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Sun's fan since a '93 trip to Orlando as a kid, and saw Majerle bombing away on TV. Since then, bled orange.

Combined my passions of Basketball and Graphics when I got to design some covers for the official Suns game programs last year.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • MMA Jose Aldo, George St. Pierre, Carlos Condit, Jon Jones, Randy Couture, Anderson Silva
User Blog

Jimmer Fredette - Our Next Aquisition?

Solid rumours are abound that Sacremento is about to buy out the rest of Jimmer Fredette's rookie contract, and the question for us is, is that something we should take a moment to consider...


Buckdawg's Comedy Caps! - Issue 3

So I figured, after that diabolical catalogue of horrendous officiating that was the Rockets game, that we needed cheering up. So here's another issue of the Comedy Caps, for your viewing...

Buckdwags Comedy Caps - Issue 2

I know, I know... It's been a while, and I've kept you waiting way too long for the next instalment, but it's been a busy few months and I've been literally swamped with work, and these things take...


Suns Wallpaper - 2013 -14 Season

Well I noticed a distinct LACK of decent Suns wallpapers, and nothing that really relates to this very season. Given how much fun this year's team is to watch I really, REALLY wanted to decorate my...


Buckdawg's Comedy Caps! - Issue 1

So then! Here we are again with another set of screencaps, only this time you may notice a few changes. I had a think and a little tinker, and made a few adjustments, namely getting a new name, a...


Buckdawg's Comedy Screencaps! - Suns vs. Pelicans

They're baaaaccccckkk!! Another season, another series of screen-caps to try keep us entertained throughout the year! Considering the diabolical that was last season, that shouldn't be as hard...

GM Ryan McDonough eager to rebuild the Suns

Article I just came across by the Boston Globe detailing McDonough's aims for the future and actions so far this off season. Worth a read.


5 Reasons Why We NEED Michael Beasley

Looking back over the course of last season, some things are obvious to anyone even remotely following Phoenix Suns basketball. We need talent. We need identity. We need heart. We need Passion....


Gortat & Beasley for Eric Gordon?

After reading Dave's post about our options for moving Gortat dwindling, and in direct regards to one of the many options he presented within it, I thought why not just do the obvious and use...


The Hero we Need...

...and yes damn it, the hero we deserve!!! (via img829.imageshack.us) What, still no love for the new S logo? Aw..... Hehe, sorry, bored at work and had a very unoriginal idea of...


Buckdawg's Screencaps - Suns vs. Kings

Urgh, what a game. How is it that we can beat the very best teams in the whole league, but just seem to struggle against such garbage as Sacramento? Such is the way of our season I guess. I...


Buckdawg's Screencaps - Suns vs. Raptors!

When the team is down, sarcastic screencaps will keep you going.


Buckdawg's Screencaps - Suns vs. Spurs!

Back with another screencap update, letting everyone who missed the game in on what REALLY happened, and anyone who saw it what they clearly might have missed... ;) Suns vs. Spurs, in San An,...


Buckdawg's ScreenCaps - Suns vs. Wolves

The real story of last night's game between the Suns & the Wolves... Oh, and not to mention the quote of the game, from the ever reliable Steve Albert... Hehe, just a bit of fun,...

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