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BREAKING: Jerome Williams not Tendered Contract


The Angels will not tender Jerome a contract. The Angels are making a huge mistake to let Jerome go considering the lack of depth in the system. Jerome was invaluable in his role. 4 Million is not that much of a pill to swallow. I wish Jerome success. If he is give a clear starting opportunity, I think his numbers would improve. Wish him success.

Tim Bogar Stolen by Texas


The Angels have let Tim Bogar slip from underneath their grasp. It was announced today that Tim Bogar will be the new Rangers bench coach. The Angels not only kept Scioscia around, but they also let a quality baseball man go to the most hated rival of the Angels. I don't understand why Tim Bogar could have not been promoted to the same position at least instead of Dino Ebel. What a shame really.

Jack Clark Settlement Offer Letter to Albert Pujols Lawsuit


Read this humorous and juvenile reply to Albert Pujols's suit against Jack Clark. Clark's lawyer goes on odd explanations that seemingly have nothing to do with the case. He also asks both Albert and Jack to undergo polygraph tests. Official settlement requests are on page 4.

Another Day of Inaction by Arte Moreno


One may start to wonder if there is something big or creative is going to happen regarding the job status of GM Jerry Dipoto and lasagna admirer Mike Scioscia. Does Arte Moreno have better things to do than to run the Angels franchise which he is prolonging the ultimate decision he is going to have to make? Or is there something bigger in place? In 2012, Arte was very quick to squash any rumors that either Jerry or Mike would lose their jobs. Just another day where we don't know that answer. It wouldn't be the first time the Moreno run Angels have provided a lack of clarity.

Angels Silent on Dipoto/Scioscia


Bill Shaikin and other Angel writers have reported that the Angels are not expected to make an announcement on the job status of Angels GM Jerry Dipoto or once infallible manager Mike Scioscia today. An announcement could be made later this week.

Heyman: Rangers and Dodgers bid in excess of 160 miillion


If this is true, it appears the Angels are out of the Greinke sweepstakes. The Angels have a need for more than just one starter so it is unlikely the Angels pay that much to get Greinke. 161 million for five or six years is a stiff price to pay. Unless Greinke takes a discount to stay (He has said its one of the 5 organizations he deeply respects). Dipoto would be better off finding a cheaper option to fill the three. For the Angels sake, lets hope the Dodgers come out on top to spurn the Rangers.


A's vs Tigers, Yankees vs Blue Jays, and Angels Pregame Thread

It doesn't seem like there is thread of post where this is being discussed so here you go.

Angels Lose Protest


So if there was a slight chance that this protest had a chance, it has been squashed. Even if we had a case (which it seemed like we did), Bud Selig and Major League baseball won't allow the altering of the "integrity" of the game by changing incorrect calls. Joe Torre announced that the protest was denied earlier this afternoon. It would have been nice. It was a pipe dream anyway.

Heyman: Angels have joined Greinke Race


According to Jon Heyman, the Angels are involved in talks to acquire Brewers starting pitcher Zack Greinke. However I see this as a pipe dream. With the Angels payroll flexibility and their lack of depth in the minor leagues, it seems unlikely to me they would acquire him. The more realistic possibility is that JeDi is increasing the asking price for the Rangers and potentially steering him away from the joining the Angels main rival the Texas Rangers.

Ernesto Frieri Unable to Overcome Texas Bandwagon and Japan.

UPDATE According to an Alden Gonzalez tweet Frieri finished last in the AL. Kind of disappointed in other Angel fans. To finish behind both Hammels and Broxton is inexcusable for a supposedly big market team. It was just announced minutes ago that Texas's Yu Darvish is the final vote winner for the All Star Game in Kansas City. He will join David Freese of the Cardinals as the 34th member of each team. Frieri by far had the most superior numbers of any of the final vote members. However the overwhelming support of Darvish's Japanese roots and "I just realized baseball existed" Texas Ranger fans. It would remain to be seen if Frieri could have taken down Jake Peavy as well who was well represented by Chicago fans.

BREAKING: Vladimir Guerrero To Opt Out of Contract With Toronto

I source myself in this report. In some sad news, Vladimir Guerrero has decided that his time with Toronto is done and likely his career. After tonight's (yesterday) Las Vegas 51's game, Vladimir...

BREAKING: Angels Catcher Chris Iannetta Out for 6-8 Weeks


Per Mike DiGiovanna The Angels catcher will be undergoing wrist surgery and will be out for 6-8 Weeks. A roster move has yet to be announced. Even though Iannetta is currently struggling at the plate, this is still a really rough blow to the Angels. He was hitting .197 with a .312 OBP. Hank Conger is still on the AAA DL with an elbow injury and is not likely to get called up. John Hester and Robinson Diaz are the most likely replacements to back up Bobby Wilson during that span.

BREAKING: Angels Acquire Ernesto Frieri From Padres


The Angels add a solid bullpen arm with the price of Alexi Amarista and RHP Donn Roach. Amarista was boxed in with the current contract situation of Angel infielders. And I do not know much about Roach, but it was definitely necessary to add an arm in the pen considering the much noted trouble in the pen this year.

