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Tuesday Rockpile: The Rockies' Forgotten Weapon


Colorado struggled so mightily with their rotation in 2012. If only they had a guy with a proven track record at Coors Field to count on.

Friday Off Topic


I suppose the right question to ask is to rank the movies with Oscar nominations that you have seen.

Friday Rockpile: Unofficial Rockies Hall of Famers


The Hall of Fame is certainly a tired subject, particularly for Rockies fans, but we won't move on until we have a positive angle in which to celebrate it. Thus, I have created the Very Unofficial Rockies Hall of Fame.

Tuesday Off Topic


So I brought this seasoning home with me from Jamaica, but I didn't try it until Sunday night

Tuesday Rockpile: Fred Nelson Fills New Org Role


Nothing inspires confidence like adding a front office executive who was just jettisoned from the Houston Astros, but that distinction sells Nelson short and certainly misses the point on the hire.

Friday Off Topic


In Looper, why were loopers assigned to kill their future selves? This seems like an unnecessarily risky sadistic plan that predictably backfires.

Friday Rockpile: Small Hall and Larry Walker


Larry Walker put up Hall of Fame numbers in his career but a lack of counting stats from injury-related playing time deficits makes him a tweener dependent on whether we end up closer to a "Small Hall" or "Large Hall"

Tuesday Rockpile: Happy New Year! Finally!


Yesterday, RhodeIslandRoxFan highlighted 12 positive memories from 2012 to close out the year. With today bringing New Year's hope and optimism, we look at thirteen people who could make 2013 a much, much better year for baseball in Colorado.

New Year Off Topic


I suppose I am bound by convention to ask about New Year resolutions.

Friday Off Topic


I like playing the piano, but I don't usually look like that

Friday Rockpile: Should Rox Trade Carlos Gonzalez?


Trading a star player is always unpopular, but sometimes, it is the right move.

Tuesday Rockpile: Merry Christmas


It was not a great year for the Rockies, but it may have been a great year for you. Whether it was or not, have a merry Christmas!

Friday Off Topic


The best way to depress myself in December is to read lists of popular baby names for the year

Friday Rockpile: Grading Rockies Off-Season So Far


If you are not getting better, you are getting worse.

Tuesday Off Topic


DumbandNerdy needs to grow a beard.

Tuesday Rockpile: Rockies Need Road Weapons


Deservedly so, much has been written this offseason about refinding dominance at Coors Field. No successful Rockies team in the past got there without dominance at 20th and Blake. Less has been made a potentially bigger issue - success on the road

Friday Off Topic


So the Iowa baseball team has a problem.

Friday Rockpile: The Trust in Dan O'Dowd


Dan O'Dowd was hired by the Monforts on Sept 20, 1999. While Bill Geivett has been given greater responsibility, O'Dowd is still the one making the radio show rounds with Dick Monfort. Does he deserve to be by Monfort's side, much less an employee?

Tuesday Off Topic


True story. I wrote rhyming poems when I was four and calculated my free throw percentage when I was five, but until kindergarten, I thought all adults were born in December. See, my father and...

Tuesday Rockpile: Dante Bichette And His Ideas


Dante Bichette is not just a bloated home run freak of baseball's past. He is an intelligent hitter with experience at Coors Field, which makes him uniquely suited to be the Rockies' hitting coach-but are his ideas realistic, or even logically sound?

Friday Rockpile: Rox' Dex to Reds Targets Leaked?


The Rockies' main trade target has been in the news daily this off-season, yet his potential destinations keep finding other options. The Reds would want Fowler, but do the Rockies want the Reds?

Rockies select LHP Danny Rosenbaum in Rule 5 Draft


The lefty Rosenbaum will be in line for a bullpen spot, potentially at the expense of Josh Outman

Tuesday Off Topic


Eye of the sparrow

Tuesday Rockpile-Rockies aim to improve...bullpen?


Other than shortstop, there is arguably no position the Rockies need to address less than the back end of their bullpen, yet that is their apparent target one day into the Winter Meetings.

2012 Rockies Player Reviews: Full-time Relievers


The back end of the Rockies' bullpen was very quietly exceptional in 2012, with three of the six top NL relievers in rWAR calling Coors Field home.

Friday Rockpile-Why Rockies' Price High for Fowler


The Rockies are receiving criticism that their asking price is too high for Dexter Fowler, yet comparing to the CF market, he is one of the best available among CFs that have already been acquired for a hefty price.

Friday Off Topic


Finally it is the last day of November. Tomorrow, I'll stop being a curmudgeon and put up my Christmas lights

Tuesday Off Topic



Tuesday Rockpile: CorreiaTown Coming to Coors?


Would Kevin Correia at Coors Field look more like Jeremy Guthrie or Jason Marquis?

2012 Rockies Player Reviews: The Starting Outfield


When your team loses 98 games, there are very few bright spots. With the exception of the back end of the bullpen, the Rockies' outfield play in 2012 was perhaps the biggest exception. That is not particularly a surprise.

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