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Formerly Sandy Kazmir, I like baseball, specifically the Rays. I like beer, specifically those with a high alcohol content. I also like the Bucs, Bolts, Sabres, Magic, and Orangemen, not in any particular order.

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  • MLB Tampa Bay Rays
  • NBA Orlando Magic
  • NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • NCAAB Syracuse Orange
  • NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
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Optimized Rays Lineups

I put this in the GDT, but figured others might find it easier to locate in a fanshot.  LINK  Using Chone projections you can get an idea of how many runs the Rays various lineup combos could be...

Balfour's Homers in 2009


I wanted to take a look at Balfour's surrendered home runs in 2009 to see if there was any sort of pattern or if they were grooved or whatever.  To do this I used Joe Lefkowitz's Pitch F/x tool. ...

Weekly Recap 3/15 - 3/21


With the season so close that we can taste it's salty, acrid breath hot against our throats I thought now would be a good time to introduce a new weekly series that I hope the readership will...

Rays Projected WAR - 2010


With some of the recent results from Spring Training possibly clouding our judgment on players I thought it would be wise to step back and take another look at what the various projection systems...

David Price Leaves Game With Apparent Hand Injury


Price was hit on the right, i.e. non-throwing hand, with bat shrapnel on a broken bat come backer in today's spring training game.  Adrian Beltre just became public enemy number one in these...


2010 Zips Projections

Dan just posted these over at Baseball Think Factory.  You can download the Excel workbook from that link.  I've also created a google.doc that calculates wOBA, wRAA, ISO, & FIP, as well.  I had to...

Edwar Ramirez and a Pitch F/x primer, of sorts


Piggybacking off of Trance L's post earlier, I wanted to take a look at some of the pitch F/x data on Edwar from last year.  Throughout this exercise it is supremely important that we are looking...

The DRB Fantasy Post - Part II


In Part 1, earlier today, we looked at the top 199 fantasy players ranked by Couch Managers.   After the jump we can look at how each position breaks down. CATCHER: ...

The DRB Fantasy Post


With a million outlets for information I figured why not add one more.  There's many angles to discuss fantasy baseball from, but I wanted to look at projections from the three sources that can...


Camp Photos

  It's kind of a slow day, so I wanted to post some photos that I found interesting.  Here's the complete set:  LINK


DRB 2010 Annual Q & A

Now that folks have had a chance to read part, most, or all of the Annual, I thought it would be a good idea to open up the floor to any questions for each specific writer.  Please mention the...

The Case for Jarrod Washburn: The Reliever


First a quick little story about a company amidst the marketplace.  For over a century, Kodak has been making camera's that even a novice can use.  They've made billions of dollars in that time...


Arbitration Figures

HERE Biz of Baseball has compiled all the arbitration offers from both sides at the link listed above.  In addition to giving both offers, it includes updated service time numbers, 2009 Salary, and...


Tampa Bay Rays Organization Discussion

It appears that John Sickels will be covering the Rays farm system some time this week.  He generally has the above-titled discussion (HERE) prior to releasing his thoughts.  This could be a good...

xBABIP Adjusted Lines for Rays Batters in 2009


Thanks to B Ray for posting the link to Chris Dutton's xBABIP calculator.  I wanted to take a look at which guys posted an actual BABIP that was close to or way off from their xBABIP.  As usual,...

Updated eK% with FIP, xFIP, wOBA, K%, tRA* for 2009


Sick of having to look at several different sites to evaluate your team's pitchers? In this post you will find a spreadsheet that ties together all your favorite metrics for your starting pitchers...

Looking at John Sickels Prospect Rankings


Minor League Ball's Top-20 Prospect rankings in spreadsheet form with links to the player page for each.


Rafael Soriano Pitch F/x

First off, RZ is the man.  Second off, Joe Lefkowitz  (Edited: 12/15 Sorry Joe) is also the man.  Me, I'm just a man, but I am quite inquisitive by nature.  For other inquisitors here is a look at R...


OTTOTD 12/7: The Pearl Harbor Day Edition

I'd love to talk about how we got ambushed by a bunch of nips, but instead I want to post this: via The best team in the nation was beating an over-matched Maine Black Bears...


The Official Free Agency and Rosterbation 2010 Hot Stove Season Thread a.k.a. The Thread to End All Threads a.k.a Smooth Pimplicious Andy F is Ready to School Some Fools a.k.a. Let's Get Ready to Rumble

I think the title pretty much sums up what's going on here.  I'm going to make the effort to keep this thread updated with moves as they happen.  Now I'm no Jon Heyman or Mort Anderson so I'm going...


OTTOTD 11/25 The How Many Pounds Of Food Will You Eat Tomorrow Edition

Personally, I'm shooting for somewhere in the 12-15 pounds range.  I've been in training over the last week or so to expand my stomach so that I can reach this goal.  I figure the trick is to make...

American League Positional Value


Want to know how much value your team got out of each position, relative to the other American League teams? Read this to see how well you team filled a position and where needs might be more...

Top 30 Starts of 2009 - Part 6


This is it, for those of you that have been patiently waiting to see the best Rays pitching performances of the year.  If you read through the last installment, then you noticed that I have moved...


Top 30 Starts of 2009 - Part 5

This is part 5 of the 6 part series on the best 30 starts for the Rays in our most recent season.  So far we have seen 11 - 30 and there have been some real humdingers in there.  As a review, here...


OTTOTD 11/3: The Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Edition

You know, Sicilians, are great liars. The best, in the world. I’m Sicilian. My father was the world heavyweight champion of Sicilian liars. From growing up with him, I learned the pantomime. There...


Top 30 Starts of 2009 - Part 4

  Alright gentlemen and lady (?), I wanted to continue the look at some of the best starts the Rays had this year.  If you don't remember, here's the tally for each pitcher: -          James...


World Series Game 2 Thread

I felt the need to create this after hearing Tim McDumb say that A. J. Burnett had the best change up in the game.  GD I hate this crew.  I figured other people might want something to bitch about...

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