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Andrew Gibson, Pittsburgh Pirates, ex-ESPN contributor, ex-Camden Chat contributor. Youppi! enthusiast.

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Looking for Some Holiday Gift Ideas?

My birthday is on Christmas Day, and maybe it is for that reason that I have an innate delight in the idea of giving gifts. Or maybe I'm just an adult now. Regardless, the old axiom that "it's...

A Very Fond Farewell

I regret to announce this is The End. I'm going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Good-bye.

Shadow Orioles Winter Meetings

What can we learn from a Winter Meetings simulation that ran last week?

The Orioles' Fringe Roster Construction


The 2012 Orioles found success in part by tinkering with their depth and their bench. The 2013 Orioles are trying to repeat that successful formula.

Arbitration Candidate: Mark Reynolds


It's decision week for the Orioles and Mark Reynolds. Should he stay on the team or be non-tendered?

The Orioles' New Defensive Identity

It's tough to shake the idea of the Orioles as a team that can hit but is super-easy to score on. And yet, that very perception is starting to look outdated.

Insta-Recap: Yankees 7, Orioles 2


Yankees Rally Late, Take Game One of the ALDS

ALDS Game 1 Overflow Thread


Orioles 2, Yankees 2, top 6

Do the Orioles Hit Too Many Home Runs?

The Orioles' do one thing spectacularly with the bats, and that's hitting dingers. Is this a problem?

Bird Droppings!

Orioles news from around the internet, collected in one spot for your perusal.

Are the Orioles Road Warriors?

The Orioles have won 32 of 57 road games so far this year, and are starting a big 6 game road trip tonight. What's been the secret to their success?

Dan Duquette Says He Hates the Cutter

In a recent interview, Orioles GM Dan Duquette completely dismissed the cut fastball as a viable weapon. He is probably lying, but does that matter?

Out of Nowhere

Omar Quintanilla has come out of absolutely nowhere to be a pretty good piece for the Orioles. That sounds an awful lot like the Orioles themselves, actually.

The Orioles' Big Weekend Move

Over the weekend, the Orioles made a big move to shore up their offense for the stretch run. But it had almost nothing to do with Manny Machado.

Looking Ahead for the Orioles: Uphill Battles

The Orioles have surprisingly found themselves in the middle of a playoff race in mid-August. Are they well-equipped or outgunned for the stretch run?

Pitchers and Routine Outs


My latest for ESPN Insider (sadly, behind the paywall), which mentions no Orioles but does touch on a topic broached in the comments this past week, by my brother of all people.

Three Things About Manny's Debut


Orioles top prospect Manny Machado debuted last night. How did it go?

This Remarkable Run of Starting Pitching

The Orioles' starting pitcher is on a hot streak. What's their secret?

The Orioles are Clutch Gods

The Orioles are not a good team in most respects this season. Unless we're talking about extra innings.

Orioles 11, Yankees 5: The Ol' Rope-a-Dope


Everyone knows that when the Yankees are up 5-0 in the second they win. What the Orioles pre-suppose is, maybe they don't?

Is Miguel Gonzalez for Real?


Last night, Miguel Gonzalez took a step up against the Yankees. Have the Orioles found a diamond in the rough?

Deadline Buyer Beware


On ESPN Insider, I wrote about five guys teams should think twice before going after on the trade deadline. At least one of them, Jason Vargas, is a guy who's been linked to the Orioles in rumors this month.

Brian Matusz and the Danger of Scouting a Boxscore


Brian Matusz had a good game last night for the Norfolk Tides. Or did he?

Does the Bullpen Really Help in One Run Games?

The claims are running rampant that the Orioles and their awesome bullpen are immune to the cold and inhuman sabrmetrics. Is this myth busted, plausible, or confirmed?

BIS: Evaluating baserunning of competitive teams


I wrote an article for ESPN about some of the best and worst baserunning teams in the playoff hunt. The Orioles, as you might suspect, are part of the latter group.

Adam Jones Vs. The Slider Down and Away


Adam Jones is infamous in Baltimore for swinging and missing at sliders down and away from him. Through the magic of Pitch F/X, let's examine that supposed weakness.

If the Season Ended Today


If the season ended today, the Orioles would be in the playoffs! And if I stumbled upon a magic lamp housing a genie, that would be cool, too.

Thinking About the Orioles and Where Things Stand


The Orioles have been baseball's best surprise this year. And there's good news and bad news about that.

Andrew on the Radio


I was invited to chat Orioles-Pirates Thursday at 5:30 PM with TribLIVE Radio SportsTalk in Pittsburgh. You can listen live on the web.

Jake Arrieta is a Confidence Man


Jake Arrieta had lost his confidence, and wasn't much of a major league pitcher. But after a strong night against the Pirates, is he cured?

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