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Has the NBA Gone Mainstream?


Some nostalgia in this...

Wolves compared to Thunder, Kahn compared to Presti (Insider)


Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus makes a rather favorable comparison for both this team and its President of Basketball.

Love Believes He is Best Power Forward


I view this sort of confidence from the team's leader as a good thing for the Wolves--I guess I could have done with this Ricky Henderson-type of comment, though: "Greatness surrounds itself with greatness."

Klosterman on The Triangle


Chuck Klosterman interviewed fellow North Dakotan, Phil Jackson, about The Triangle Offense.


How Do You Feel About Michael Beasley? (Revised, with poll!)

Our virtual crazy uncle PoorDick recently FanPosted a regrettable comment I made in a separate thread, where I suggested that most Wolves fans "hate" Michael Beasley. That was a poor word choice. ...

Wolves Finalizing Deal with J.J. Barea


He isn't long. He isn't athletic. But he is a champion who plays good offense.

Brandon Roy to Announce Medical Retirement


Love Down 25 Pounds


And lots of other stuff. Between he and Beasley, the Wolves are looking to be Team Weight Watchers, this year.

The "Reset" Proposal


Howard Beck has a copy of David Stern's letter, contrasting the current offer to what will be the next offer from ownership, if this one isn't accepted by Wednesday. Yikes.

The Nuggets Fan Perspective


"Our interest in Minnesota Denver is clear enough. If we want the Timberwolves Nuggets to be competitive in the brave, new NBA that emerges from the current dispute, we want Stern to win."

Michael Beasley All-Star Classic


Supercool Beas is bringing NBA Basketball to the Twin Cities, for a charity event. Pretty impressive roster, actually.

KG a part of the problem, not solution.


I still remember when 6 years, $102 Million wasn't enough for KG. Holding the line paid off for his paycheck at that point, and helped cost the Wolves a dynasty with he and Marbury. Looks like he still knows how to play hardball with the grey-haireds, at the expense of the fans. (Then again, consider the source here!)

Arrested Development Returns


I'd guess many of you loved this show, as I did. The return could be a flop, but I'll be excited to see it back for another season.

Westbrook-Perkins Feud


The "feud" is more the premise of this article than the point. I don't think the Thunder will trade Westbrook just because he argues with Perkins. I also don't think they'll trade him just because he and Durant are less than perfect complements. But put those two things together...he's a guy that should be on the Wolves radar, that's for sure.

Glen Taylor on Adelman Hiring Process


The owner weighs in on how it all went down.

Blazers, McMillan will miss Bayno


Apparently, the Wolves offered Bayno a four-year deal, when the Blazers would only offer assistants one-year contracts. Maybe he's the long-term head coach that they (whoever "they" are) have in mind, when Adelman retires. Seems like a good hire. I guess we'll see.

Brad Miller on Adelman


Miller weighs in on his new (for the third time in his career) coach.

Woj on Kahn, Adelman Hire


What an odd time to blast David Kahn. In any case, I'm sure plenty of readers will enjoy this take from one of the biggest hacks in the business.


A Random Discussion for a Friday

Until Taylor Corp. decides on a head coach, Michael Beasley breaks another bone (or law), or Ricky Rubio hits double figures in a FIBA game, there isn't much to discuss about the Wolves.  So, I...

Crittenton charged with murder


This might shed some light on the Gilbert Arenas story, with guns in the locker room. I wonder if Agent Zero was actually horsing around or if he was dealing with a more serious issue with his teammate, Javaris.

Z-Bo in the news again, for wrong reasons.


I don't think the lockout is a good thing for Z-Bo. He has a hard enough time staying out of the papers when the league is up and running.

One Final Candidate (not really)


Michael Ray Richardson sounds like an interesting and effective, even if borderline insane, minor league coach. Interesting article.

Zgoda on Coaching Search


Jerry thinks we may have a coach by week's end, and shares his thoughts on who it might be, and why.


Why Rambis Has Not Been Fired

Henry Abbott's Friday Lockout Bullets got me thinking about why Rambis hasn't been fired. NBA coaches or employees can't have any contact with players. Got to believe that's a major boon for...

Harrison Barnes & Kevin Durant


Sounds like Barnes is getting some good off-season reps in. Wish he would have just gone pro.

Kahn is calling EVERYBODY.


The fantasy GM approach. Gotta love it. Actually, I kind of do like it.

Givony on Biyombo


Givony with high praise for Biyombo, via Twitter.

Ford Mock, 4.0 (Insider)


Biyombo at 14. Might be a reach at 2 if Ford is even close to pegging this one.

Rubio needs to run with athletes.


Sheridan weighs in on Rubio in the NBA game. "For now, I will end this post with two predictions: Rubio will finish the 2011-12 season in the top five in steals, and his passing will lead to Michael Beasley at least tripling his total of 33 dunks in the 2009-10 season."

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