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I run a blog called Saints Nation ( and I'm a contributor for Canal Street Chronicles. Big Saints fan!

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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
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The Saints Defense is Legit and Grading as Such


When the Saints' defense continues to shut down the opposition, the individual players are going to grade well. Plus, a surprise for special teams player of the game!

Saints' Offense Grades Okay, Except Offensive Line


The offensive line for the Saints is grading poorly for the Saints as individuals, and if they want to keep winning that needs to improve.

Saints' Defense Grades Well Against Tampa


It wasn't one player but a group effort by the Saints' defense that helped them shut down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Saints' Offensive Player Grades vs. Buccaneers


It's not pretty when it comes to the Saints' offense at the moment. If you look at the player grades, it all starts up front with the offensive line.

Saints' Defensive Player Grades


The Saints' defense put together a performance that suggests you'll see a completely different unit from 2012.

Grading the Saints' Offensive Players vs. Falcons


Despite the win, the Saints have a lot of room for improvement on offensive. See how each player graded out in their 23-17 win over the Falcons.

The Worst Showing by the Worst Defense in History


Lots of bad in what was the worst showing of the year by the worst defense in NFL history. Only two players on the defense were any good.

Saints Sucked but Offense was Okay


Losing sucks. While the offense scored a healthy 31 points, they were not totally immune from blame. How did each player grade out?

Inconsistent Defense = Inconsistent Grades


The 2012 Saints defense was in classic form and the player grades reflect it, unfortunately.

Jimmy Graham: Pass Dropper, Game Saver


So what grade does Jimmy Graham get when he both kills and saves his team?

The Best Defensive Performance of the Season


When you hold your opponent to 0 points, good grades are expected. Especially when the Saints turned in their best defensive performance of the season on defense.

41 Offensive Points Means Player Grades are Good


41 points by your offense means everyone is playing well. So it should come as no surprise the Saints offensive players graded out very well individually against the Buccaneers.

More of the Same from Saints Defense


The Saints defense is probably least to blame for their loss to the Giants, but they weren't good either. The grades reflect that.

Saints Waste a Good Day


Saints running backs and offensive line graded out very well against the Giants, but it was wasted by the rest of the team.

Saints Defense Picks Weird Time to Play Well


The Saints defense waited until Brees threw 5 interceptions to play their best game of the season. Go figure.

Drew Brees Had the Worst Game of his Career


Drew Brees had the worst game of his career and he was graded accordingly. A pretty sick twist of fate that the offense picked this game to perform this poorly when the defense turned in their best...

The Saints Defense is Getting Better


It's kind of sad that the Saints defense could shut down Frank Gore that well for three and a half quarters and hold an opponent under 400 yards for the first time and still lose. But this is your...

Saints Offense Dominated by 49ers


I can sugarcoat the offensive grades if you want, but the bottom line is the Saints got whipped from top to bottom. The individual grades reflect that.

The Saints Defense is Starting to Play Better


The players on defense are grading out better, and that should scare the rest of the league.

Saints Offense Continues to Dominate


The Saints offensive players continue to grade out extremely high. Look out, rest of the league.

Saints Grades vs Falcons: Defense


The Saints defense is bad. Real bad. But at least some guys showed up this week, right? Read this and find out who.

Saints Grades vs Falcons: Offense


If you promised me an offensive performance like this every week, I'd take it. And it's unlikely they'd lose another game. Find out what made it so great.

Saints Player Grades vs. Eagles: Defense


The Saints sacked Vick seven times and gave up 13 points, despite giving up over 470 of yards of offense. How is this possible? Player grades will explain.

Saints Player Grades vs. Eagles: Offense


The Saints only put up 21 points on offense, but it was one of the most complete and masterful performances by the team offensively this season. Find out why.

Player Grades for the Worst Defense in NFL History


The Saints defense is the worst in NFL history. And they're only getting worse. We're gluttons for punishment, so we analyze each individual player's performance vs. the Broncos to throw salt on...

Saints Player Grades vs. Broncos: Offense


What we saw Sunday night was quite possibly the worst offensive performance of the Drew Brees era. So our offensive player are, well, rather offensive.

Saints Defensive Player Grades vs. Buccaneers


The Saints continue on their tear as the worst defense in NFL history. Reading this will help you understand why.

Saints Offensive Grades vs. Buccaneers


Some great performances by the offensive players and the individual grades reflect that. Who had the best performance on the team? It's close enough to be a matter of opinion.

Saints Player Grades vs. Chargers: Defense


The Saints defense looked predominantly bad, as usual, against the Chargers. But a few key plays late were enough for the team to get a win. Here are the player's individual performance grades.

Saints Player Grades vs. Chargers: Offense


Who looked good and who didn't for the Saints on offense against the Chargers? Player grades are here to answer that question.

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