted Jersey Foul


It's subtle, but if you buy this T-Shirt, I hate you.


Great Article this morning about the Avs by Frei About the 'small market' mentality of the avs these days.

Why Denver can never have a winter classic. Look it's 59 degrees out how could they ever keep the...


Why Denver can never have a winter classic. Look it's 59 degrees out how could they ever keep the ice? Oh, wait, that's Southwest Airlines free rink that they 1/2 assed in downtown Denver. Let's just say I wouldn't be too worried if the NHL's guru's were on top of this for a month at Mile High Stadium (I know it has another name, I refuse to recognize it).


Red 5 Standing By.

You have no idea how clever I think I am for that headline. Now, who is the 5th best player on the Avalanche? We have had, in no particular order other than the order of voting: 1. O'Reilly 2...



Ok, Landy edged out Stastny and Giggy by one vote to become the #3 player. I don't know about you but the results have surprised me so far.


As Good Ole Bob Hartley would say, "Who is Turd?"

Factor and Duchene are #1 and #2, who is the next best Avalanche?


OK, now who is the 2nd best player on the Avalanche?

The unwashed masses have spoken, and they have spoken loudly.The first round is over and in a landslide Ryan O'Reilly is named the best Avalanche player. Who will it be today?


Rank Your Avalanche Players, Best to Worst

Ok, I thought this might be kind of fun, Every day I'll start a poll with all of the avalanche players, we'll eliminate the best players currently on the team or IR and after 20 something odd days...

A 'New' New NHL?


I'm writing from work here, so I need to keep this somewhat brief: If Crosby misses the rest of the year, does the NHL have to completely ban hits to the head and ban fighting? Last week even I would have had to say no, but I'm not sure even putting on a full cage would prevent concussions. And it's not just small guy, Pronger is out with a concussion too. It's got to be something that the league must start to seriously consider, they can't keep losing stars.


Daniel Winnik and the Coach of Doom.

First off let me say I'm never going to do this again, but I'd noticed that Winnik has been leading the forwards in TOI for quite a while, then Mike asked me how much of that was even strength....

Matt Duchene Traded...


....His LW spot to go back to center. WTF, that lasted 2 games? If you going to make a switch like that (and your team is loaded with centers). Give it a shot, 5-8 games? Put Mueller out with the 3rd or 4th line to get his legs back, you know he's just going to drag down Duchene with him.

Fire Sacco


and profit. Team has no 1st rounder, so no reason to tank. 3-6-1 in their last 10 (won't go back to last season like some have, they were trying to tank then). Lost 4 in a row.

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