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Andrew Sharp is a writer in Washington D.C. who covers football and basketball and occasionally 90s rap music for You can follow him on twitter @andrewsharp.

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User Blog

Kendrick Perkins is a Rorschach Test

What do you see?


Some notes on playoff perfection

The Spurs and Warriors delivered an instant classic Monday in San Antonio, so let's relive it. Some scattered notes on what went down in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals.


'Mouse in the house'

The Heat started a trend last year, and with other contenders copying the blueprint, there's a new kind of chess match happening all over the NBA Playoffs.



"Try again," LaLa says to Jordan Crawford on Instagram. "You on the bench for a reason." 1. Good for LaLa addressing this ridiculousness head on. 2. This is gonna be the best episode of LaLa's...

Of course Jordan Crawford said something horrible

The Knicks-Celtics series got more fun when Boston stunned New York Wednesday night, and then Jordan Crawford went and took things to another level.

Finally, we have found a use for Vine

Thank you, Jordan Crawford. I could watch this all day.

Royce White, this is a horrible idea


Royce White, why do you make it so hard to love you?


The Grizzlies are back from the dead

Zach Randolph and the Memphis Grizzlies were counted out a week ago. Three wins later, they're back and looking better than ever.


President Roger Griffin III regrets playing hurt

The Redskins' starting quarterback and Barack Obama: What's the difference?


Jason Collins on 'Inside The NBA'

Jason Collins talked to Charles Barkley and "Inside The NBA" on Tuesday, explaining his decision to go public with his sexuality and more.

The playoffs just got turned upside down

Russell Westbrook collided with Patrick Beverley in Game 2 of Rockets-Thunder on Wednesday. 36 hours later, we find out he tore his meniscus on the play, and could miss the rest of the playoffs.

Geno Smith and people being stupid

It's not the National "Fun" League, and after taking a sack in the first round Thursday night, Geno Smith is standing tall and showing us what kind of man he is.

Carmelo Anthony keeps it the realest


When he's not posted up with pandas or writing about luxury watches ... Carmelo Anthony quote of day:"I listen to Tony Bennett when I’m sitting home drinking wine by the fire at Christmastime." #...

Jay-Z will save the WNBA, too


The deal was inked at what appears to be an art gallery but is probably a nightclub so trendy it would make your head explode. Jay-Z probably owns that, too.

Who's the best shooter on earth?


Who is the best shooter in the world? There's only one way to find out.

Manu thinks players are smarter than media

Manu Ginobili thinks players would do a better job voting for the defensive player of the year award. This is not a good idea.

Jay-Z is bringing hockey back?

Jay-Z's new sports agency is reportedly interested in branching out into hockey, starting with the best young prospect in the world. Let's talk about this.

If Kevin Durant wins a title....



TROLL TUESDAY: Derrick Rose owes you an apology


It's been 12 months since he hurt his knee, and Derrick Rose still hasn't played for the Chicago Bulls, and he still hasn't apologized to you. What's wrong this picture?


The Clippers are a hell of a drug

Chris Paul killed the Grizzlies at the last second, and two games into the NBA Playoffs, it's time get serious about the Clippers.

How Marc Gasol won Defensive Player of the Year


Given the evidence, it was impossible to vote for anyone else.

Shaq is running in his underwear, obviously


Nobody ever asked for Shaq to join Inside The NBA and risk messing with what was already far and away the greatest studio show of all time. But we got it anyway. CANNNNNN. YOUUUUUUUU. DIGGGGGG...

Playoff lessons: Chris Paul is a nightmare


Chris Paul is a dangerous man, and he's healthy this year, which means the rest of the West should be very afraid.

The West Playoffs are PERFECT


A quick look at the Western Conference Playoffs in all their insane, utopian glory.


Rasheed is gone, but always the greatest

Rasheed Wallace is finally done with the NBA, and that means we need take a minute to appreciate exactly who we're losing.

The Heat partner with Moet, because life is great



Adam Scott is tired of all your stupid jokes


Adam Scott is a famous golfer. Adam Scott is ALSO a famous actor who's tired of hearing all your jokes.

Of course Kobe's coming back


Kobe Bryant is psychotic. This is probably why he got hurt, and it's why he'll definitely be back in the NBA sooner than you think.

The Daily Show takes on the NCAA


"Don't forget, the NCAA is also giving them the gift that is education."

Remixing the Masters

Let's make The Masters better.

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