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"People who clearly have lacking knowledge of statistics will say that statistics can be tweaked in whatever way pleases and supports the statistician’s opinion. These people have insufficient knowledge of the sabermetric community. If I publish something incorrect or fabricated I fully expect to have Tom Tango or MGL or Rob Neyer or some other smart individual calling me out on it. The constant and immediate peer review is a fantastic and terrifying thing.

"Look, you can argue that a day feels longer than 24 hours for as long as you want. That doesn’t make you anymore right. It doesn’t change that 24 hours being a day is a fact either. It just means your perspective is skewed on the subject for whatever reason. Perspective is the ultimate key when dealing with numbers. That’s why we use baselines, averages, and standard deviations. That’s why we have constant peer review. That’s why we don’t appeal to authority and that’s why we keep open minds."

--R.J. Anderson

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Monday Rockpile: Reliever Rest A Potential Puzzle in Paired Rotation

2 days' rest seems to work best for Rockies' piggybackers. Should they go with a double rotation though, how would rest days work, and how would the shortened bullpen function?

Monday Off Topic


I really haven't been terribly impressed with the first 2 episodes of Doctor Who thus far this season.

Friday Rockpile: Changing Roles and Hopefully Focus In The Paired Pitching System

The Rockies young starters have been painfully inefficient as of late. Can the Rockies use the piggybacker bullpen role to help refocus the rotation?

Come Check Out the Upcoming Purple Row Logo Change

Dear Purple Row Friends, Rowbots, Users, Lurkers, and Resolution, There are some big changes on the SB Nation horizon, changes we should all be getting excited for. Part of this excitement is a...

Friday Off Topic


Who likes short shorts? "Aye, the hot pants."

Know Your Foe #44: Phillies Not Nearly As Bad As Earliest Indications Suggested


The Phillies, while certainly disappointing, have played good baseball this past month or so, and are going to present a challenge to the Rockies in this weekend series.

Rockies 6, Braves 0: Pomeranz Scuffles Through 3 Shutout Innings

The Rockies shut out the Braves in Atlanta on Wednesday night, and winning is awesome.


2012 Rockies Game #133: Drew Pomeranz vs Tommy Hanson

Lineups and that jazz post-jump.

Tuesday Off Topic


Taste of Colorado: Who likes it, who thinks it's a waste of time and money? My buddy and I cruised downtown to very briefly check it out (read: walk around it once), and it kind of seemed to be...

Rockies 1, Braves 6: Medlen Dominates Rockies Lineup

Kris Medlen was good today. Very good. Over 9 innings and 112 pitches, Medlen punched out 12 Rockies, allowed a scant 5 hits, 1 unearned run, and did not issue a free pass to any member of the...


2012 Rockies Game #132: Tyler Chatwood vs Kris Medlan

Lineups Post Jump

Monday Rockpile: Are the Rockies SURE They Want Jeff Francis Back?

Jeff Francis had a rough outing on Sunday, but the veteran southpaw has been consistent, if uninspiring this 2012 campaign. Should the Rockies bring Francis back for sure?

Friday Rockpile: September Is Nigh


September is likely going to be dull for Rockies fans, as all of the intriguing youth has already arrived in the majors.

Friday Off Topic


I have a cold. It sucks.

Know Your Foe #42: Battle For the Basement Continues Against Padres

The Rockies and Padres have both been playing similarly improved baseball as of late. The difference is that the Padres have been doing it for 2 months now. Can the Rockies take a series from the...


2012 Rockies Game #128: 3 Declining Stars and Nick Punto - $260M. Getting Whipped by the Rockies - Priceless

Yeah that's right. Gauntlet thrown and everything. Josh Beckett's smug round face got to enjoy his first loss in Dodger Blue, and Jeff Francis went ahead and struck out the last batter he faced...

Rockies 10, Dodgers 0: Francis Masterful, Rox Bats Destroy Blue Bullpen

The Rockies destroyed the New Dodgers (TM) in their first visit to Colorado.


2012 Rockies Game #127: 2007 World Series Game 1 Grudge Match

vs Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to right field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 85. Complete Coverage > Tue 08/28 6:40 PM MDT Wed 08/29 1:10 PM...

Monday Rockpile: Rockies Bullpen The Real Deal

The Rockies' bullpen has been one of the biggest strengths in this disastrous 2012 season, and the stats support their solid performance as well.

Monday Off Topic


I still have yet to hear that Call Me Maybe song. I regret nothing.


2012 Rockies Game #124: Drew Pomeranz vs. Jeff Samardzija

Current Series 3 game series vs Cubs @ Wrigley Field Colorado Rockies Purple Row @ Chicago Cubs Bleed Cubbie Blue Friday, Aug 24, 2012, 12:20 PM MDT Wrigley Field Drew Pomeranz vs...

Friday Off Topic


2 straight nights asleep in my bed with nothing crawling on me. I'm going to throw a freaking party at this rate.

Friday Rockpile: Good Baseball is Good Baseball, Regardless of the Opponent

The Rockies have been playing very good baseball in August, and it shouldn't be discounted because the teams they've been beating have been on a downslide.

Fantasy Football 2012: Introducing The Fantasy War Room Sponsored By Sprint - SBNation.com


While we don't really do Football on Purple Row, given that we're a baseball site and all, SB Nation is launching their new Fantasy Football War Room for all of your Fantasy Football related questions. If FF is your bag, check it out, support our network!

Rockies 3, Mets 1: Rockies Playing Some Decent Baseball Lately

The Colorado Rockies opened their 4-game series against the Mets with a an exciting and hard-fought win.


2012 Rockies Game Thread #120: Alex White vs R.A. Dickey

vs Mostly cloudy. Winds blowing from right to left field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 75. David Wright, Struggling New York Mets Welcome Colorado Rockies To...

Monday Rockpile: The Houston Astros Fired Brad Mills; What Are The Rockies Waiting For?


The Astros have recently fired manager Brad Mills while on course to an absolutely miserable season. The Rockies should follow suit.

Monday Off topic


Sherlock is a pretty awesome show.

Friday Rockpile: When Does Alex White's Starter Potential Run Out?

Alex White hasn't really impressed as a starting pitcher thus far in 2012. Or 2011. How much of this is due to inexperience, and how much is that he might just profile better as a reliever?

Friday Off Topic


this is where we post bazinga and all the other 300 comments that aren't about baseball.

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