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I was there, my thoughts of the Kings game, 10/30


Ok, I was there, first off, the refs sucked tonight. I think that phantom slash they called on O'Brien was a make up call for a dive that Stoll took before, he argued hard and dropped a couple of F-bombs that I could hear 14 rows up. Oh and I don't see how you can hold with you stick hand, but there you go. ... So my other observations: 1. tale of two Duchene's, before his goal he was a pass first, tentitive skater, but when he had his break and couldn't pass it, he scored a goal scorer's goal, and played with way more confidence after. 2. Stastny seemed like just another guy out there, he needs to pick it up too. 3. What the heck did that puck hit on Hedjuk's goal? 4. I love O'Brien, he does so much that you couldn't see on a camera. His project tonight was Parise (the bad one) and he hit him a couple of times and I think made him take a penalty. 5. Stoll is a little bitch who complains after every whistle. Refs didn't like his act, but it might have worked. 6. Didn't see the Winnik PIM, but it was a little suspicious they would call one of the avs best penalty killers with that much time left. 7. Doughty was jsut another guy out there tonight as well, almost didn't know he was back from injury. Makes you wonder how Mueller can come back without spending some time in the minors to get his game sharp. If he ever really comes back at all. 7. Winnik. How is he getting so much TOI? and why? 8. McLeod looked good too, for the 3 or 4 shifts he got, he did his job, probably should be playing a bit more than he is.

Hopefully there is no reverse jinx since Eklund is wrong 97% of the time but...


Predicting the Avs to finish 2nd in the NW. I don't see how Calgary finishes worse than the Oilers though.


ESPN has the Avalanche at #26 overall in their power rankings

It's on an insider link so I'll just tell you what they had:   No research

Ok, who has NHL12?


I wasn't going to buy it this year, but I did. It's all part of being easily distracted and impulsive at the same time (I also got Xmen origins, and it's pretty good too btw, and, I got 'the witcher' and whoever was in charge of letting me know it was around in 2008 is fired). I'm on a ps3 and my name is seano77, I'm not all that good but I don't drop games unlike some people, let's just call them cocksuckers.


Matt Duchene and heightened expectations

Well, here we are, going into Matt Duchene's third year.  It seems just like a couple of months ago the avs started hot and then tanked a season just to get a top draft pick when things weren't...

ESPN ranks the avs 9th in prospect depth


About time someone updates their ranking, I've seen the avs ranked in the early 20's by most other sites.

TJ is feeling it today


Sure the 'Free Candy' van is funny. But for some reason an avs player winning a calgary player's stick is just funny to me. It's possible it's the 4 'Monday' beers i'm sucking down, but it's all amusing to me. BTW if you're not on twitter, if only just following people, then you are really missing out.

48.3 or bust? Is bust still an option?


I was perusing puck daddy and they had a link to the three teams still below the cap floor. Are the avs going to sign cumiskey then buy out yip and hunwick?

Jersey foul or not?


I was thinking I would get a Gretzky tshirt from nhlshop, but they don't have the 90's logo, I could get the newer crown logo with his name and number on the back. Is that a foul? I linked to the set up...

Yet another top 25---goalies this time, guess which team doesn't have a top 25 goalie?


Cause most people if given the choice would take Khabulin over Valaramov....Why does what the avs gave up Valaramov keep coloring how people think he will do with the avalanche? The avs have no incentive to roll out the tank next year. If they struggle early then it's bye bye Sacco or (and) another trade they're not going to sit back and just give washington a good pick.

Varlamov interview


that's the google translater I linked, it makes for an interesting read, but you can make out for the most part what he's trying to say. got it from!/dchesnokov appearenly he'll have an english version on sunday. Does anyone know who Jean-Sebastien Zhiger is, he sounds like one bad ass goalie. two quotes I really liked: bq. From 2002 to 2007, the goalkeeper, "Anaheim" Zhiger played so that he kept in reserve Ilya Bryzgalov. Are not you afraid that history will repeat itself? - The athlete should not be afraid of competition. and - After the press conference with me immediately telephoned Joe Sakic. He now works as executive director of the "Avalanche". Sakic wished me luck and said he was glad to see me in the team. And when called Patrick Roy, I really was stunned with happiness. That such associations - in the "Colorado" has played so many wonderful players! Patrick chatted with me. He told how his career took shape in Denver. Said that I was right to choose. This is a great city that is home to wonderful fans. Roy said that I would love to play in "Colorado." It's nice to know that former players are still out there pumping up the town and team.


