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Could you imagine the avs doing something like this?


I would imagine that Burke has better things to do with his time less than a week from the deadline...I don't think the avs would ever let sherm out in public like that, and promote it on top of it.

Get well soon Q


Sounds like he'll be alright but it's never good to go to the hospital.

Cautionary Tale of Rebuilding


I found this article via DGB. As much as I want just about everyone off this team the article makes a good point. If the avs trade any players they should do a prospect and a pick. I would guess Hedjuk is gone if he asks, Jones maybe, but I'd be leery only because there is no one who can take his place, for the remainder of this season or next. Yip and Galaradi need one more year to see if they've hit their ceiling or if this was a sophmore slump. On D, there is no one capabile of taking Liles place right now so I would hold on to him, Hunwick and Cumiskey probably won't be re-signed and they do have Holos (eventually), Gaunce, if you can get a 2nd or a 3rd, do it.

Twitter Q for all you in the know


So, as of now I only follow two players, Matt Duchene and Paul Bissonnette!/BizNasty2point0 A strange pairing, but Biznasty is awesome on Twitter for a guy that plays like 2 minutes a game, I would say his twitter awesomeness is inversely proportional to his time on ice. Anyway, anyone else out there that you follow that's worth it? Btw I am!/seanoconnor77 if you are on.

Does anyone know when in 2012 the world ends


So, I was just thinking, maybe the avs should trade everything to make this years team the bestest ever since there might not be a stanley cup in 2012 cause the mayans were a bunch of dicks and ended the world.

Avery still mostly a douche, just not as much now.


I actually liked what he said in this, took ownership of his assholeness. So he's now about 75% douche now, down from 90%.

A backdoor way to the NHL channel on Directv


if you're like me and don't have nhl channel on directv as part of your package...tune to the directv sports mix, (205 I believe) and switch to the audio for it. so you have a crappy HD view (8 channels in all) and the audio from the NHL channel, which on a night like tonigh when you don't get an avs game or versus feed (depending on your package (note: hee-hee-hee- package) but it's nice to have the 'NHL on the fly' going on in the background. p.s. Enjoy the link, I've seen 5 of those shows.

In Defense of David Koci


There is someone on the avs who gets and unfair wrap....Aw Shit, Ican't even write this without laughing, I'm just fucking with you, this guy is terrible. But how bad is he? He's played in 3 games 6 minutes 29 seconds and got his ass kicked once in his one fight and is a -1. At that pace he'll catch up to what Liles averages in another 6 games and have played a full 60 minutes sometime in March. So he'll be rested, I guess that's some bonus. Last year, which was his first with the avs he went 3-4-4 if you add up the votes at (not the most independent of judges). Since that's what he's susposed to be good at, you know, since it's his job, that's not a good sign. And looking into it a bit more he beat DJ King (a good win), Wade Belak (a decent opponent but no one ever brags about beating Wade Belak's ass) and John Erskine, who as I remember only fought him cause he boarded one of his teammates. Put him up against someone else who fights for a living and he just is sub par. I'm not going to lie, I didn't re-watch any of the fights. Do you want to know why? Let me tell you I can remember David valantly blocking opponents fists with a very Dingmanlike flick of his face and opposing fighters must love punching his down pillow-like grill, I have yet to see an opponent even cut his knuckles on his soft, supple skin. While he's not out there starting needless fights, he does nothing--nothing to keep people from screwing with the avs. Let's face it, who are you more scared of Cody Mcleod or David Koci? (Yes I do realize either of them could kick my ass, but Cody would laugh at me afterwards and David might call me an ambulance). There are 15 guys in the AHL who could do what he does and be better at it. In conclusion: Sorry Beachie if I ruined your next 'checking out'

More DGB Funny


Bob, Hopefully you didn't buy your HDTV before you read this: Stuff like this: Problem: The picture starts out sharp and clear for the opening faceoff, but becomes increasingly blurry as the game goes on until it is almost impossible to tell what's happening. Solution: You're a Leaf fan. Try not to drink so much during the game.

4 L's in a row


not quite as 'stingy' when you've taken 3 points from them but that won't get you to the playoffs. What I take away from it is that the avs have probably maxed out their return on fowards from LE --any coincidence that this started right after the asskicking that they put down on Minny and, oh, managed to lose their best forward? The avs also haven't exactly been holding them to a goal or two either (and I put myself out there for that intervention).

