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I am a Badass Bootie Thrillah that rules the Sr. Rec Leagues. I rock the solar yellow Rumble Bee, Sweet Ass Zubas, Fly Fanny Pack and I possess mad Air Guitar skills. I live for hockey fights and I rule the weight room.

I live with Answer Mom in North St. Louis County. I live and die for the St. Louis Blues and Classic Rock.

I have played all over and I am for hire in your Rec. League team. Trust me, I make room for my guys to operate.

A Fan Of...

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Top 11 Reasons Why Answer Man Should Be The Leafs New GM.


by The Answer Man 11. I have been to Toronto. I really wasn’t impressed but I can learn to like it I guess. 10. I have seen Strange Brew and I would try to sign Jean LaRose “all I’ve got’s...

Dear Drunk Lady in Section 123


by The Answer Man I hate you. You absolutely ruined the game for all of us around you last night. Even when you were asked to shut your damn mouth not only by us AND the usher you still proceed...

The Latest Issue of The Hockey News?!


by Answer Man Man, I didn't realize people are so nutso over Euros. Here's an entire issue dedicated to European players. I for one won't stand for it and I have thrown it out. Won't even...

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?


What are the thoughts of GT Nation? Should Perron go to the WJC?

Reason #768 Why Goalies Are Stupid


What's up Answer Nation. Your beloved Answer Man got back on the ice today. First time since I broke Lighting (my left arm) on June 2nd. I went to stick and puck at lowly Creve Coeur rink today....

Answer Man’s 2007-2008 Season Predictions


by Answer Man Check it, man the Blues have had one hell of an off season huh? Holy funnel cakes has this been great. It seems like the Blues are the favorite sports team here in STL right now. ...

Thank God Almighty, Free At Last!!!


By the Answer Man Check it, the Pride of North Co got his Answer Cast off! Was it a learning experience? Well, yeah. I now have a better idea about my pain tolerance and I can do tons of...

Top 11 Ideas, Quips, and Comments on a Broken Arm.


By Answer Man  11. Don’t approach me with your foolish story of when you have been hurt. Nine times out of 10 mine is worse and yours is VERY weak. 10. Luckily I’m used to typing with one...

Is That The Answer Man?


By The Answer Man I hear this question multiple times a day. Usually people whispering it, afraid to approach me. The other question I get, usually from the few who aren't afraid to approach me,...

Top 11 Latest Answer Man Thoughts on the NHL


by Answer Man Well, we are in full carnival season all the while just sitting through the conference finals. These are the Top 11 things that came to mind. Now I gotta get back to the church...

Another Answer Man?!!!


by THE Answer Man Check it Bleeds. It's your loving, adoring and totally BA Answer Man. I am posting to squash the rampant rumors about me. Looks like the "legit" news media is getting in on our...

AM Runs into Weight and Mayers


by the Answer Man People are constantly asking me how to run into Blues players around town. I have written about this before. The real way to make sure you run into them is to follow them. ...

I hate "the ducks"


By The Answer Man Ugh, 25 seconds into overtime. Here's the rub. I had some of the AMC over tonight. We had 2 Busch 30 packs and 3, yes 3, different flavors of pork rinds rollin'. The game was...

Ding, Ding, Ding!


By the Answer Man Twenty-one seconds into the Rangers/Flyers game last night, Colton Orr decided to send a message that the Rangers would not be pushed around. The Rangers went on to win 5-0. E...

Who Should The Blues Trade For?


By The Answer Man Dear Answer Man, We keep seeing that the Blues are trading people away and the asking price is at least a first round pick. Well, since you are so smart, who the hell should the...

Answer Man 101


By the Answer Man Here’s a rundown on the Answer Man. I get so many requests about these things so I figured this could be almost like the Answer Man FAQ. This is a list of my favorite things...

Dear Answer Man


By The Answer Man Dear Answer Man, It appears that the Blues have the top two "rental players" that teams around the league are wanting. What kind of position do you think the Blues are actually...

Knocked Out!


By the Answer Man As much as I love to see two guys throw the fists, you never want to see someone bang their head off of the ice. They slow it down around 1:55. Scary Stuff but hey, he was...

Answer Man’s Top 11 Things To Do This Weekend


By The Answer Man 11. Drinking some ice cold Busch beers and wash them down with some pork rinds. 10. Cruising North Lindberg in the fly ’84 Camaro. 9.   Getting skates sharpened. 8...

Why Bobby Plager Still Rules


By The Answer Man. Check out the slo-mo at the 4 minute mark. Bobby Plager can roll with the AMC anytime he wants too.

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