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Vernon Davis gets 3 Sacks


Madden 13 Ultimate Team, my team consisting of 9 Vernon Davis players, one of which at LE tallying 3 sacks in this game. He's also at CB1, 2 and 3 on defense. Makes some nice tackles and solid pass defense too.

Madden 13 - Ultimate Team Ballers Take Note!


That's right, my All-Time 49ers team in Madden 13 Ultimate Team was selected as the Community Team of the Week this week. BA-BOOOM!

Courtesy of, Jim Harbaugh's post-game conference.


Courtesy of, Jim Harbaugh's post-game conference.


Tonight's Game in .GIFs - Because I need a laugh right now

This was the most deflating loss ever. No team in franchise history has blown a lead this big and lost (as pointed out by MissB in the gamethread). Forgetting the game won't be easy, but having a...


16-Man FF - Sign-Ups Participation Requested

Awaiting recruitment (in no particular order): afrikabamboodle (invite sent) Bubble Watch is over, thanks for showing interest AHR, Mullester and BEETLE. My apologies for the lengthy wait all for...

ESPN Mock Draft Machine 2012 is HERE!


I've been waiting for the Mock Draft Machine to go live for 2012 and it finally has. I've been using this great little feature on ESPN for a few years now and it really makes putting together a mock draft quick and simple. Never before have I been able to be so wrong, so fast.

Alex Smith leaving Miami after he found out the 49ers were not going to sign Peyton Manning. He's...


Alex Smith leaving Miami after he found out the 49ers were not going to sign Peyton Manning. He's heading back to Santa Clara to see if that 3-year offer still stands.


(Not So) Frequently Asked Questions

First, let me start off by asking you a frequently asked question: What are your feelings about Alex Smith? Before you answer that question, or even think about it, please be aware I don't want...


11-27-1992 Game #156 of 162: The Kid Comes Through!

Win Probability Chart (Courtesy of Stolen from Baseball-Reference) CLEAN CUT, QUALITY START! Kent Bottenfield notched six solid innings (3 hits, 1 walk) and attributed 33.2% WPA...


Lions fans are loud, I'll give them that.

First of all, I don't want this to seem like I'm rubbing salt in Lions' fans wounds, and I definitely don't want my opinion on this subject to relfect upon actual Lions fans. This is directed at...


Paging Serious NN Fantasy Ballers...

This is not an effort to get some weaksauce punk that quits after 3 weeks. I won't call out names, but there were a few guys here that bailed on us last season and we don't want that happening...

MLB's Top Homegrown Talent - Wallach and Raines Make the List


Coming at number 7 on the list: "7. Tim Raines, Tim Wallach Expos. Both Tims logged their first sustained playing time during the strike-shortened 1981 season, Raines bursting onto the scene with a .304/.391/.438 line and a league-leading 71 stolen bases. Despite a well documented cocaine problem, Raines became one of the most dynamic players in baseball, combining excellent on-base skills with a little pop and blazing speed. He led the NL in steals each of his first four seasons, winding up with 808 with an 84.7 percent success rate in his career. Wallach, meanwhile, was a solid all-around player who made five All-Star teams and won three Gold Glove awards in 13 seasons in Montreal. Combined WAR for Expos: 77.8"


Jim Harbaugh, Quarterbacks and 2012 Draft strategy

Maybe this is a bit of a jinx, putting up a fanpost before 3:30 PST, but I thought of how the 49ers can approach the 2011 Draft and subsequently the 2012 Draft (with the news of Harbaugh a go)....


The Sting of Losing Dunn Doesn't Have to Swell

When I first "Adam Dunn agrees to 4-year, $56 million deal with White Sox" flash across my sports ticker, I was a little disappointed. Many other Nationals fans feel much more disappointed, and...

2010 NFL Gambling Odds, Week 6: Oh How the "Mighty" will Fall (or Fail).


Niners Nation 2010 Gambling Odds Week 6.

2010 NFL Gambling Odds Week 5: Jeff Reed dislikes Florida Danny; Josh Scobee likes me.


Finally someone shows a bit of success betting on the NFL. What will happen in Week 5? Check out NFL odds and bets at Niners Nation.

2010 NFL Gambling Odds Week 4: FG Kicking Follies


After Week 3 debacle, it's all up to the "experts" to bounce back in Week 4.

2010 NFL Gambling Odds Week 3: Home of the Home Dogs?


Can Week 3 provide plentiful in 2010 NFL Gambling Odds? Check out and see which home dogs look good, and which don't.


NFL Gambling, Odds and Forecasts Fanpost. UPDATE - Early Lines

I must say, I've been greatly entertained by this week in NFL football. Although the 49ers lost a heart breaker, that game tying drive and two-point conversion was simply awesome. Frank Gore had an...

2010 NFL Gambling Odds: Guts, Brains, Forecast or Bust?


What's the best way to go about betting on the NFL? Follow along with us at Niners Nation and find out.

This Week in Fantasy Football: Niners Nation Week 1 Recap


Recapping a week in Fantasy Football with CBS.

This Week in Football: Week 1 Sit/Start and Spreads


Fantasy Football Sit and Start Match-ups, and spreading Week 1 of the regular season.

Quick Reminder: Niners Nation Fantasy Football is 2 Hours Away


Anyone and everyone participating in the Niners Nation CBS FF League please be reminded that we are drafting in 2 hours time. Go grab your cheat sheets, some delicious refreshments and get ready for an hour of player stealing, pick sniping, steel cage shenanigans.

J.T. O'Goneagain?


Sorry to report that Just Turn Overs, or J.T. O'suckagain, or J.T. O'Sullivan has been cut by the Cincinnati Bengals. Fans of teams around the league in need of a 3rd QB lock your doors, board up your windows and pray JTO doesn't land on your team's roster.

Bold-Faced Predictions: 49ers you can bank on


Going out on a limb and making some bold-faced predictions. Here's a quick taste: NFC WEST CHAMPS!

Seahawks after Vincent Jackson? Quite possible.


Per the article: "The Seahawks have been granted written permission by the San Diego Chargers to discuss contract terms with holdout Vincent Jackson." More: "...the Seahawks received the letter granting them permission in the past two weeks. Earlier this offseason, Seattle was reportedly interested in signing Jackson as a restricted free agent, but no deal was struck..." What do you think the Chargers should get from Seattle in return? At least a second round pick? Higher? Players?

Westbrook's Press Conference (in case you missed it live)


I was pining over an ear ache today, and just couldn't sit through the live press conference. It's up on the official 49ers webpage though, fo those like me that are wimps.

San Francisco 49ers 37 - Indianapolis Colts 17: Reserves Dominate, Paint(er) Indianapolis Red and Gold.


San Francisco 49ers 37 - Indianapolis Colts 17. 49ers reserves dominate in victory.

Fantasy Football 2010: Frank Gore's Fantasy Rival? 14-team Mock Draft Results


Mocking a 14-man draft, and looking at potential fantasy rivals for Frank Gore.

Pats waive Thomas Clayton, Is it over for Clayton?


Does this end Thomas Clayton's NFL career, or do you guys think he might join up with another NFL roster that's currently weak at RB? Personally, I'd like to see Clayton get a shot somewhere, anywhere.

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