Why the 2011-12 Avalanche will succeed. Now with proper grammar.

Ok, now that we're almost a week past July 1, AND I'M SOBERED UP FROM SOME VACATion Y'ALL!  I've taken a look at the avs depth chart and I like what I see.

Stastny on his way out? Not without a whole lot of salary coming back.


incarcerated bob **UPDATED NHL RUMORS**Source: Burke still heavily involved with Avs & Panthers : Very likely Stastny or Weiss will be a Leaf soon #Leafs With either team you'd need at least Komesarek coming back + so I don't see it happening so much.

latest espn mock draft (post Philly meltdown)


Avs draft Huberdeau and Beaulieu: Jonathan Huberdeau, C, Saint John (QMJHL) A tough call but a one-two center combination of Matt Duchene and Huberdeau evokes memories of Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg. In fact, Sakic, who wasn't physically mature as a junior, is a useful comparison for Huberdeau. Colorado has had a lot of success with 18-year-olds in Duchene, Ryan O'Reilly, but both were more physically ready than Huberdeau. Scout's take: High-end, talented player who plays a 200-foot game and contributes defensively to go along with his offensive prowess. Although his strength levels need to improve, Huberdeau has never shown a lack of effort, which bodes well for his continued development. From the time he was an underage player in the QMJHL, I saw him compete even when he was not yet physically ready to back it up but did regardless. As he grew this year and the pressure to win increased, he proved he was an elite player, topping the season off with an MVP performance at the Memorial Cup. Nathan Beaulieu, D, Saint John (QMJHL) The second overall pick will determine what the Avalanche does later in the first round. Colorado's braintrust knows that a solid D-prospect will be available in this slot, and the team might actually have Beaulieu and Jonas Brodin ahead of Hamilton and/or Murphy. Beaulieu might not have the upside that Brodin does, but he's more likely to deliver on his potential. Scout's take: Beaulieu is a quiet, high-character player who possesses elite poise with the puck on his stick. His knocked-kneed style of skating does not affect his speed or mobility, which are added assets for this skilled defenseman. He overcame the firing of his father as head coach of the Seadogs and ramped his game to an elite level. He's got a cannon of a shot but is smart enough to draw defensemen with the threat and find open teammates. Landeskog goes to Florida, Larsson to NJ, and philly takes Scheifele at 8. If you have any questions about where anyone else landed ask, I think it's behind their subscription service.

Philly, WTF?


That's more a roster makeover than the avs are doing? Richards and Carter out? How much salary do they have to clear out? They do remember that they made the conference finals two years ago right?

Bryzgalov? @ 7 mil per year? Pass


Pardon my french, but a guy that just flamed out in the playoffs, for 7 million a year. In-fucking-sane. And what's funny is that the league is now copying the Philly strategy of lower priced goalies (chicago just chose better). That contract would not only be a cap wrecker, and one who everyone else but Snyder can see coming, but a team wrecker...I'm sure no one in the room will hold that contract against him when they lose 3-2 to whatever team Carter gets traded to.

Dater thinks it's Huberdeau


makes sense if the 'scouts' he's using for the info are the avs scouts about Landeskog, maybe he'll slip to 11.

Cue the world's smallest violin.


I wanted to go over and drink the tears of Infinite sadness at NM, but I read the first two paragraphs, and thought, "fair and balanced." Third paragraph, little whiney--then I got what I was looking for from there on out, crying about the bruins running their players, the announcers. Then we come to the main course, the bruin fan that get's loose on the comments. I don't disagree with anything he said, and he said it pretty respectfully but Nuck fan wasn't having any of it and it's really fun to read. I won't ruin the rest of the Pulitzer prize winning comments though.

