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Andrew Gibson, Pittsburgh Pirates, ex-ESPN contributor, ex-Camden Chat contributor. Youppi! enthusiast.

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Here's to You, Jeremy Guthrie


On Opening Day 2011, the Orioles will trot out Jeremy Guthrie to the mound. Here's why that should make Orioles' fans proud.

St. Patrick's Day Bird Droppings


Hey everybody! In this latest phase of my secret evil plan to take over Camden Chat (and then...the world!) I'm your new Thursday morning Bird Dropper. Or, I will be until 2632 is ready to take...

Where is the Orioles' Extra 2% in their international efforts?


The Orioles have put a huge financial stake in the MLB Draft, but remain only nominally involved in international amateur talent. How long will it be before the O's realize they're burning themselves?

How Much Would Losing Brian Roberts Hurt?


Orioles lead-off hitter Brian Roberts has been dealing with back-related problems this Spring. What happens in Baltimore if Roberts can't play?

Can the Orioles Have a Winning 2011? (Part 4: A New Hope)


The Baltimore Orioles' starting rotation has been a mess for years and years. Will their talented young arms help lead the birds to their first winning season in 13 years?

Can the Orioles Have a Winning 2011? (Part 3: The Final Insult)


The 2011 Orioles have a revamped bullpen that should be a strength to the team. But just how much of a strength?

Can the Orioles Have a Winning 2011? (Part 2: Electric Boogaloo)


The Orioles have made defensive upgrades for the 2011 season and should reap the benefits of increased run prevention, right? Well, maybe not.

Yet Another Word on Vlad


The Vladimir Guerrero signing has an under-appreciated side to it for the Orioles. And: will Vlad and the rest of the new Orioles' lineup precipitate development from their young hitters?

How does Vlad Change Our Expectations in 2011?


The Baltimore Orioles have reached agreement with Vlad Guerrero. What does this mean for the offense in 2011?


The Un-Triple Crown

The other day I off-handedly mentioned that Nolan Reimold gave Cesar Izturis a run for the "unbatting title" - even though he didn't really since Reimold didn't have enough plate appearances to...

Can the Orioles Have a Winning 2011? (Part One)


The Baltimore Orioles have not been a winning team in over a decade. Can the 2011 team stop that trend?

Knowledge is Power: Why We're Better Off Without Guerrero


Would the Baltimore Orioles be best served picking up Vlad Guerrero and pushing Felix Pie and Nolan Reimold down the depth charts?

Thinking about Vlad Guerrero and Felix Pie


In the last week the Orioles have been linked to free agent slugger Vlad Guerrero. What are the implications for current left fielder Felix Pie if Guerrero is added to the Orioles' roster?

Clay Rapada: Latest Person to Hold Title of "Newest Oriole"


The Orioles have signed LHP Clay Rapada to a minor league contract with a Spring Training invite.

An Unintuitive Lesson: Why Mike Gonzalez Should be the Closer


Michael Gonzalez was a high priced disaster for the Baltimore Orioles in 2010. Heading into Spring Training, though, he should still be the Orioles first choice for closer.

The Orioles Aren't (Re)building Anything Anymore


The Baltimore Orioles' rebuilding plan seems to have stalled out in the "free agent stopgap" phrase. What happens if the young core fails to develop?

A New Years' Resolution for the Orioles


Mike Mussina might end up in the hall of fame, but will he be accepted back into the Orioles' family?

Why did the Orioles offer more to Victor Martinez than Adam Dunn?


The Orioles offered Adam Dunn 4 years, $40M and Victor Martinez 4 years, $48M. What possibly could have been their motivation?



Andy MacPhail has made some curious moves in the last twelve months. Should Orioles fans keep the faith?

The Coaching Staff: Finally Finalized


A look at the O's new coaching staff. Buck tested, Buck approved.


The Orioles lost out on Victor Martinez. C'est la vie.

Logic tells us it's no big loss that Victor Martinez will spend the next four years in Detroit rather than Baltimore. But it still kind of hurts our feelings.


Cold Stove Season: Mark Connor

Free agency and the hot stove officially began this past Sunday morning, but this is Birdland and it's undoubtedly going to be a few more long weeks before any actual news hit the wire. But what...


Is Brian Matusz Still in the ROY Race? He Should Be.

Outside of Keith Law, Brian Matusz doesn't get much recognition in the Rookie of the Year race. But his stats and value say that he should.

Protecting the Young Pitchers


Pitching is everything in today's game. Andy MacPhail can tell you that; he just spent four years primarily building a tremendous amount of pitching depth in an effort to build a championship core...


Taking Back August

With their win on Saturday against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Orioles have clinched a winning August for the first time since 1997, which is incredibly hard to believe and also...



Maybe this is the wrong crowd for this question, but when was the last time that an individual Oriole game really made you live or die? You know, when that key (dare I say "defining") moment comes...


I am Miguel Tejada

"It hit me hard. It’s not because I get traded, but one thing I never want to do is leave this team. I love being here." I don't remember my first baseball game. The earliest game I do remember was...


Effectively Wild

Call me crazy, but I really enjoy the Orioles broadcast team, every single last one of them. They certainly don't have the nuance and polish of the more famed broadcast teams (for my money, the M...


OT: Inception (with Spoiler Discussion)

Feel free to destroy this post if someone beats me to the publish punch. So, the big summer movie event finally came out this past weekend with director Christopher Nolan's (The Dark Knight,...

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