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Writer with the NBA's official website in Australia. SBNation's Pounding the Rock. TrueHoop Network sites Knickerblogger, and Hoop76. Freelancer with Sportsnet (in Canada). Twitter: @arkcrawford.

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Spurs Trophy Tour in Australia


Angus Crawford recounts his week covering Patty Mills and Aron Baynes' journey across their homeland.

How do you solve a problem like LaMarcus?


A resurrection of the long two? San Antonio will have their hands full covering Portland's All-Star forward, and it's not only because of his prowess in the mid-range game. A look inside how the...

Manu's renaissance has the Spurs on the cusp


Pressed against the ropes after a debilitating Game 3 defeat, the Spurs have relied heavily on the regenerated excellence of their veteran guard, and will continue to do so in the hopes of closing...

Don't underestimate the value of Danny Green


Green's 2014 successes have been overshadowed by his teammates: growth (Leonard, Mills), emergence (Belinelli), and stability (Splitter). As we approach the beginning of the playoffs, don't sleep...

PATFO's decision to re-sign Splitter is paying off


A perennially undervalued performer, Tiago Splitter, symbolizes the value of consistency and continuity in the Spurs' remarkably successful system.

CotY candidates: Should Popovich be considered?


San Antonio's savvy sideline leader may not have the appeal of the league's younger, fresher coaches, but that shouldn't halt him from receiving the prestigious title for a record third time.

Why you shouldn't be sold on the buyout market


A restored, healthy rotation should mean more to San Antonio than anything that can be found on the free agency front in February. Here's why the second wave of free agency isn't all that it's...

In praise of "Patty Thrills"


San Antonio's unheralded Australian point guard is discreetly putting together a remarkable season, making him all the more worthy of increased playing time. It's time that his value on both of...


Tim Hardaway Jr., rookie scale production, and the "ready vs. raw" curve

The currency of NBA draft picks, and more specifically those of the first round variety, has arguably never been higher. As such, the need to extract value from selections (when the opportunity...


On Jeremy Tyler, the Knicks' welcome rotation revelation

"You know the sad thing about betrayal? It never comes from an enemy," -- just one of a myriad of J.R. Smith's self-serving prophecies and forgettable faux pas stretched over the volatile guard's...

What's the cost of three sidelined starters?

The devil is in the details: data suggests that the loss of Splitter, Green, and Leonard, in such quick succession is markedly un-Spurs-like, and far more of an anomaly than a trend.


Detailing Carmelo Anthony's apex, and how his (2014) teammates have failed him

"I felt like we didn't fight as a team." A dejected, rather downtrodden Carmelo Anthony -- in the aftermath of a game where he logged another 39 minutes, only for the team to be pummelled by their...

Kawhi Leonard's leap is on the horizon

Settle down, Spurs fans. Considering Kawhi's season in context may surprise (and excite) you.


It's time to kill a few myths about the miserable Knicks

"If it bleeds, we can kill it." A jarring notion brought to the pop culture lexicon by the inimitable Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 extra-terrestrial, sci-fi/action classic "Predator." Well,...

Breaking down Belinelli's shooting


For a player long known for being a competent but inefficient scorer, is there any bigger surprise this year than San Antonio's Marco Belinelli leading the league in accuracy from behind the arc?

Why is the Spurs D so good this year?


San Antonio is a top-two defensive team. How did they get there? Some of the contributors may surprise you.


Searching for Light in the Garden's Tunnels of Darkness

Regularly watching New York Knicks basketball can be a fruitless, laborious task. Particularly of late. Add in an element of emotional investment, and you've got yourself a handy pastime that's not...

What went right in the Spurs' 2-2 week


Even through its recent losses, the Spurs' D has a knack for disrupting what opposing offenses like to do.

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