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Is Simmons hurt?

Has anyone else noticed that Andrelton hasn't seen game action in a while? Anyone know if be is hurt? Been looking for news and have not found any. I know we are only in week 2ish, but i can't...

The Braves don't value on-base percentage as much as other teams, one NL official told Olney...


The Braves don't value on-base percentage as much as other teams, one NL official told Olney (Pence has a .354 OBP). Also read this gem the other day in a KLAWchat: Jason (Atlanta) KLAW, Fredi Gonzales admitted the other day that he had no idea of the OBA of Schafer, Mclouth and Heyward and that he "thought" Schafer's was highest. How can a GM let something like this pass in a day and age when EVERY team employs people to apply advanced statistical analysis? Klaw (2:57 PM) Well, the GM is obviously fine with this. I wouldn't be if I were an Atlanta fan, but the way that lineup is set and the way the roster is used implies that Wren is completely OK with Fredi's (mis)management. --Frustrating.

Hilarious video about FIP. Must watch.


Hilarious video about FIP. Must watch.

Brian McCann: Most Underrated Catcher in History?


Dave Gershman's first post on Beyond the Box Score is a hit. Of course, all of us Braves fans already knew this.

There is a belief Lee is heading to the Phillies, according to Jack Curry of the YES Network (on...


There is a belief Lee is heading to the Phillies, according to Jack Curry of the YES Network (on Twitter). Meanwhile, Jon Heyman of says the Phils "look like a very strong candidate to win Lee's services" (Twitter link). UPDATE The Yankees are now "extremely negative" about landing Lee and they believe he is leaning toward the Phillies' offer, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post (on Twitter).

http:MLBTR Looks like the Phillies just went from mystery long-shot to potential front-runners. This is unpleasant. I am not amused.

Amazin' Avenue primer on Sabermetrics (specifically Average vs. betters stats)


I know it is probably sinful to point to the blog of a rival team, but this primer on batting average should be excellent reading for those of you (and you know who you are) who want to know what the heck the rest of us are talking about. It lays out in pretty plain language why batting average is an inferior stat and why there are better methods. I think it is a fantastic idea by Eric Simon over at Amazin' Avenue. Perhaps we could do similar posts.


My Mea Culpa; Martin Prado

Many of you folks here on TC know me as I have now been a regular here for a couple of years.  I do quite enjoy this blog and conversing with all of you fellow Braves fans.  I was thus honored last...

Baseball today podcast: Nate McLouth is one of the worst in baseball


Can be downloaded on your IPod or you can listen for free on your site... ESPN researcher Mark Simon is on, and he mentions as prompted by a question that McLouth is by WAR and other stats is one of the WORST players in baseball right now. He compares him to Eric Byrnes. Can we agree that we need a new OFer?

Keith Law's updated top 25 prospects


Includes Teheran (11th) and Vizcaino (19th). Delgado gets mentioned at the bottom. And if you are wondering, Teheran is ranked behind Martin Perez, Aroldis Chapman, Jeremy Hellickson, and Casey Kelly among pitchers. So, as good as he is, he isn't the greatest pitching prospect in baseball...yet. UPDATE: This is insider only, sorry that I didn't mention that before if you weren't able to get to the link. Selected quotes below. 11. Julio Teheran, RHP, Atlanta. A big fastball, a plus change and an improved breaking ball have helped him dominate at two levels this year -- and it's not just being in pitcher-friendly Myrtle Beach. Six of the nine Colombians to reach the big leagues came from Cartagena -- as does Teheran. I'm still waiting for our first prospect from Macondo. Previous ranking: No. 63 19. Arodys Vizcaino, RHP, Atlanta. He's producing outstanding numbers so far with a plus fastball/above-average curve and a very low-effort delivery. Previous ranking: No. 43 and under the "Why Not Section" Randall Delgado? Total package doesn't have the big upside of Teheran, and he's not as polished as Vizcaino


I'm on Baseball Today

Just wanted to jump on here and brag that my email question was deemed worthy enough to be read on a Baseball Today podcast by the guru Mark Simon today.  The question wasn't Braves related, but I...


Francoeur's new best friend -UPDATED

Looks like Frenchy has found a new buddy in David Wright:   Key quote from the article: "“Seeing...


Time to Commit

No, not the the Braves in general.  If you read this blog, you are probably pretty committed.  I am talking about something that needs to happen.  Something that should have happened twice...


Some hotstove links to read and ponder

  JC Bradbury on hot stove myths: Tim Dierkes of MLBTR lists his top 50 free agents and where he thinks they will go: h...


Neither Buyers Nor Sellers: the Atlanta Braves 2009 Midseason

It seems that the discussion amongst Braves fans has become geared towards buying or selling before the looming trade deadline.  This is to be expected; the Braves are "on the bubble" in terms of...


The Sticky Room for Couch GM's

I saw this was mentioned by someone, but nobody actually did it.  I created this fanpost for all those trade thoughts, free agent speculations, etc. for the couch GM's.  In other words, this...


A-Fraud and Chipper

Now that it has come out that A-Rod did indeed use PEDs, or at least apparently used them, does anybody else remember these comments from Chipper: "I think it will follow him," Jones said....


Why the Braves should sign Manny

Sound crazy?  I thought so myself... But here is the problem.  The Braves can't get pitching.  Their best bet right now is to get Kawakami to establish a presence in Japan.  Bud Derek Lowe,...

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