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A math teacher by day that moonlights as an usher for the Minnesota Twins. Catch me in Section 238.

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What If Kubel Falters?


The Twins and Jason Kubel seem convinced that he will be the team's DH this season. But what if something goes wrong?

Wed. Links: National Holiday, Mattresses & More


Good morning, everyone. The end of the second trimester of school is nearing, and with it a bunch of kids that suddenly are concerned about their grades are appearing. Long story short, this next...

Late Offseason Free Agent Ideas


Spring training is upon us and the Twins are gearing up for the 2014 season. Although they're likely done shopping, perhaps there's still a few players available that could help the team this year.

Wed. Links: Mad Libs, Home Injuries, and More


Yesterday was our first actually warm day of this winter. I can't wait for when it inevitably drops back down below zero by next week. Glen Perkins gives us a sneak peak at the new Twins...

Losing Faith In Plouffe


The narrative seems to be that once Miguel Sano is called up, Trevor Plouffe becomes a super-utility player. I don't buy it.

Wed. Links: Suing MLB, Bored Chapman, and More


On Friday, I will be playing in a student-staff basketball game at the school where I teach. We've been encouraged to dress up in costume, and I've settled on one that should look pretty funny:...

Choosing A Backup Catcher


The Twins seem committed to using Kurt Suzuki as their regular catcher to start 2014. Eric Fryer, Chris Herrmann, and Josmil Pinto are the three that will compete to be his backup next year, but who should win the job?

Wed. Links: Scully, Trades, McGrady, and More


The offseason sucks, but at least it's not as bad as that Super Bowl game on Sunday, eh? After being one of the better players in the NBA over the past decade and a half, Tracy McGrady is...

My Review of TwinsFest


I talk about the events that occurred at TwinsFest this weekend and give a recap of what I did, along with a review of the first TwinsFest at Target Field.

Wed. Links: Padded Caps, Loco Zambrano & More


Once you're finished with this, you can head on over to my review of TwinsFest from the past weekend. Spoiler alert: It's very long, but at least I included pictures of stuff I bought so you can be...

Wed. Links: Brohio, #30Parks30Days & More


TwinsFest is nearly upon us! I'll have some more news about it today. Alex Rodriguez has been suspended for 162 games, and apparently the MLB Players Association wanted to remove A-Rod......

My Disappointment About TwinsFest


A new venue for TwinsFest brings a bunch of excitement, but there's one thing big change that I cannot support.

Albers Headed To Korea, 70 Wins Not Happening


Thanks to multiple offseason signings, the rotation became so full that Albers chose to look elsewhere for employment in 2014.

Is Masahiro Tanaka Stalling The Twins' Offseason?


After a flurry of activity to start the offseason, the Twins have gone silent lately, though they still have interest in multiple free agent pitchers. Is the allure of Masahiro Tanaka to blame, or is the Twins' interest much ado about nothing?

Wed. Links: Tipping Pitches, Home Injuries & More


Only ten more days before we learn which teams have placed a bid on Japanese righty Masahiro Tanaka, and the Twins may be one of those teams. Psst. This means you should do something interesting,...

The Worst Positions On The Twins


Not every position can be even average. I look at where the Twins appear to be the weakest, and if there's a way to fix the weak links.

Wed. Links: Not Unanimous, Journeyman & More


With the Hall of Fame votes being sent in and tallied, we're gradually hearing from voters over the players that received their nominations and justifications over why or why not they belong. A...

New Year's Day Links: Subbing, Screwing Up & More


Rise and shine, Twinkie Towners! It's time to shake off your New Year's Day hangover with some news from around baseball. Here's an article reminding you why a salary cap wouldn't work in MLB....

Yes, The Twins Have Improved


In response to an article stating that the Twins have had a poor offseason, I point out that it's been much better than outsiders believe.

Radar Mapping The Five Tools


Let's use some graphs to visualize how various Twins players rate with the five tools!

X-Mas Links: Hendriks, Job Seeking & More


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I will be spending my first Christmas with my fiancee, which means instead of engaging in a 3-hour trek to southeast Minnesota, I will be staying in the...

Twins Outright Darin Mastroianni To Triple-A


The Twins ultimately decided to remove Mastroianni from the roster to open a 40-man roster spot for the newly signed Kurt Suzuki after Chris Colabello refused to move to Korea.

Chris Colabello Rejects Offer To Play In Korea


The Twins were in talks to send the first baseman overseas in exchange for cash, but Colabello ultimately decided he'd rather continue to chase the dream of being a major leaguer.

The Cost For Stephen Drew


Signing Stephen Drew would mean the Twins lose their second round draft pick for 2014. Looking at a decade's worth of second rounders, I argue that this trade-off would be worthwhile for the Twins.

Wed. Links: Submarine, Mulder, Montreal & More


You want to know what's bad? I keep referencing that the signings of Ricky Nolasco, Phil Hughes, and Mike Pelfrey will prevent another call-up of P.J. Walters. Well that's great, except I just...

The Rotation's Not Finished Yet


It sounds like the Twins are going to have a crowded rotation, and that's a good thing. I take a look at the options the Twins have if they find their next piece.

Wed. Links: Cano, Prior, Mariners Mess & More


Monday was the Twins' part-time employee holiday party, which meant that I was at Target Field. The party is one of the highlights of the offseason as it's a chance to see my friends and...

Wed. Links: Non-Tenders, Phillips, Nathan & More


I don't know about you, but I can't recall the last time I've seen this much wheeling and dealing from teams in one week. It seems like we can't go more than one day without hearing about a...

The Time Is Right


The Twins may not be ready to contend in 2014, but they're finally putting together the foundation for the next generation of success.

Chris Colabello: Another Joe Mauer?


That's right, Colabello could be another Joe Mauer on the roster, but not because of what you may think at first. I also take a look at what Colabello needs to do to become more productive in 2014.

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