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NHLe and trying to find the steal

Based on this article: NHLe I decided to see if there was any steals at the forward position to be had around where we draft. (should be noted, this only includes forwards who played in NA, as...

Player Season Finder Query Results - Pro-Football-Reference.com


That Nick Foles guy is pretty good :) Also Rivers and Romo are very underrated.


Eagles cap going forward

All numbers I use in this article will either come from eaglescap.com or overthecap.com. The number between the two sites differ slightly on some things and all numbers are not 100% official, so...


The development of the defense - now and the future.

Im sorry for the long post, it was not meant to be this long, but I got carried away. I hope people still wants to read it and comment on it. After 3 games I think it is save to say the defense is...


Explaining Zone Coverage with The Ders!!! - Why the Redskins scored late against us.

Last week I talked about zone coverage's and specifically cover 3. This week Im going to talk about cover 3 again and try to explain why the Redskins scored late and why that should never happen. I...


Explaining Cover 3 with The Ders

*Keep in mind that Anders' first language is not English and he does not live in the United States. In recent Nate Allen discussions, I have experienced that several people are unaware of how...


Roster battles left after the 3rd pre-season game

Most of the roster is pretty set right now, but there is still some roster battles left and some that got solved today. First here is how I see the roster shaking down in terms of numbers: O...

ESPN.com Expands NFL Nation Network with Sites for All 32 NFL Teams " ESPN MediaZone


Look who is the NY Giants writer. This is the same guy that tried to convince people he wasnt biased for the Giants and against the Eagles.

Introducing the Defensive Scheme Type Indicator - It's All Over, Fat Man!


Great idea. Tho I disagree with the type of coverage he has us playing. I think we will be a more man team than zone on the outside. But the LBs will of course still play in a lot of zone.

Chip Kelly's Mystery Man | The MMQB with Peter King


Great read on the Eagles sport science guy


Proper tone on BSH

Hello all As most of you know, the Fly-Bys have been going to all kind of hell the last week or so and I really think that it is becoming a really big problem. This following post is NOT...



Vincent Lecavalier - Highlights 2011/12 (via Ivan Berta) This man can still play

Off-Season Game Plan: Philadelphia Flyers


I would say a very good break down of the Flyers roster.


Can everybody just relax?

It seems that everybody's initial reaction to the Streit signing is panic and I am here to tell you to relax. The reported money and years is 4 years for a total of 21 million or 5.25 per year....

Dallas Cowboys News & Analysis | Cowboys Nation: The New Age F: What Do the Cowboys Want in an F-Back?


I know its a cowboys site, but it got a great break down of the Patriots two tight end sets and it easy to see why Kelly would love something similar. In the Eagles offense Celek would be the tradtional inline TE ala Gronk and Casey would be the F-back in the mold of Hernadez and then you can add Ertz as big TE/WR tweener that can line up in the slot or out wide.

Ifeanyi Momah - Workout


Ifeanyi Momah - Workout (via Ony Momah) Dont know if people have seen this, but check his numbers, they are off the chart.

Casey Matthews - MockDraftable.com


How did this guy ever play for Chip Kelly? Those numbers are like the anti Kelly.

NFL Draft Preparation - The performance enhancement of sleep


Seems Kelly is right when it comes to athletes needing plenty of sleep

This is so funny


NFL Draft Special (PART1) (via UNFMorning)

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