Torii Hunter Takes a Shot at Mike Scoscia


Torii Hunter was apparently not happy after the latest Angels loss to Tampa Bay. Among things he claims the entire team is going through the motions, not just the players. He even questions Soth's decision to not bunt in the second. He also wonders whether everyone is giving it their all. It is nice to see some fire. However I don't know if he went far enough. Hopefully Torii struck a chord.

Albert Pujols on the Decline?


This was actually a good analysis and assessment of Albert's stats over the last five years and the current season by (go figure) an ESPN guy. It is easy to see why he is struggling. However the trends aren't irreversible at the same time. He is a little unlucky and needs to be more patient at the plate. However it is too early to panic, but it is a cause for concern.

Life in the Rangers Clubhouse


I got to do what most Lone Star rejects would die to do. I have a job in Vegas working in the visiting clubhouse for the AAA team here. And this weekend, the Rangers and Cubs will play a game on Saturday and Sunday. I happen to have the Rangers in my clubhouse. So I have the pleasure of hanging with Ranger stars such as Josh Hamilton, Elvis Andrus, Derek Holland, Adrain Beltre, Nelson Cruz, and others plus Ron Washington. I find it ironic that die hard Angels fan would have this opportunity. I was restraining myself from screaming, "ONE STRIKE AWAY!"

Angels Now Pursuing Albert Pujols


Per Ken Rosenthal the Angels are now pursuing Albert. Now the winter meetings have now added a new dimension for the Angels. This came out of nowhere. It was speculated the Angels might be the mystery team. It appears so. I was hoping for this to happen in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes. Interesting stuff. UPDATE: Multiple sources saying Angels are not involved. Rosenthal still stands on his source. Mike DiGiovanna has also reported that Angels are not involved. Link

CJ Wilson Offered a Contract by the Angels and Others


According to Jon Morosi, the Angels have offered CJ Wilson a contract. The only other confirmed team is the Marlins. The only thing left is to see what results.

Vernon Wells Predicts All Star Season in 2012


Too Blessed to Be Stressed Vernon Wells is more than confident he will be able to rebound from his horrendous season that stunted the growth of the Angels best project Mike Trout and simultaneously dragged down any hopes that the Angels had to make the postseason. His twitter followers are responding to such predictions in bold statements of their own.

Rangers to Throw "Boatload" of Money at CC Sabathia


I find it highly unlikely that CC would join the Rangers. He is a west coast guy, and he likes playing in New York. Plus the Yankees could throw him a plane load of cash. Still interesting though. I still think the Yankees will resign CC if he were to opt out.

Victor Rojas Set to Announce Brewers-Dbacks


The Angels season is over. However Victor's is not. He is going to be announcing the play by play for the Brewers and Diamondbacks on TBS. Good for him. He doesn't deserve to rot in the Angels misery.


Congratulations Texas Rangers

    You guys played well down the stretch. Your team did not wilt under the pressure. It is certainly commendable.  That being said Good luck in the playoffs. It is any one's pennant to win.  I...


History or Bust

I know I may be in the minority here. The Angels still have a shot to win it. I am not ready to shift most of my gaze to the 2012 season. No American League team has ever came back from more than...


Cokeheads In Seattle Gamethread

Save us from our misery Seattle.


Despite Series Loss, Angels Still in Good Position to Win AL West

     In the ten days of a roller coaster ride that is the Angels, the has went to the brink of a seemingly likely elimination. However the Angels rose up in a magical week to cut the deficit to two...

Jered Weaver saw his ERA jump from 1.87 to 2.13 when he allowed eight runs on Saturday. It would...


Jered Weaver saw his ERA jump from 1.87 to 2.13 when he allowed eight runs on Saturday. It would have been worse, but Jeff Mathis (.128/.186/.179 since Hank Conger was sent down) calls such a great game." Does anyone like Mathis besides Lyle Spencer?


MLB Releases Postseason Schedule


MLB finally has the postseason right. Off days only for travel days. Plus as expected the world series will end a couple days before Halloween. Now lets hope the Angels can be part of it.

LSB panicking


"Evan Grant says that the Angels, not the Rangers, are the best team in the A.L. West right now. Because his story is behind the paywall, I don't know what the reasons he gives are, but I do think Evan is wrong here, for a very simple reason: The Rangers have a better run differential than the Angels, and have played a tougher schedule than the Angels. That means the Rangers have been better than the Angels this year. " Simple reasons right? Because that stellar run differential spoke volumes the last couple days. Its simple really.

SOS: Angels in good position to win the AL WEST


With the Angels 4.5 games back at the all star break, strength of schedule will play a pertinent role. According to Buster Onley, the Angels are 12th out of 17 teams compared to the Rangers 5th ranking in SOS for games remaining. Another positive sign that the Angels can still pull this off despite their recent shoddy play.

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