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Session drummer, percussionist, and background singer.

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User Blog

Giants Ditty


A catchy tune by Megan Slankard to listen to while you peruse images of THE GIANTS WINNING THE WORLD SERIES....AGAIN!

Posey Running Away With "Catcher of the Decade" Poll


Our boy is trouncing Mauer in Rob Neyer's poll that's attached to his Catcher of the Decade article. For what it's worth, he went Mauer, McCann, Posey.

Lowell Cohn should think about hanging it up.


If you can make it through this dog, I think you'll agree that it's terrible.

Giants interested in Andrew Miller


Interesting. AAA depth? Having two talented lefties in Runzler and Miller could bode well for our short-term success, and bolsters our tradeable commodities.


McCovey Chronicles Meetup: The Debrief

I just wanted to take a moment to say how rad it was to meet some of you in person last night. Anyone who hasn't attended one of these events should make plans to do so. Sure, it was a little...

David Aardsma Fail


Someone needs to explain cell phones and the internet to Mr. Aardsma.

"I have an in with Jeff Moorehead (Moorad??), and Bengie Molina is not coming back" Disclaimer:...


"I have an in with Jeff Moorehead (Moorad??), and Bengie Molina is not coming back" Disclaimer: This was said by Gary Radnich. I realize no one, including me, gives a 5 what this guy says or thinks. But I did catch this quote on the way over the bridge this morning. Not surprising...although, I am worried that it means he IS coming back, since Gary is completely out of touch.

Joe Sheehan rips Bruce Bochy


"The Giants are going to miss the postseason by a small amount of wins. Bruce Bochy’s decision to bench Fred Lewis will be significant part of the gap between playing into October and not, and when you look back at the process, you can see that it’s an embarrassing display of incompetence. A good manager would have made use of Lewis’ skills, skills unique on the Giants’ roster. Instead, Bochy jerked the player around and then used bad performance analysis to bury him. The Giants and their fans deserve better than that kind of incompetence." Very good article. Definitely worth the read.

I couldn't say it any better myself.


I love this site, but this post in particular is a pretty good summary of how I feel.

Rowand's defense improves?


Could someone more familiar with advanced statistics verify the claims made in this article?



Is there some reason Rotoworld is giving us updates on Andrew Bynum instead of John Bowker's chances of making the team?


Spring Training FAQ

Apologies in advance if this has been covered already. I am trying to book a spring training trip for my family. I was wondering if you guys had any insight into the best time to go. Also, we were...

ESPN Write-up of Hawaiian League


Not great analysis, really, but two of our guys are mentioned extensively.



I don't want to be a pessimist, but here's Bowker's line over the last month: BA: .176 R: 4 RBI: 3 HR: 0 His OBP is currently .298, with a .403 SLG% and .707 OPS. I want the kids to play as...

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