Attention all math geeks, nfl style draft pick ranking


Does anyone know if these values would hold up in relation to NHL draft picks? I know the difference the amount of teams would make the columns off, but not the total #'s. The NHL tends to not just trade picks, so you would need to value players (and their cap hits) It could be done, but not by me. It would be nice to tell those toronto fans "Yea, you're offering 1700 points to my 2500 points of value, screw off."

Saturday Hockey anyone?


So, I kinda feel like getting drunk on saturday, and lo and behold, game two is 6:00mst on saturday. Anyone else feel like joining me? I'm open to the location, lodo's downtown has a bunch of TV's or any of the other places. Note: Fully pulling for the bruins in this series (they're my second fav. team) so I'll be in bruin hat and T.

Realignment, because it's fun to talk about


I like to talk about realignment for some reason, so here's what I think the league should do, assumning that ATL to Winnipeg is a done deal: Either go to 4ea. 4 team divisions in each conference with two expansion teams to be named later, a la the NFL. I've talked about that before, so I won't go into it. While most fans don't think the league should expand, the league's greediness will eventually get the best of them. So how about a more likelier (for now), how about 2 divisons in each conference? I'll just pick names for these divisons out of the air with no connection to anything: So in the eastern conference: The Patrick Division FLA TB WASH CAR NJD NYR NYI The Adams Division BOS MON OTT BUF TOR PIT PHI DET And in the western conference: The Smythe Division EDM CAL VAN COL LA ANA SJ PHX NORRIS CHI MIN WIN DAL STL CLB NAS Travel-wise, I think you do a little less travelling, since the league like to schedule by division rather than distance, so I think you'd have some longer road trips by days since the divisions are longer, but instead of doing the north-west, then going home, then going to the pacific, you get to do them all at once. By the way, I know that's what she said. Also there will now only be two teams getting automatic play-off spots which dramatically reduces the chances of that division winner having less points than all the other teams in the other and screwing a deserving team out of a play-off spot. The more I think about it, other than the California teams getting a chance to crush the avs more often I like this layout the best. Maybe they can announce it at the next heritage classic.

Ralfalski Retires


So they could possibly lose Lidstrom and Rafalski in the same off-season? Sucks to be in Detroit, we it does anyway, but even more so now. Does anyone know if he was over 35 when the contract was signed? It will still count against the cap if he is, it won't if he wasn't and I'm not into math like Mike is, so....

Ryan Lambert's Eulogies or is it Euligi?


There's the link above and the one on Puck Daddy: or recopied for the lazy among us: You gotta love a guy that can write two different eulgogies for the Red Wings. Wait? What? The first one I linked was from last year? But it sounded so current, so fresh? Or is it that nothing about Detroit has changed since last year? Look at those comments. You know what I see? One of those freaky star treks where all of a sudden the federation was the bad guys and Kirk had a goatee. One of the good things about the lockout was that we, as the Avalanche's fan base, didn't have to go through the eventual decline of the team we love. Detroit's top 6 are all on the bad side of 30, as are 5 of their top 6 defensemen and one of their hall of fame (really? seriously guys?) goalies. Now as far as I'm concerned, and some of you may disagree, Datsuyk, Zetterberg and Lidstrom are some of the wings that I don't exactly lothe, they're no Yzerman, who I respect, but they aren't those other sack of craps on skates who play on the wings out there, maybe I don't hate franzen, but let's just stick with the the term, 'not-lothe' for him too. But I didn't come here to tell you that Holmstom and Bertuzzi are completely dog shit human beings, or did I? I got off topic. What I did come here to say, other than I'm really digging the JW Black I'm sipping right now, was that I really hate the Red Wings.....wait, was that the topic? Well it always is a good start. The topic is that we the fans of the Avalanche didn't have to go through the eventual decline of our franchise, it was castrated right before our eyes (did anyone think of what that would do to the children?) And had a pretty quick, meaningless death, like Ensign Ricky. Aside from the one last hurrah of 2007-08 where the gang was brought back together. But even we knew (note: I didn't really want to realize it at the time) that this was the encore, the main act was over. The Red Wings got lucky that Datsuyk and Zetterberg were on their entry level salaries when the lockout happened, I won't go anymore into this because it's been beaten to death elsewhere. So the wings managed to hold onto their 'elite' status into this new age. But time catches up to everyone but lidstrom, and this is a team that's window will crash shut soon. I won't say it's over but the fat lady is warming up, I will say it's over if Lidstrom retires, because who are they going to get to replace him? Jovanovski? Markov? Hannan? (I might die laughing if they did sign him). Asuming they sign one of the above or Lidstrom comes back, the team it self is living on borrowed time, they could win the cup next year (Note: not bloody likely with Howard in goal) and it wouldn't surprise me. But the long term prognosis or is it diagnosis? I forget. Is that this team is on the decline, not a sharp decline, but a steady one. They finished 3rd overall in the regular season, it's the same team from the year before, so maybe they finish around the same next year, maybe 4th, but the grim reaper is after those guys, the end is near. So, when the conspiracy theories keep coming, you never hear, "maybe their just older." from the fan base, it's always something from the outside keeping them down. Luckily when Peter Forsberg went, he did his aging somewhere else, Sakic was chewed up by a snow blower, Blake was very gentleman like decapating guys elsewhere. We never had to see father time take them all at once and, maybe we dodged a collective bullet. I would say it's made us, as a whole, better people for it. Author's note: I've switched from Walker to a delicious beer. as an added bonus for sticking this far, enjoy this on a quiet friday night:

Chris Drury, Av?


I'd like to make this some sort of grandiose trade that the avs would somehow score Staal and/or Dubinsky/Callahan. I'd also like to say this will happen because the avs would be trying to undo one of their worst trades. You know why it will happen? Chris Drury, has a 7.05 cap hit, yet only a 5 mill salary. It's all about the -A- about the cap floor. Drury and a #2 for a 7th. and he'll be the 4th line forward. Or in dream world, reunited with Hedjuk, and with Duchene at center we won't have to worry about Mueller or Fleischmann.

Discounted Nuggets Playoff Tickets


Since I'm a sucker (an avs season ticket holder who sometimes buys more seats and nugs seats) they have me on an interweb mailing list and this one came up: Preferred Group Client Discount Tickets Denver Nuggets Round 1 Playoff Tickets Home Games One, Two, and Three Opponent: TBD Date & Time: TBD (Information will be updated when available) Round 1 Pricing: Corner Loge - $75 (Normally $87 + fees) End Loge - $62 (Normally $72 + fees) Upper Center Balcony - $36 (Normally $42 + fees) Upper Corner Balcony - $24 (Normally $32 + fees) To order: To order by phone, please call Brady McIntyre at 303.405.7635. * All Sales are final * No refunds or Exchanges * All tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, subject to availability. * No additional taxes or fees will be assigned to orders. PLAYOFF STRIPS ARE STILL AVAILABLE. BENEFITS INCLUDE PREFFERRED SEATING AND LARGER DISCOUNTS. CALL TO INQUIRE. To be removed, reply with unsubscribe. Brady McIntyre Denver Nuggets Account Executive, Season & Group Sales 1000 Chopper Circle Denver, CO 80204 Direct 303.405.7635 | Fax 720.931.2032 BMCINTYRE@PEPSICENTER.COM| Denver Nuggets | Commitment | Pride | Community | Drive memories are played here For info on FLASH SEATS -

Who will (still) be on the avs next tuesday.


That USA Today article says Foote could be on the move. I don't know about that, he's probably in the same boat as the Duke and won't be moved if he doesn't want to. I've been hearing about the Liles to NJ rumors and he'd do well there, but what would be coming back? Parise? Probably not and I don't see the avs really moving one of the few players who comes to play night in and night out. But if the devils want to do some sort of variation of Liles/yip for Parise (picks/prospects to balance it out) I'd be up for that. Yip, McLeod, Koci, Porter, Winnik, McClement and Holos are all guys I could see being moved for the right price. I guess anyone can be moved for 'the right price' but I don't think the cost on any of those guys is going to be all that much.

Dutchy's struggling


Yes, he just got over an injury, yes his linemates, except Hejduk suck, but lately when he's been playing he's been invisible or getting scored on. Is it the league keying in on him or has he not made the adjustments like he did last year. We all know he should be in juniors anyway.

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