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Mike Keane, that meter has got to just about be on E.

I'm guessing they gave him a chance to annouce his retirement (You never know, Vancouver is a classless franchise). I wonder where he'll end up, he probably wants to keep playing. By the way, what a one-sided trade Roy + Keane for Thibault + Kovalenko + Rucinsky. They didn't even have to trade any picks.

Avalanche, the red headed stepchild of Stan Kroenke

This is going to piss you off: Al Harrington 5 year 35 million deal, that's even worse when you consider that it puts them into the luxury cap, I'm not an nba guy but that's got to make that contract actualy more like 42 or 45 million? Since SK bought the Avs/Nugs the Nugs have won 433 games including playoffs. The avalanche? _only_ 431...._only_ I didn't count ties and there was a lockout, oh, and they won a Stanley Cup and had an insanely long record sellout streak. I'd love to see the numbers but I'm guessing that over the last decade the avalanche are well into the black and the nugs are into the red. Sure the avs struggled with attendence this year, after fielding the worst team in team history the previous year, and starting out rebuilding with young kids there wasn't a good vibe to the team, but attendence did pick back up over the last 1/3 of the season and of course the playoffs. That it could fall off and then rebound in the same season says something about how the town suports the avs. I'll give the avs 9-12 months before I'm calling for his head, but it isn't starting out well that he's got one team below the salary cap floor and the other over during their respective offseasons. My blood pressure is raised but not boiling yet, letting Sherman do something/anything would be a good start Kroenke.

It's Coach Hinote now.

Good to see him in hockey, I thought he'd by a FBI agent by now. By the way guys, google him, his wife is smoking hot.

Seguin learned his lesson from the movie Momento

If he suddenly loses his memory, he'll always know his name.


What I like the most about the NHL Draft

Besides the the failure.  I like reading about why guys didn't make it, because it's such a crapshoot (who thought up that phrase?)  and these guys are so young you never know what...

For lack of a better wording, this is bullshit.

Why does hockey always shoot themselves in the foot with bad publicity? Pat Burns is a HOF'er why not put him in now?

Kirill Kabanov--do you roll the dice?

He'd definately too risky for the #15 pick. 2nd rounder, is he still there at #47 do you trade up to get him or out of the 1st round? Is he even worth it, there were concerns about Wolski when he was drafted too and we heard (after he was gone) that he wasn't the best team mate. But sometime tallent trumps personality, especially if you can put 50-60 goals on Duchene's wing.

Good article about AO

WIlbon, this is the problem with talking without thinking.


Rank this season

I attached a poll since I know how much all of you like answering questions.  

When Corsi fails you go to....

Fenwick? Frankly I don't understand why you need to have something like QB rating for hockey. You can go as in depth as you want but can't you break down every team in one sentence? Colorado Avalanche: Anderson was awesome, rest of the team can't play with a lead. It's like people who try to find the meaning of life within Pi....mmmm..pie.


Who do you hate the most

We all have our hated teams, I'm curious about who everyone thinks the avs most heated/hated rival is.

Peter Mueller

Through the wonder of mathamatics: if Peter had been playing for the avalanche all this year at the pace he's on he would be leading the avs in scoring with 22 goals (23 if you round up) and 68 assists, pretty much putting everyone else on the team to shame.

I don't think Colin Campbell likes his job

Because he's not dealing out any punishments for anything this week.

Has anyone seen this player? If so please tell him the avalanche's season isn't over yet.

That's a link to Cody Mcleod's game by game results. If you peruse them, you will notice a lot of zero's -1's and -2's in there. What has happened to this guy? I know the avs don't count on him to score but I can't really remember the last memerable play he made (other than ducking Lappy). I'm not expecting him to get the same amount of goals/assists as last year because of the depth of the team but he should be bringing something to the table. I know he had his eye injury but if you look at the stats, he came back and kept up his early season scoring pace, then disappeared. So if you see him let him know it's not too late to come back and play.

I guess you can take a walker out on the ice with you

Really atlanta? I can't think that this makes you better, a side show? yes. Better? no.

Can you believe it's been all this time and I still can't watch hockey?

The article is dated september, which if I read the calendar right was a while ago. lI wonder if they'll have it done by the time the playoffs roll around or I'm going to be spending a lot of time in bars drinking beer my liver doesn't need (but the rest of me enjoys thoroughly--Mothship Wit if my fav. right now)


Completely off topic

I was just over at facebook looking at the MHH page

Matt Cooke: Douche or Super-Douche?

If he hasn't overtaken Avery then he's putting up his best effort. This douche shouldn't play again this year, cheap piece of crap.

Funny thing happened in the swedish league

It actually gets funnier everytime you watch it. The guys on the bench are cracking up.

Dater thinking the avs are sitting pat at the deadline

that's my question at the bottom, nothing that we all haven't discussed to death here, but it might be nice to get an outsider's POV.

A deeply personal question about the Calgary Flames

At what point can you start the chant of '1989' at the pepsi center? Is twenty years too soon? I loved when the Islander fans would chant '1940' at the games against the rangers. I apologize for not being drunk while writing this.


So, Hello NHL, We are the Colorado Avalanche you migh remember us from such stanley cups as 2001 or 1996.

Sonow that your pathetic northwestern team is now into a 1/3 of the season and I just thought I'd let you know what the 'popular' stanley cup contender will be--in advance.


really that's the best you can do?

Really that's the best they could do, I can't even make myself wait for the recap thread or post in the live thread..Apparently I care way more than the avs did tonight.  I honestly noticed...

A douchebag, but not Phadouche retires

I kinda see where AD is going with this, but McCarthy didn't play for the avs, so it's perfectly alright for me to hate him. P.S. Fuck Detroit.


Intent rule

Just to reiterate it sucks.  Worse than BOODEYE!

This is why Eklund is a piss poor journalist

No facts, hints of a vast conspiracy, all sorts of conjecture. I'm so happy I came to this site from there.

Jose Threeorfour taking a one game leave?

I guess they don't count him disapearing last spring or his craptactular goaltending as leave.

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