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Draft-Day Trades: Marty McFly Edition

via www.lyvido.com Chad Ford tweeted right away after the lottery results that the Timberwolves were open to shopping the pick.  Weeks before that, Canis Hoopus seemed pretty well-convinced that...


Searching for a Star

I may be in the minority, but I do not think I am alone in thinking that the Wolves are without a bona fide star player that can both produce with consistency and open up the floor for his...


Cheering for wins, or losses?

The Wolves are tied with the Cavs for the league's worst record, at 17-63.  Each team plays tonight, and Wednesday Night, to settle this score.  The Wolves play at Phoenix tonight, and host the R...


Kahn's Free Agents

As you have all read in SnP's "April Fools!" post, Kahn had this to say about attracting free agents to Minnesota.   I'm not concerned about our ability, now and in the future, to be able to...

David Thorpe on Cousins (Insider)


Thorpe thoroughly discusses the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of DMC. Worth a read.


Trade of the Decade...

or something pretty close to it.  Here is the trade: Timberwolves Give: Michael Beasley, Nikola Pekovic, and 2011 1st Round Pick to NuggetsReceive: Pau Gasol Lakers Give: Pau Gasol to...


What to do with Wes

It's no secret that Wes Johnson is struggling to make an impact, and for the first time in his short career his minutes are being cut.  What do Wolves fans think is the best course of action to...

Souhan's Excellent Take on Wolves


One of the better Wolves-related columns from Jim Souhan that I can remember reading.


Ranking Darko

Darko is one of the many Timberwolves whose value and ability are unclear, at best.  He has shown flashes of brilliance against the Lakers and Thunder, but also has had stretches of the worst post...

JR Smith Flies


Everyone should see this dunk... I love that Kevin Harlan was there to call it, too.

Hollinger on Love-Beasley


John Hollinger praises our young forward combination and mixes in the usual jabs at Kahnbis (and McHale, this time.) Insider article.



All optimism and hypersensitivity toward Kahn-bashing (from the national media) aside, the Wolves are probably going to be one of the league's worst teams, next year.  Here's a quick look at their...


Who will break out?

The Wolves are quickly assembling a list of high-lottery players who have yet to live up to their once-high potential.  Let's look at the candidates, and throw a poll in for good measure.


What do you really want?

With the draft and free agency approaching, and a classic NBA Finals matchup that shows off a basketball product on another planet of the recent Timberwolves, I find myself asking the question of...


Top 5's 1996-2005

I wanted to look back to the drafts -- specifically the top five picks -- from ten recent drafts, in order to get a feel for how long a player typically stays with his first team, and whether age...


Cousins Poll

Will the Wolves actually draft Cousins?


Pick a Bust!

In honor of the draft lottery, let's do a quick poll on recent draft busts, and which one the Timberwolves should pursue via trade (if any at all). 


Wings at #16

Xavier Henry and James Anderson are rated 15th and 18th, respectively, by Chad Ford for the upcoming draft.  As most Canis readers know, the Wolves pick 16th.  Canis readers also know that the...

David Thorpe (Insider) on Cousins


Thorpe loves Cousins as a player, because he reminds him of Al Jefferson and Zach Randolph. He thought Cousins' outbursts versus West Virginia were as costly as the poor shooting of his teammates. He wraps it all up nicely, with: "And Cousins is so talented that he just has to be taken in the first five picks, right? But maybe, this one time, teams will think twice, three times ... or perhaps four times before drafting and paying millions of dollars to a guy they know could not get his act together in the most important game of his life. And maybe losing that game will serve as a slap in the face to this marvelous talent, and he'll realize how precious and fortunate his talent is, and start acting like the pro he's about to become."

Darko and Larry Brown


A (very) little added drama to Wednesday's matchup with Charlotte.


Sports Guy & Kentucky Prospects

Just zipping through the Sports Guy's chat wrap, and noticed a couple of Kentucky/draft-related comments that relate to a couple of Wolves prospects.


Trading for Tracy

There have been reports for quite some time that Houston might trade T-Mac's expiring contract before the deadline.  Can the Wolves benefit from a deal that brings T-Mac to the Twin Cities?


Trade for Monta Ellis?

The Wolves lack scoring on the perimeter, and David Kahn is most likely on the phones every day, searching for answers to this problem.


Young Talent Rankings

Rank these groups of three young players, taking outside factors out of the picture (for instance, Williams and Paul have better teammates, but they are older--keep it to these groups of three):   ...


Trade for Greg Oden

Here's a trade idea that will probably draw some strong reactions:   Kevin Love and the 6th Pick for Greg Oden.

Pekovic to join in 2009-10?


In the "Looking Ahead to Next Season" section, at the bottom, the writer cites a Hoiberg statement that, "We also have a lot of salary cap room and will get our center Nikola Peković, who we drafted last year." I'd like to know if this is locked-in or just speculation by our Assistant GM. It would narrow our draft options considerably if a strong center was about to join the team.


First Impressions of Hasheem Thabeet

Aside from watching SportsCenter highlights and reading draft projection articles and blogs, I knew very little about UConn's Hasheem Thabeet, before last night's game against Louisville.  The Big...


The Case for Trading Kevin Love: A FanPost by Shogun and Andy G

The case for trading Kevin Love


2009 Draft

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