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I'm Drew. A graduate of Grand Valley State University. Born in Detroit and raised in the surrounding area, I've been a hockey fan since before I could remember. Attended my first Red Wings play-off game while I was still in diapers. Since, I've attended more Wings games than I can recall at great personal expense, especially the 2009 Winter Classic at Wrigley Field as well as the 2009-2010 season opener in Stockholm. Still residing in Michigan for the time being, but Detroit (and the Mitten in general) will always be home.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Detroit Tigers
  • NBA Detroit Pistons
  • NFL Detroit Lions
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
  • NASCAR Jimmie Johnson
  • Tennis Melanie Ouidin
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Quick Hits: 7/21


Hawks Televise Pre-Season vs Wings - Another good natured (but not really) CHIdenfreude post about Chicago's monumental collapse actually lured out a troll over at NOHS.  Go ahead and join in the...

Quick Hits: 7/20


Hawks DVD Coming Soon - BOO!  - The Hawks won the Cup and their Championship DVD is coming out.  YAY! -Their team is falling apart faster than a Chinese motorcycle.  Not many of those bandwagon...

Quick Hits: 7/19


Abdelkader/Helm on the Fast Track- Don't believe what everyone tells IS possible to get through Detroit's organ-i-zation quickly.  Look no further than two 2005 NHL Entry Draft Picks who...

Quick Hits: 7/14


Who You Callin' Ugly?- Some hack grammar blogger (they have those?) from DeMoines takes a crack at Detroit's uniforms.  I take a historical look at the Red Wings sweaters throughout the ages to...

Quick Hits: 7/13


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US- One year ago today, The Nightmare on Helm Street was created by me.  In this post, we take a brief journey through NOHS's life so far and some of the regulars share their...

Quick Hits: 7/12


Just Say 'No' to Mo?- So maybe Modano doesn't quite have the polarizing impact on Detroit's sports as a Jim Joyce...but the ranks are fairly divided. Sports Illustrated suggests that the Wings can...

Quick Hits: 7/7


Eaves Signs- Alright, we all know that Patty Eaves signed a one year deal worth $750 K.  But I'm posting this link to NOHS because there's a quality on-going discussion about what the Eaves signing...

Quick Hits: 7/2


Modano the New Larionov? - THN reported that Mike Modano would fit in Detroit like spandex for...a person who actually looks good in spandex.  But what would that signing mean for guys like Darren...

Quick Hits: 6/30


July 1st?  Who Cares?- When your biggest UFA threatening to leave is Andreas're a team with a pretty solid core intact.  All of the RFA's are ours until July 15th anyway, and we're...

Quick Hits: 6/29


2010 Pick 1: Riley Sheahan- For those of you who might be lacking on your draft knowledge, I reviewed all 7 picks from this year's draft.  Riley Sheahan, despite being from Notre Dame (same as B...

Quick Hits: 6/25


Red Wings Offer Contract to Russian Grinder - 23 year old Evgeny Ryasensky has been offered a contract, reportedly, by the Detroit Red Wings.  The Russian defenseman is known for a punishing stlye...

Quick Hits: 6/24


The Chicago Exodus Begins- And so it begins...Chicago's un-sustainability is about to come crashing down around them...and I love it.  Even after dealing their play-off hero along with the tolerant...

Jimmy is the Real Rookie of the Year


I told you what was going to happen. The last time that a defenseman won the Calder Trophy, was back in 2002-2003 when Zetterberg (44 points) was screwed out of the Rookie of the Year Award for B...

Quick Hits: 6/21


Grade 'Em: Jonathan Ericsson - Suffice to say that The Big Rig had a very disappointing season.  But how disappointed are you?  Was it just a sophomore slump (even though it was his first full...

Quick Hits: 6/17


Bertuzzi Family is Happy to Stay in Hockeytown- Todd (and Steve Moore's lawyer) aren't the only people to be happy about Big Bert staying in Detroit.  Jaden and Tag are elated about their dad...

Quick Hits: 6/15


Toronto Emulating Detroit - Commentary on an amusingly stupid piece in which a writer actually tries to convince us that Toronto's front office is almost exactly like Detroit's front office. ...

Quick Hits: 6/14


Fill in the Gaps- I took a look at our Salary Cap numbers based on who he have signed through this season and the RFA's I think that we should sign.  I'm looking for suggestions here as to which...

Quick Hits: 6/11


Chicago Lows are Reaching New Heights- The Chicago Blackhawks hate Detroit...their fans DESPISE Detroit.  Ever seen 4,000,000 people chanting another town's name at their own parade?  You did...

Quick Hits: 6/10


Laughable- The Chicago Blackhawks are so deep, they're destined to become the next Detroit Red Wings...oh wait, there's a Salary Cap?  Shoot...nevermind.  Blackhawks fans are delusional if they...

Quick Hits: 6/9


Class- ...or really "lack of it" in Chicago's case.  If you haven't seen the Chrissy Pronger picture published by the Chicago Tribune, I waited until game day to comment to try and keep people...

Quick Hits: 6/8


Contract Talks on Overdrive - Kenny Holland is wheeling and dealing and being dealt a deal himself.  The best GM in sports isn't wasting anytime in this early off-season to get business done.  Go...

Quick His: 6/7


This Just In: They All Suck- Hockey purists have to be disgusted with the goaltending that we've seen in this year's Stanley Cup Finals.  Antti Niemi vs Michael Leighton/Brian Boucher is without a...

Quick Hits: 6/2


Upset About Chicago? Look at This - By now you've probably heard about the upcoming Cap issues that Chicago is going to face...but do you know exactly how grave the situation is (will be)?  Do...

Quick Hits: 6/1


How Could We Forget? - This is about the only time you'll ever see me dedicate an entire post to Tomas Kopecky.  Not because I hate the bugger for ditching us...but because the little turd just...

Quick Hits: 5/28


Grade 'Em: Darren Helm - I continue evaluating our upcoming RFA/UFA's.  This one focuses on the dude I named my site after so you can bet it's a pretty favorable grade.  Stop on by and let us know...

Quick Hits: 5/27


The 'I Hate Chicago' Chronicles - Come and tell us what you don't like about Chicago.  Had a bad experience with "a couple of their fans"?  Tell us about it.  It's the official home of anti-Chicago...

Quick Hits: 5/25


RELEASE DA 'BOWS - Feel saturated by the all the Stevie-Y talk?  Need to get away?  I dusted off my amateur photo-shopping tools and made a few little pics to cheer on my favorite team (remaining...

Quick Hits: 5/24


"Third Time's The Chump" - It's our most hated rival that will be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.  What's that you say?  You're a Detroit fan who doesn't hate Chicago as much as I do?  You...

Quick Hits: 5/14


Grade 'Em: Todd Bertuzzi- So what did you think of Big Bert this year?  I'll give you a few statistical facts along with my oppinion, then you tell me what you think. A Letter to Nick Lidstrom- Ti...

Quick Hits: 5/13


Lesser of  Remaining Evils - I dreaded a PIT/CHI final after Detroit bowed out in Round 2, thanks to the miracle Habs, I don't have to worry about that anymore. But can anyone left stop Chicago?...

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