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"People who clearly have lacking knowledge of statistics will say that statistics can be tweaked in whatever way pleases and supports the statistician’s opinion. These people have insufficient knowledge of the sabermetric community. If I publish something incorrect or fabricated I fully expect to have Tom Tango or MGL or Rob Neyer or some other smart individual calling me out on it. The constant and immediate peer review is a fantastic and terrifying thing.

"Look, you can argue that a day feels longer than 24 hours for as long as you want. That doesn’t make you anymore right. It doesn’t change that 24 hours being a day is a fact either. It just means your perspective is skewed on the subject for whatever reason. Perspective is the ultimate key when dealing with numbers. That’s why we use baselines, averages, and standard deviations. That’s why we have constant peer review. That’s why we don’t appeal to authority and that’s why we keep open minds."

--R.J. Anderson

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User Blog

MLB, Hello Kitty join forces!


Hello, Hello Kitty!

Ranking the Rockies #16: Josh Outman


The Rockies may have found another reclamation project in Josh Outman, and he may be the first left hander to make it through the Rockies' new Starter-to-Reliever transformation reclamation project.

Rockies v Cardinals Game Sim

Miss Rockies Baseball? Come join us in pretending it's still going on! Maybe Colorado will even win!

Thursday Off Topic


This is Thursday's Off Topic. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday Off Topic


You know, I'm retired from this. What is this?

The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said


The Rockies aren't the only ones making management changes.

Friday Rockpile: Rockies Offseason Shopping Part 2


The Rockies may still be in a hunt for a manager and/or coaches, but they likely shouldn't sit pat with the roster as currently constructed.

Friday Off Topic


Anybody ever seen this before? http://www.google.com/culturalinstitute

Monday Rockpile: Rockies Need Offseason Shopping

While a new manager and parts of the coaching staff are certainly a high priority to replace, the team does have some needs still.

Monday Off Topic


Sushi in Denver?

Friday Rockpile: Wooden Gloves Need to Improve


The Rockies were one of the worst defensive teams in baseball. As easy as it is to put ALL of the blame on pitching when runs cross, the gloves have to do their part as well.

Friday Off Topic


This makes me laugh:

CS Open Thread


Cardinals (1-0) @ Giants (0-1) @ 6PM MT on FOX Yankees (0-2) @ Tigers (2-0) @ 6PM MT on TBS

Monday Rockpile: AMart Proposes Baseball Heresy


The Rockies offseason has already seen some change, but this writer is already bored enough to propose sweeping changes to MLB.

Monday Off Topic


I kind of liked this M83 album. I thought it was pretty neat, after it grew on me for a bit.

Friday DS Open Thread

Orioles (2-2) @ Yankees (2-2) @ 3:00PM MT on TBS Cardinals (2-2) @ Nationals (2-2) @ 6:30PM MT on TBS

Friday Rockpile: Rockies Manager Hunt Begins


The Rockies are leaning toward an in-house candidate, but are also looking at a few specific people outside of the organization.

Friday Off Topic


Rush leading in new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction online vote - Canada Music | Examiner.com Rush fans have been hard at work to help ensure that the legendary Canuck power trio will...

Thursday DS Open Thread

Giants(2) v Reds(2) @ 11AM MT on TBS Cardinals(2) v Nationals(2) @ 2PM MT on TBS Orioles(1) v Yankees(2) @ 5:30PM MT on TBS Tigers(2) v Athletics(2) @ 7:30PM MT on TNT

Tuesday DS Discussion Thread

Discuss today's playoff games in this thread.

DS Open Thread

This is where we talk about the ALDS/NLDS games today. St Louis and Washington starts at 2:30PM MT on TBS New York and Baltimore starts at 6:00PM MT on TBS

Monday Rockpile: Tracy Resigns, Problems Remain


Jim Tracy resigned from the Colorado Rockies. The work is far from done yet, however, as the organization is still a general mess.

Monday Off Topic


Look at all of you clever people who see this the night before it's supposed to be seen.

Wild Card Open Thread

Discuss the Wild Card Games in here

Jim Tracy Meeting With Geivett; Future Uncertain


Jim Tracy has been a topic of controversy in his tenure with Colorado. Friday could possibly intensify that controversy, or could bring an end to it.

Friday Rockpile: Wild Card Friday Is Upon Us


Will Texas or Baltimore, St. Louis or Atlanta, advance to the DS series?

Friday Off Topic


We watched Jurassic Park last night. It was awesome.

Rockies 7, Dbacks 5: Rockies Dodge 100 Losses


The Rockies have managed to not lose 100 games in 2012. I'd be more proud were it not for the other 159 games.


Colorado Rockies Game #160: Pomeranz vs Miley


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