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Is Cooper A Better Chance Than Warmack At 7?


Team insiders are giving North Carolina's Jonathan Cooper the thumbs up over Alabama's Chance Warmack with the team's first selection.

'Twas the night before Draft Day...a poem


NFL draft day for fans is like ripping off gift paper on a December morning.

We can't help but watch the NFL Draft


For some reason we can't keep our eyes turned away.

Revis deal gives framework for new Peterson deal

The Pro Bowl CB for the Cardinals will likely get a contract extension offer from the team after the 2013 season.

Cardinals take "Ducks fly south" phrase seriously


How about an Arizona Cardinals NFL draft overloaded with Oregon Ducks sound to you? It won't happen, but then again...

Arizona Cardinals have a crowded quaterback room


Despite having one of the league's "best", one of the current quarterbacks will more than likely be shown the door - whether it exit number one or two.

Arizona Cardinals will be 5-10-1 next season


No need for expert opinions, strength of schedule expectations or even a Ouija board to determine next season's record. It's all based on the past and numbers.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave (aka NFL Draft)


Most teams hide their cards with the hope their faces don't give their hands away.

Is jury out on Darnell Dockett?


Or will Judge Arians rule a "no contest" and throw the Arizona Cardinals defensive player out of court?


Pat Tillman would be pissed...

Anyone who has read my blogs knows I'm fairly lighthearted. I'm the Henny Youngman of ROTB ("Take my guard, please!") And I'd planned to continue this trend tonight with a article about whether or...

Cardinals New DC Bowles: Super Or Toilet-Bound?


As polarizing as can be, the 2013 Arizona Cardinals' defense will have a different look.

Cards In The Past Have Liked Offbeat School Guys


Will that mindset continue with Bruce Arians?

2013's breakout player for Cards will be...


Pundits are guessing Bobby Massie or Rob Housler or O' Brien Schofeld or Sam Acho or...etc, are going to show the biggest jump in results next year.

Can Arizona Cardinal fans expect a drafted punter?


When it comes right down to it, you never know in which direction the team is decided (with appropriate reason) until the actual pick is made. And sometimes, it's not what you thought.


Larry Fitzgerald To Sign Autographs At Al's Toy Barn

You know, I get the philanthropic aspects of Arizona Cardinal players like Larry Fitzgerald helping out the citizens of Africa with hearing aids and water sustainability. It's the right thing to...

Should the Arizona Cardinals try trade down?

Last few days, "trading pick down" seems to be a popular phrase for Cardinal fans.

AZ Cards Draft Picks: Good, Bad And Tony Jefferys


The team has made plenty of wise moves and others that have made you say "You've gotta be kidding me!"


Carson Palmer Has A Tremendous "Q" Rating

A " Q" rating is a poll that advertisers have bandied around for years on how popular the person (athlete or star) affects the brand that the public perceives them to be related to. And, you have...

"Alacce Doesn't Live Here Anymore"?


If O' Brien Schofield can't come back from injury or grasp Todd Bowles' system will he make it past training camp?

Beanie Wells "Worse" Pick than Jorrick Calvin?


While the Pro Football Focus article came out on April 1st and is both part stale and part leg-pulling (hopefully), interesting look at an outsider's view of past Arizona Cardinals' drafts.

Arizona Cardinals Have The Market Cornered At DBs


The team won't nickle and dime themselves out of finding a combination that works at cornerback and safety.

Recently Retired Jason Hanson Versus Cards Kickers


Ain't that a kick in the head?!

Daryl Washington's Career Going To Pot?


After at least his second failed drug test, is the talented linebacker wasting away his chance at a solid career? Is he a "Real Man Of Genius"?

"And Now For Something Completely Different..."


When the Cards said they would "exhaust" all resources in finding "Door #2", I didn't think the fans would be needing sleep from reading all the Carson Palmer signing news. BTW, the team started...

Does Canada have the QB the AZ Cardinals need?

The team has said they will "exhaust" all resources to find a Kurt Warner replacement. Does that include looking in other countries?

Could Prescott Be 2013 AZ Cardinals Training Camp?


With Flagstaff rescinding the team's proposal, ending a long standing tradition and the City of Glendale having not voted on a negotiation for an indoor facility, could the team meet in the middle...

The world isn't flat, but the NFL salary cap Is


NFL owners have been used to deep pockets, but now they are being short armed in spending.

"And In This Edition Of All My Cardinals..."


Just an hour by hour coverage of the possible Carson Palmer to Arizona makes it seem like a soap opera.

Flagstaff gives the Cardinals the boot

A long time tradition is about to end with NAU saying "no más" in negotiations.

Cardinals players giving back


During off season, players give back to communities.

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