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GRAPHIC: NHL Local Markets & New Divisions


A few handy maps exploring NHL blackout zones, the new divisions, watching hockey in Hawaii, time zones, and what it means to be "In Market"

Nike, What Have You Done?


Nike missed in a big way with the design of their hockey jerseys for the upcoming Olympics.

Valuing Stastny


Paul Stastny's contract is up at the end of next season. What is his market value, and given the Avs depth at center, does it make more sense to trade him or try to re-sign him?

Hockey's History, Part 1


As the off-season drags on, MHH will be taking a look back at the history of hockey and how it became the game we know today. Part 1 focuses on 1875-1909.

Avs Take Martin with #63


The Avs selected a goalie, Spencer Martin, in the 3rd round.

Comparing Forwards


Let's take a step away from the draft debate for a moment to look at the Avs' potential trade situation, specifically when it comes to Top 6 Forwards.

Drafting Forwards


MHH recently looked at the success rates of top ranked defensemen over the past few years. How do the forwards stack up?

Drafting Defensemen


There is a stigma against selecting defensemen early in the first round. How true is this perception, and what could it mean for the Avs at the upcoming draft?

What Went Wrong?


After such a disappointing season, there's plenty of blame to go around.


Questions About Josh Kroenke

Hi all! As you may or may not have heard, Josh Kroenke was just named President of the Avs today. We're cautiously optimistic, but we don't have much of an idea what exactly that means for us. ...

Worlds Preview & Open Thread


The Avs have a whole buncha guys headed to Finland and Sweden for the World Championships this year. Here's a look at who's going and who they'll be playing for.

Spreadsheet Fun!


A sortable spreadsheet with just about everything you'd ever want to know about the players currently under contract with the Avalanche.

Avs Respond with 4-1 Win


Two days after JS Giguere called out the team's work ethic, they responded with one of their best games of the season.

Recap: Avs Play Well, Still Lose


Even after playing one of the best games this team has had recently, the Avs losing streak still rolls on.

Avs Lose to Nucks 2-3


Another game, another loss. Avalanche drop to the Canucks 2-3.

Trade Deadline Talk


With the NHL trade deadline less than two weeks away and the Avalanche primed to be players, here's a look at who they might target and who might be available.

A Frustrated Rant


After another loss and another day at the bottom of the West, all a fan can do is vent.

2013 Draft: An Overview


A brief look at 10 of the top prospects available in the upcoming NHL Draft.

Possible Trade Targets: Young Defensemen


Even with a healthy roster, the Avs have a gaping hole on their blueline. Who might they target?

(Not) Making the Playoffs


How many points will it take to make it into the 2013 Playoffs, and when can a team realistically say they've been statistically eliminated?

Cupcakes - February 12


NHL Concussions; PHX Game Recap; Avalanche vs. Nuggets management

Breaking Down the Hit


Was the contact the Captain received worthy of a Shanaban?

Young Team Problems


The Avs are clearly still prone to making the same stupid decisions that all young teams make. What are these tendencies, and can we correct them by the end of the year?

Big Raises Looming in 2014


What could this mean for the O'Reilly signing?

Radar Watch


The regular season starts on Saturday, but the Avs reigning leading scorer still doesn't have a contract. What happens now?

Line 'em Up


What will the Avs forward lines and defensive pairings look like for the season opener?

Roster Refresher


Now that Avalanche Hockey is back, here's a look at what you may have missed since last April.

The Centerman Question


With 3 solid centers in the lineup and 2 more in the system, the Avs could face some interesting choices over the next few years.

Lower Cap, Increased Possibilities


I'm tired of talking about the lockout. Are you tired of talking about the lockout? Ok, good. Let's talk about making the Avs better instead.

The Sakic 19


As you may have heard, Joe Sakic is being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame today. To celebrate, here's a look back at 19 of #19's greatest accomplishments.

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