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Here's Dozier just a second before his first hit. Full set of pictures available on Flickr Usual...


Here's Dozier just a second before his first hit. Full set of pictures available on Flickr Usual disclaimer applies - everything posted including dupes, blurry, etc.

Liam Hendriks officially optioned to Rochester


Morneau to play 1B


Souhan irritates me, but this is welcome news: In NY or Tampa, you'll see Morneau at 1b,Mauer dh,Doumit C,Thomas RF. Morneau told Gardy he feels out of game when he DHs, wants to try 1b

Home opener pictures: Twins vs Angels 4-9-12


I'm breaking my long standing rule about not posting public pictures of myself (well sort of). I was lucky enough to be chosen from the thousands of STH's to be on the field for the anthem holding the red star off the coast of Florida in right field. I've also posted pictures from today's game if anyone is interested. Usual disclaimer applies - I posted everything I took, blurry and repeats included.

Target Field gets a real live mascot race...


From today's announcement of the opening day activities: "New for the 2012 season, Target's Race to Target Field has evolved by bringing the current cast of characters to life in an on-field mascot race, which will take place every game in between the 4th and 5th innings. Throughout the season, Louie (the kooky loon), Wanda (the flirty fish), Skeeta (the mischievous mosquito), Babe (the schmoozing ox) and Bullseye (man's best friend) will take the field with unexpected twists that keep the race engaging and fun, game-after-game. Each character will be assigned to represent a large section of Target Field with a row of seats randomly selected within the winning mascot's section to receive a prize."

Pics from 3-26 Twins vs. Rays (again)


Here's everything from today's game and from the MiLB side. Today was my last 2012 spring training game. Back to MN and reality. Next pics from the home opener.

Luke!!! Justin!!! Pics from the 19-4 Twins win


I haven't really kept track of the final scores of every game I've been to, but I'm fairly certain 19 is the most I've seen the Twins score in person. Lots of smiles as they came in and out of the dugout during this one.

Spring Training Pics 3-19 Twins at JetBlue Park


Photo dump of everything I took at JetBlue. Nice place but they still have some work to do. Oh, and the manual scoreboard can only be updated from the field side. I count that as a fail.

Spring Training pics from 3-18


I'll do a more complete write up and caption some of the pics later but here's everything I took today. I haven't edited at all so there are some that are blurry, duplicates, misfires, etc. Headed to JetBlue tomorrow so I'll have more.


Wild at Coyotes in Pictures 12-10-11

My aunt and uncle live in Phoenix. My uncle's family is from Minnesota so for baseball we root for the same team. His family left Minnesota before the Wild era so when it comes to hockey his...

Looks like the NHL remembered the Wild exist...


#Wild rise to the top of NHL standings Twitter link to story.


Final game in pictures - Royals at Twins 9-28-11

I meant to get this out sooner, but I needed a little longer to grieve the season than I expected. For the past 4 or 5 season's I've made a point of attending the final home game of the season. ...

Pictures from Parmelee, Benson, Hendriks debut


Game shots along with some Twins BP pics. When I win the lottery I'll have closer shots ;)


A Twins Fan in a Strange Land Where the Home Team Wins - Cubs at Braves 8-12-11

  Welcome to Turner Field (via Anellenet) Whenever a work project sends me out of town, the first thing I usually do is check the baseball schedule at the destination.  I’ve been lucky enough to...

Delmon Young placed on 15-day DL with a right ankle sprain. Twins to recall Rene Tosoni from Triple-A Rochester in time for Sunday's game.


Viewing Alert: MLB's 20 Greatest Games: No. 2


Jack Morris and John Smoltz discuss their emotions during Game Seven of the 1991 World Series, airing Sunday at 7 ET on MLB Network List of games 20-3


My first US Cellular Game was a NO-NO

That's the final scoreboard.  I still can't believe I saw it in person.   I've been a serious Twins fan for about half of my Minnesota life, so in the grand scheme of lifelong fans, I'm a newbie....

Thome embraces Minnesota


Latest Twins commercial


Target Field Home Opener Pics

I spent most of this home opening day watching instead of shooting pics of everything like last year, but had a few shots I thought I'd share. Here's my favorite. It's a picture of a picture on a...


I miss the trees, but the new scoreboard is nice...

I wanted to scout some seats I've got for games outside my 20 game plan this year, so I took the opportunity at today's Gopher game.  While on my mission, I saw the new look batter's eye... My...


Spring Training pictures 3/10, 3/11, 3/13 and 3/14

I posted a link to the first two games I was at a couple days ago.  The rest of the pictures are now posted.  The set from 3/14 also has pictures of the minor league side.    A few of my...

Spring Training pictures 3/10 and 3/11


If anyone's interested in some spring training pics here are a few. Pics from Thur and Friday are posted. I'll work on Sun and Mon pics once I'm back in the cities. Today - 75 at Hammond at game time today, with 25 in the cities. I love the snow but it's been awesome here.

The musical torture is over!!!


Now I'm really ready for baseball.

From Joe C:Confirmed: Twins signed Eric Hacker to major league deal


Defending Gardy (not that he needs it)


Rob Neyer adds to Joe Posnanski's Gardy love

Nice knowing you Matt. Thanks for a fine start.


Matt Fox is the roster move for Revere

We really need to thank Ozzie


Seems Williams wanted to keep Thome. Thanks Ozzie.

Do Twins fans watch too much TV?


The article was focused on the decline in Red Sox ratings, but it's interesting to see where the Twins broadcasts rank.

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