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Wrigley rooftop businesses fail health inspections

Those all you can eat deals don't sound quite as enticing now... "The city found at least 12 violations at Beyond the Ivy, 1048 W. Waveland Ave., including food being stored at improper temperatures. At Brixen Ivy, 1044 W. Waveland, where at least eight violations were reported, officials observed workers wearing the same gloves to handle food, touch garbage cans and wipe their faces. On Monday the city also inspected Wrigleyville Rooftops, 1032 W. Waveland, which passed with conditions, and another Beyond the Ivy location at 1038 W. Waveland, which failed."

Baseball Valentines for your loved ones!


Baseball Valentines for your loved ones!

Why There Are More .300 Hitters Than .299 Hitters, And Why It Matters

Thought this was really interesting: "Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim, authors of the Freakonomically inclined Scorecasting, explore the peculiar power of round-number milestones and how they affect a ballplayer at the plate." Loved this: "In the last quarter century, no player hitting .299 has ever drawn a base on balls in his final plate appearance of the season." Ok, nerd fury ends now.

I have to admit, i didn't expect this to work, and i generally don't condone ratting somebody out,...


I have to admit, i didn't expect this to work, and i generally don't condone ratting somebody out, but i think Woo Woo inspires special circumstances. He was a few rows above me and a group of maybe a hundred other University of Iowa alumni last night, and started right in with the wooing early and loud. Between innings, he was... how shall i say this... creeping around? We all know his reputation. Within 10 minutes of making a complaint to the Cubs text line, he was gone. Might be worth trying in future instances. Sorry for the crappy picture quality... just got a new phone (HTC EVO) and am not sure how to take screen caps yet.

I made this tonight. Its awesome. KA-POW!


I made this tonight. Its awesome. KA-POW!

Bleacher Report Sucks. Seriously - this is ridiculous. The ONE story where they aren't trying to...


Bleacher Report Sucks. Seriously - this is ridiculous. The ONE story where they aren't trying to stir up trouble is "Top 5 Cubs By Last Name: A". So bad. So very bad.

Bill Simmons on Stats and Sabermetricians

Three groups are involved … Group A: Smart people with mathematical backgrounds figuring out new ways to evaluate sports. Group B: Smart people without mathematical backgrounds determining which of these advances are more useful than others. Group C: Outsiders (fans and media members) figuring out how to digest these concepts without being overwhelmed by them. Group A desperately cares about winning Group B over and doesn't worry enough about Group C sometimes. Group B deals with Group A because they want to improve their product to make Group C happy. And Group C is splintered into different sub-groups of people who either love this stuff, tolerate it or openly loathe it. If there's been a trend over the past few years, it's that Group A openly resents anyone in Group C who doesn't embrace them and/or willfully ignores their data (even undeniably useful information like strand rates or BABIP). ------------------------ That's where the statistical movement sits in 2010. The previous decade was about sabermetricians winning the respect of the mainstream sports media (a work in progress, but it's mostly happened) and the teams themselves (definitely happened). ------------------------ We knew something shifted in baseball a few years ago; it's definitely happening in basketball right now. Whether it transforms the other sports remains to be seen. I do think we could reach a ceiling with performance-related formulas some day soon -- if we're not getting there already -- and complicated analysis will shift to less definable quantities like injury recovery and behavior. But that's a few years away. As I mentioned at the conference, the big challenge for sabermetricians this decade will be learning how to educate a mainstream audience in a relatable and entertaining way. Easier said than done.


Scalping Cubs Tickets - A Conversation

Inspired by a quick debate in this FanPost, prodded on by the looming single ticket onsale (and the fun that is wristband / VWR week!) and reminded by the news that the Brewers are lobbying...


BCB Bowl Picks Challenge

I know it is a little early for this (the games don't start for another 11 days, on December 19th), but with the holidays and inevitable quirkiness with work schedules and the like, i wanted...

Cubs GM Jim Hendry says Milton Bradley may be back in 2010, and called the outfielder's '09 season a "major hiccup"

Via Twitter from Carrie Muskat


Why I'm joining the "DITCH BRADLEY" brigade - this organization lacks an alpha male.

This originally began as yet another comment in in the recap of last night's 7-4 loss to the Brewers, a thread that predictably turned ugly the second Bradley was brought up.  Really, I suppose it...

New SBN Homepage Layout

SBNation is a collection of 212 sports blogs across major sports like basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. So far it’s main site,, has been not much more than a glorified directory for all the blogs. But tonight it is changing to more of a true sports destination site in its own right with a small team of editors who cull the best stories from the 212 blogs, as well as articles, videos, and Tweets from elsewhere. Each different major sport will have its own aggregation page, and new items will stream in on a continual basis.


Team Salary vs. Performance Chart

Found this via twitter, incredibly interesting. Compares a team's salary to its W/L record, updated daily. Because its a flash program, i could only take a screenshot of what is showing for 5th of...


Cardinals Acquire Mark DeRosa

Well, bummer. According to the Twitter, the Cardinals have acquired Mark DeRosa from the Indians for RP Chris Perez...


OWNERSHIP FIASCO: Tribune reopens talks for Cubs with Utay/Hindery group

Here we go.... Talks to sell the storied Chicago Cubs baseball team have reopened with a rival bidding group, and are continuing alongside negotiations with the original Ricketts family buyers,...


How The Cardinals Could Lose (And The Cubs Gain) Albert Pujols

I normally don't get too deep in to this stuff unless it is imminent and feasible, but these long off periods make me stir crazy at work and this one is just interesting enough to be worth a read....


A Premptive Strike Against Those Who'll Crucify Bradley...

We all have mental hiccups at work, at home, in life. We all make the occasional brain fart. We just don't go to work in front of a million people every afternoon. Yes, it was bad. Yes, it altered...

I'll be in Boston for Phish at Fenway in a couple of weeks, and i'd love some BCB recommendations...


I'll be in Boston for Phish at Fenway in a couple of weeks, and i'd love some BCB recommendations on what to do while there. I'm flying in Friday, flying out Monday, the show is Sunday night. I've never been to Fenway, and i'm excited to spend as much time exploring it and the surrounding area as possible. What bars should i hit? Where should i sight see? Any insider tips from those that have seen games there and know the area? And how AWESOME are these tickets? So psyched to see a live show at Fenway in addition to working at the Elton / Billy and Rascal Flatts dates at Wrigley this summer.

The worst Chicago Cubs' 7th-inning stretch singer?

We briefly discussed this today while a couple of Bears players made us cringe... amusing slide show of former 7th-inning stretch singers who were not great.

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