When the Avs get their straw back....


Peter Mueller is the straw that stirs the drink. I know most of you (and myself) forget that he is on the avalanche. And Assuming that he puts on his damn helmet correctly, think about what this guy brings to the team, if you take the 15 games that he played for the avalanche and extrapolate it across a whole season it's 49 goals and 110 points. That's a lot to miss. He made players around him better to a certain extent (Duchene is tallented but really hit his stride playing with Mueller). Hedjuk isn't missing him this season but you can make an arguement that Matty D is. Hopefully he can come back this year and give the avs two legitmate #1 lines and possibly the best third line and maybe the best 4th line in the league (Yip or Galaradi would be on it). Sure the Defense still would have holes named Kyle on it but those 4 lines of fowards would be awesome.

Listen to this


I went over to M&G to see their reaction to the calgary trade and stumbled onto this. It's pretty much the best fan rant I've ever heard, ever.

Colorado Avalanche's Craig Anderson back at practice, but no timetable on knee - ESPN


Wonder if this means Boods starts both games of the home and away friday/saturday? If you answers is anything but yes then you're related to John Grahame.

Ciccarelli you suck!


Honestly, I saw about 10 or 15 games where he was on the other team and I never once thought to myself, "Wow there is a guy that's the best of his generation." Heck in their primes you'd have to give up way more with ciccarelli to trade for bure or gilmour, like an additonal 1st and 2nd rounders + another player. I don't understand how he got in, just because he had a long career?


yet another cool avs ticket deal.

I'll cut and paste this from the email I got:  GO RAMS!!! 

What is it about those Vancouver Canucks that make them so duchey?


That will be 10-15 games for Rick. Idiot, at least he didn't break anyone's neck.

Vancouver/Nashville Trade D men.


I like O'Brien when he was in TB I don't think he got a fair shake in Vancouver, like the trade for nashville.

The only reason to go to hockeybuzz is the HBSL fantasy league


I'm in there, it's fun and only takes a couple of mintues each week to play and it gives you a good reason to laugh at ek's -madeup- rumors.

Article about the Atlanta Thrasher's player aquisitions


To me, this isn't a big deal and is really about marketing to your audience, but I thought it was an excellent read.


Thoughts from the last pre season game against the hated dallas stars

If you're read the live game threads to the last post and thought that this seem a lot like my post there.  Give yourself a pat on the back and get yourself something nice for lunch tomorrow:

As you can imagine, the waiver wire is full of...


a lot of crappy and/or no name players. I can't even get excited about a Durno or Willsie coming home.

Waiver period starts tomorrow


Interesting little read, if you up for that sort of stuff. If Mueller and Koci are going to be out for an extended period of time I wonder if the avs might put a claim in on someone.

Sporting News NHL rankings


14th overall, 8th in the west. The one sentence caption pretty much sums up what we've been saying all summer.

Flash back to last year


Just cause I don't want to start out working right away, while at work (and who does?). Links from last year: That O'Reilly kid might make the team: Might the avalanche keep 2 rookie centers: Lines going into last year (With Quincey on the 3rd pair w/Foote and Stewie on the 4th line): The comments are really cool My review of Game #1 of the Duchene era: At one point we all didn't hate Tucker. For one night at least. Conclusion: All of you were so young, you all grow up so fast. Oh, and here's a little shameless self promotion or why you don't drink and post at the same time, depending on your point of view:


Kovalchuk, you decide

Just to get the poll up, who do you think is going to win?  I've included bonus lyrics to 'it's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).  You can read into that my thoughts and my...

Flames to host Canadiens in Heritage Classic


Gee, I hope when the Avs eventually get to host the outdoor game they do a rematch of the 96' finals against the hated florida panthers. Is there any other conection between the Habs and Flames, do they even hate each other? I'm not even saying put the avs against the flames, but put two teams out there that hate each other--I'd watch the oil v flames even with the oilers current state of suckitude.

I figured out why the avs haven't done anything this offseason


They don't want to buy NHL 11, so they're keeping the same roster. I think I might shell out the money for this, I enjoyed 10' and the features seem like an upgrade to it. Wonder if they'll have the KHL rosters? Not so much that I want to play with a KHL team, I just like banishing players there.

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