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DBD 6.27.14 - East Coast Breakfast Meeting

It's Friday Morning, Bears! Good morning to all you lovely Cal fans (and DCT, Raptoracapulco.) It's Friday morning and I was in the office for a 6:15 call with the east coast! Things I learned ...


2013.01.31 - These Are The DBDs Of Our Lives

There are times when you visit the DBD not so much to learn about the world (marginally about Cal Sports) as to catch up on the latest with your favorite DBD characters. In 1988, H. Wesley Kenney,...


DBD 12.14.12 Ice Breakers

It's the season for holiday parties and get togethers. It's a time when you see people you've been missing, people you didn't know, and people you KNEW you weren't missing. So whether it's your...


DBD 10.16.2012 -- Big Game Stats

It's Big Game Week! As we celebrate a tradition that is now 120 years old, it's time to look back over our long history and see where we stand. LET'S GO TO THE BOARD.


2012 Women's Huddle Roundtable

Welcome to the Women’s Huddle Roundtable 2012! We’re back and more [offensive] effusive than ever. In the time that it’s taken to get this together I’ve seen the quick pace of the media; I’ve...


DBD 6.29.2012 Seattle: Arctic Rainforest

This past weekend (June 23/ 24) I went on my first solo trip. I had never travelled alone and it was a great experience. I learned a lot about myself and what it's like to be on my own, as well as...


DBD 5.30.12 Excerpt from my book

In this DBD I hope to alleviate any future obligation to create a DBD and hopefully to let Rishi off the hook. I hope to complete this task and be finished with my duty as DBD participant. In order...


DBD 1.31.12 In which Jupiter's makes money and internet nerds find friends, beer.

There are many recaps of Sunday's glorious win, a rightful triumph of Cal over Stanfurd. But no one has recapped the meet-up before hand! What a terrible break-down in journalism.


DBD 11.10.11 Now with more T-Rex

I am awake because I had a dream that a Tyrannosaurus-Rex was going to eat me. My mom was also there and foolishly wasn't cowering under the bed like me and the dog. She was sitting next to the...


DBD 11.4.11 DBD Dictionary

  In the spirit of welcoming more people to our conversations, I’ve created a handy cheat sheet to help familiarize our new guests with our strange sayings. We’ve built up quite a culture here in...


DBD 9.21.11 What's YOUR Road Record?

So, we're Cal fans. Which means basically two things:  We're smart We're obsessive I think it makes a lot of sense then to look at the numbers, queried by Royrules22 in yesterday's DBD.  WHAT IS...

Since I know lots of you former Cal Bandies are hiding out here, I wanted to let you know about a...


Since I know lots of you former Cal Bandies are hiding out here, I wanted to let you know about a get together sponsored by the Cal Band Alumni Association -- the YOUNG ALUM TAILGATE! Time :Saturday, October 23 · 10:30am - 12:30pm Location: Hearst Mining Circle For the Young and the Young at Heart. Come out to a tailgate at the Hearst Mining Circle prior to the game against the ASU Sun Devils! Kick off is at 12:30pm so lets get ready for the game at the crack of 10:30am (aka, Drink o'clock). Food and Drink!!! CBAA Members: $4 ... non-CBAA: $8 Special performance by the CAL BAND!!! And everyone will be welcomed. Feel free to RSVP at the Facebook Invite.


DBD 1.19.10 The Next Cal Generation

While cleaning out what used to be our guest room, to make ready for a brand new member of the family, Ragnarok and I realized that there still was a lot of Cal stuff in the room. Now, we could use...


DBD 12.08.09 Female Christmas Wish List

Per Danzig's request, I have tried to compile a nice list of what a woman would want for the Holidays. BUT, disclaimer, if I know anything about women, it's that they like what they like. Every...

Free Songbooks from CAA!


If you want simple paper songbooks that have the words to Cal Songs, click the link in the title or email with your address. They’ll be mailed FREE! Lyrics include: All Hail - Stanford Jonah - ‘Hail to Cal - the Golden Bear - Palms of Victory - Sons of California - Big C - Fight for California IF you want fancier songbooks with History, Pictures, Music and Lyrics, you can purchase them for $20 at Very high quality, with piano music to entertain all your Cal friends and annoy your Stanfurd enemies.


DBD 5.21.09 The Lazy Shall Inherit the Earth

So, after going to bed embarrassingly early last night (I justify it because of a harsh day of 3 hours volunteering, 2.5 hours of job interview/job testing, 1.25 hours of fighting commute traffic,...


Ep. 3 - More Than a Feeling

The Cal Bears plowed past Virginia and into the Sweet 16. Our intrepid reporter was there to tell the tale.


Ep. 2 - Bears. Beat. Bulldogs.

Saturday was an important game for the Cal Bears. I hope you were able to watch the game, although I did hear that ESPN decided to play NCAA  musical chairs during the game. Sorry about that. I'd...


NCAA Tourney - Ep 1. Bears on a Plane!

Our intrepid reporter travels with the Cal Women's Basketball team as they begin the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament.


Robert Orlando Briggs, 1927-2008

via Bob Briggs passed away this morning. Below is a lovely note from Jamie Rawson, Bass '77


If California Went to the Olympics...

We’d have at least 175 Olympians (based off Team USA hometowns), more than any other state in the US (next is Texas with 44!), and more Olympians than 185 of the Countries in the Olympics. Team USA...


Women's Huddle Roundtable

On Friday, August 1st, the 5 of us traveled into Berkeley to learn from the best -- Jeff Tedford and the Cal Football team. We learned all sorts of things, like how to get in proper defense stance,...


Church of Football

There are the obvious relations between church and football. Many people gather to pray on a particular day of the week, sometimes making sacrafices to hygiene for the sake of luck. What I'd like...

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