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2014 MLB Draft Preview: Community Vote


The time has come to officially vote for who you want the Rockies to pick in the 2014 draft, just so you can look silly (or genius) later.

2014 MLB Draft Preview: Review of Mock Drafts


In a draft class with little consensus, some momentum is building late around the Rockies and a certain pitcher at the 8th slot in the MLB Draft.

Draft Preview 2014: Rockies Select 8th Overall


Colorado gets the eighth overall selection in the 2014 MLB Draft. What does that mean, and what other selections do they have? More than you ever wanted to know is right here.

SotP: Justin Morneau to Take Todd Helton's Reins


First up in our evaluation of the Rockies infield is first base, where an unfamiliar face will play for the first time in well over a decade.

Ranking the Rockies #11: Dexter Fowler


Dexter Fowler took Rockies fans on a roller coaster ride in 2013.

Ranking the Rockies #12: DJ LeMahieu


DJ LeMahieu surprised by jumping from AAA into the full-season starter at second base. He also might surprise you by how poorly he actually was with his bat.

Arenado wins Gold Glove as rookie


Nolan Arenado was considered a liability defensively at third base when he was drafted. Four years later, he won a Gold Glove Award as a rookie.

CarGo snags 3rd Gold Glove


Rockies fans got to see Carlos Gonzalez put his foot back on the defensive pedal in 2013.

Ranking the Rockies #28: Charlie Culberson


Charlie Culberson came to the Rockies in the Marco Scutaro trade and found himself in the unlikely position of starting regularly in left field. Even more unlikely, he held his own in his new...

Ranking the Rockies #31: Reid Brignac


Ultimately, Reid Brignac may be part of a future trivia question: which two players started at third base in Nolan Arenado's rookie season before Arenado was called up?

Ranking the Rockies #32: Chad Bettis


Chad Bettis was rushed to the majors out of necessity. Naturally, his performance at the big-league level can be best described as "up-and-down."

Ranking the Rockies #41: Tyler Colvin


Michael Cuddyer is known as being the magician among the Rockies outfielders, but Tyler Colvin demonstrated a bigger disappearing act than even Cuddyer could comprehend.

Ranking the Rockies #42: Eric Young Jr.


The 2013 Rockies ranked 4th in the NL in stolen bases. The NL stolen base champ was with the Rockies for half the season. These two statements, oddly enough, are not really related.

Rockies to Draft 8th Overall in 2014 MLB Draft


The Rockies win Sunday cemented Colorado into the 8th overall selection in the 2014 MLB draft. Might Rockies fans one day curse that win and the player Philadelphia chooses 7th, ahead of Colorado,...

Thursday Off Topic


This is OFf Topic

Thursday Rockpile: Exciting, Ineffective Arenado


Nolan Arenado leads all MLB hitters in one statistic, but it is one that could be a cause for his offensive struggles so far in his career.

2013 MLB Draft: History of the Third Overall Pick


Despite watching losing teams for the better part of two decades, Rockies fans are not used to seeing their team pick in the top three in the Rule 4 MLB Draft. What can we expect historically from...

Rockies to Trade Aaron Harang to Mariners


The Rockies reportedly have ended their juggling act at the catcher position by trading away a pitcher who never played for them.

Friday Off Topic


Happy Trails, all

Friday Rockpile: Franchise Value, Roster Decisions


Attendance is not the only variable when it comes to revenue available for payroll, so why do so many presume this to be so?

Tuesday Off Topic


Sorry, running late today

Tuesday Rockpile: Do Sinkers Cause Rockies Injury?


Sabermetrics pioneer Bill James dropped a bomb last week, indirectly suggesting that sustained success with pitching at Coors Field is closer to impossible than we thought.

Friday Off Topic


Talk about this

Friday Rockpile: The Utility Infield Battle


The Rockies have plenty of candidates for their utility infield role, and each have their own claim to get on the roster.

Tuesday Off Topic


I'm running late today so I can't make you kids breakfast

Tuesday Rockpile: Pitching Staff Taking Shape


Opening Day is less than two weeks away, and the Rockies' pitching personnel is starting to crystallize.

Friday Off Topic


Hey, talk!

Friday Rockpile: Will Rutledge Stick at 2B?


Dan O'Dowd will see his 14th Opening Day working for the Rockies in two weeks. He will also see a change at second base in the Opening Day lineup for the 14th straight year.

Tuesday Off Topic


Favorite Snow-related activity. Opinion on chewing tobacco. Soda, Pop, or Coke? How you first found Purple Row. Worst childhood injury. Commence.

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