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I've been a sports fan since I was about 7 years old. The first game I remember vividly watching was Super Bowl XIV between the Steelers and Los Angeles Rams. I've been hooked ever since.

My first love is the Steelers, but I'm also a huge Pirates fan and even though it's been painful the last two decades, I'm hoping they can give me some more great memories like they did in the early 90's.

I'm not the biggest hockey fan in the world, but I'm learning to appreciate the sport more and more.

I also love PITT athletics and college football and basketball, in general.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Pittsburgh Pirates
  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Pittsburgh Panthers
  • NCAAB Pittsburgh Panthers
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
User Blog

Punting doesn't equal Super Bowl success

Will the signing of punter Adam Podlesh help the Steelers make the Super Bowl? As history has shown us, even if Podlesh punts horribly and is replaced mid-season, it probably won't effect Pittsburgh's Super Bowl status.

The rise and fall of draft stocks

Bradley Roby is rising. Darqueze Dennard is falling. Why? Beats me. But maybe the constant (over) analyzing of prospects over the course of three months has a lot to do with it. Maybe the NFL should go back to having the draft after the Super Bowl.

The time might be right to go corner in Round 1

Not since 1997 and the selection of Chad Scott, have the Steelers gone corner in Round 1. With several corners appearing on draft boards, including Michigan State's Darqueze Dennard, the time could be right for Pittsburgh to go that route on May 8

Antonio Brown: In a land of giants, still a No. 1

Despite his overall success, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown lacks the size of a Calvin Johnson and may never be able to do enough to fortify his status as a true number one receiver in today's NFL, where size is paramount for most positions.

Steelers have never been my favorite team

Even though I've openly rooted for the Steelers most of life, fact it, I've never much cared for that team or its fans.


Barry Bonds has always been a self-entitled, spoiled jerk, but he's ours, and I'm glad he's coming home

In case you've been living in the cave where he probably keeps all the used needles and unsigned autographs he supposedly denied little kids during his career, Barry Bonds is coming back to...

No crossbar dunk: Too many bleepin rules II

The NFL announced on Tuesday that it will now penalize a player for dunking a football over the goal post as part of touchdown celebration. With so many rules already in place that can potentially alter an NFL contest, do we really need another one?

Blount would be catnip for Steelers fans

While a possible signing of running back LeGarrette Blount could be a great move to add depth to the Steelers running back position, it might hinder the development of second year back Le'veon Bell--especially if fans fall for Blount's style.

Woodley and his pass-rushing prowess

LaMarr Woodley had a career that included an incredible 55 quarterback sacks in a 62 game span (including the playoffs), and he may have, in fact, been the most prolific pass rusher in Steelers history.

It ain't no fun when the player has the power

Former Steeler receiver Emmanuel Sanders reportedly negotiated in bad faith with several teams over the weekend before finally agreeing to terms in Denver. However, were Sanders tactics any dirtier than an NFL owner not honoring a player's contract?

I can get used to this cap compliance stuff

After spending the past few offseasons watching key contributors depart for financial (salary cap) reasons, it's nice to see the Steelers make a splash on Day 1 of NFL free agency with the signing of free safety Mike Mitchell.

The salary cap is hard to grasp

While I understand most things NFL, the salary cap, and the financial maneuverings most teams do in order to get in compliance each offseason, is something that's far beyond my understanding.

It was all about timing for Jason Worilds

Jason Worilds is the Steelers new $9.754 million man, and he can thank his breakout 2013 season, which included eight sacks for a defense starved for young pass-rushers, for his new fortune.

Big Ben's clock is ticking

Now, 32 years old, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlsiberger my still have some tread left on his tires, but he's most certainly in the latter portion of his career. The time is now to turn things around and create one final Super Bowl window.

The horror of being the third overall pick

Johnny Manziel says he will make the Texans regret it if they don't select him with the number one overall pick in this May's NFL Draft. However, instead of worrying about vendettas, maybe Manziel should worry about becoming a great quarterback.

Hopefully Jones can make that all-important leap

Jarvis Jones got a chance to start in his rookie year, which isn't the norm in Dick LeBeau's 3/4 defense. Unfortunately, he struggled, which is usually the norm. Hopefully, Jones can now make that all-important leap and excel in 2014.

NFL must continue to make game safer

Ryan Clark recently admitted that several of his teammates use marijuana for pain-management. That latest revelation, another PR hit for the NFL, is one more reason why the league won't stop trying to implement rules for player safety.

Fans need to be accepting and accountable, too

NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam could become the first openly gay player in NFL history. Along with fellow players, fans also need to be accepting and not lower themselves to online name-calling that includes homophobic slurs directed at Sam.

The Steelers could use a Richard Sherman

Many old-school football purists have said passing has become impossible to stop. However, cornerbacks like Richard Sherman are proof that it's not, and maybe a future emphasis on coverage skills will make for a lot of sorry receivers.

Jerome Bettis and the hypocrisy of statistics

Steelers legendary running back Jerome Bettis didn't make the Hall of Fame cut for a fourth straight year. One of the main sticking points is Bettis' 3.9 yards per carry during his career. When it comes to that, I can't help but notice the hypocrisy.

Nice to see the two best teams in the Super Bowl

While NFL parity is nice--the last three Super Bowl winners entered the playoffs with seeds of four, four and six, respectively--it's nice to see the Broncos and Seahawks, the two best teams in 2013, battle it out in Super Bowl XLVIII.

A year or two of Munchak may be all the line needs

Many praised the Steelers hiring of Mike Munchak to coach the offensive line--and rightfully so. However, with that comes concern that he'll leave after only a short stay. But a year or two may be all the young line needs to take the next step.

The first annual NFL Super Bowl roast

With the Super Bowl less than two weeks away, I thought it would be fitting to roast the two participants, as well as many other NFL dignitaries.

Manning one step away from cementing his legacy

Peyton Manning slayed one career dragon when he helped the Broncos capture the AFC Champion on Sunday with a victory over Tom Brady and the Patriots. And with a win in Super Bowl XLVIII, Manning could forever silence his postseason critics.

The best Pro Bowl would be no Pro Bowl

The NFL has been trying to tweak the Pro Bowl, its annual all-star game held in Hawaii, for years. However, instead of trying to tweak something fans (and most players) clearly don't want, why not just get rid of it?

Not knowing playoff seeds is a crime

You would think the NFL's playoff system, where the lowest seed always plays the highest, would be easy for most people to understand. Unfortunately, as I've found out many times, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Lost confidence in the big moments

After a marvelous era of championship success--including three Super Bowl appearances and two titles--the Steelers just can't seem to come up with critical plays at key moments, these days.

I'd hate to be a Chiefs fan today

I've experienced a lot of ups and downs as a fan of the Steelers, but I've never had to experience my team blowing a 28 point lead in a playoff game. This is what Chiefs fans are dealing with, today, after KC squandered a 38-10 lead to the Colts.

The NFL has too many bleepin rules

Are NFL officials inept or do they simply have too many things to keep track of during a game involving fast-moving and extremely large football players?

2013 wasn't supposed to feel this painful

Even though the Steelers really weren't that good in 2013, the way their postseason fate was sealed thanks to Ryan Succop's 41 yard field goal miss late in the KC/San Diego game was about as painful as anything I've experienced in quite some time.

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